October 8th, 2008
03:12 PM ET
13 years ago

Greene: Tennessee reaction

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SUMNER COUNTY, Tennessee– The day-after reviews by people in Tennessee to the presidential debate in Nashville last night are not exactly scintillating.

At least that’s what we’re finding as we leave the state on our way to the next debate in Hempstead, New York.

“I fell asleep during the debate last night,” said Roger Crady, 57. “It bored me to death."

He is an Obama supporter, he said, and he wanted to be electrified by his candidate’s performance. But the evening, he said, was more effective than an Ambien pill. The debate induced a peaceful slumber.

“I was hoping that John McCain would do such a good job that he would come off as the clear choice for president," said his wife, Linda, 53. She supports McCain and, before the debate, was full of enthusiasm about his prospects.

“Obama is a great speaker, and he has the charisma,” she said. “But to me, McCain is more genuine in how he cares about people. I wanted that to come through, but I’m not sure that it did.”

Unlike her husband, she managed to stay awake for the entire 90 minutes– but at times it was a struggle. “I’m not impressed by candidates just quoting memorized percentages and figures,” she said. “I think both of them gave a lot of the same answers they had in their first debate. Even the same catchphrases."

Mr. and Mrs. Crady said they most likely will watch next week’s debate, and hope that the candidates give them reason not to doze.

“We’re probably not going to change our minds about who we want for president,” she said. “So in the end, no matter who wins the debate, we’ll cancel out each other’s votes."

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