October 8th, 2008
10:17 AM ET
14 years ago

Define 'together'

(CNN) - John McCain’s campaign announced a conference call Wednesday morning, hours after the Republican nominee and Barack Obama battled it out in Nashville, featuring former Senator Peter Fitzgerald. The former GOP legislator plans to “discuss the widening gap between Obama's rhetoric on the campaign trail and his actual record as a Chicago politician, both in the Illinois State Senate and in Washington.”

“Of the 300 million people in United States of America,” read the announcement sent to reporters, “Senator Fitzgerald is the only individual to serve in both the Illinois State Senate with Barack Obama and the United States Senate with Barack Obama and John McCain.”

But Fitzgerald didn't have quite the birds’ eye view on Obama’s Senate career the notice seemed to suggest: the two men never actually served a day together in Washington, since the Democrat took over Fitzgerald’s open Senate seat after the latter announced his retirement.

Minutes after some long-distance needling from the Obama campaign, the McCain team sent out a corrected announcement.

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  1. Republican Supporters in the Dark

    It is almost painful to read most post by Republicans. Not only are they ill-informed, they are mostly just plain ignorant. I continue to sound the clarion call: REPUBLICANS: EDUCATION IS REALLY IMPORTANT. The day you all embrace it, will be when your mindset begins to change. Another thing: you need to be more exposed to other cultures/countries – try and travel to at least one foreign country so that you will develop a broader perspective of the world. That's one of the problems with Gov. Palin, her view of the world is so narrow, she cannot relate to life outside of Wasilla or Alaska. Read more. It is a terrible thing to waste the mind. Ignorance is a handicap.

    October 8, 2008 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
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