October 21st, 2008
04:31 PM ET
11 years ago

Palin apologizes for patriot 'pro-America areas' comment

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/images/10/21/art.palin.countryfirst.jpg caption="Palin apologized Tuesday for making the 'pro-America areas' comment."]
(CNN) - Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Sarah Palin apologized Tuesday for any misunderstanding that resulted when she referred last week to the patriotic values of "the real America" and the "pro-America areas of this great nation."

Democrats and others immediately criticized Palin, alleging she was saying that some part of the country are more patriotic than others.

Palin denied that was her intention in an interview with CNN on Tuesday.

"I don't want that misunderstood," Palin said. "If that's the way it came across, I apologize."

Speaking at a fund-raiser in North Carolina, the Alaska governor said: "We believe that the best of America is in these small towns that we get to visit, and in these wonderful little pockets of what I call the real America, being here with all of you hard-working, very patriotic, um, very, um, pro-America areas of this great nation."

Watch: Palin explains what she'd do as VP

Palin also said Tuesday that Sen. Joe Biden's comment that as president, Sen. Barack Obama would face an international crisis within six months of taking office points to the dangers of electing a relatively inexperienced person.

"We need to thank Joe for the warning," Palin told CNN's Drew Griffin.

She made similar comments earlier Tuesday at a rally in Reno, Nevada.

At a fundraiser Sunday night, Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, said that after taking office, "it will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy. ... We're going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."

His point, according to an Obama-Biden statement issued later, was that "we need steady leadership in tumultuous times, not ... the stubborn ideology of John McCain."

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  1. Not Joe!

    She hates Ameicans who do not agree with her crazy ideas!

    October 21, 2008 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  2. Chi4Obama

    At this point,
    I could really care less what this GOP puppet has to say.

    After Nov. 4th, this self proclaimed pitbull can take her hind parts back to Alaska. She has just killed any potential of having a political career on the National stage.

    October 21, 2008 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  3. Shari, NY

    Deja vu!!! Anyway, according to Jack Cafferty, among the few countries which favor the Repubs are the Philippines and Georgia (two countries at the bottom of the economic totem pole). Georgia is the US’s protégé but the Philippines? One rationale for the latter is that they are staunch Catholics who are pro-life, etc. However, if they follow the deviant path that McCain and Palin are taking, they should realize that St. Peter would slam the door in the faces of these two transgressors if they try to enter the pearly gates. Wake up tagaloggers!

    October 21, 2008 04:33 pm at 4:33 pm |
  4. Ken in Dallas

    She incites mobs to violent behavior. Where's the apology for THAT??

    October 21, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  5. Jared

    Is anyone listening to her anyway? Who cares what she says. She's gonna go back to the cave she crawled out of after losing the election.

    October 21, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  6. tiff of Lithia Springs

    You have been SORRY indeed in this political process. If you

    continue to be apart of the process please do some soul searching

    and come back with mature personal growth lady!!!!

    October 21, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  7. Not Joe!

    Anyone who listens to Cindy McCain is a crack head too!

    Both Palin and McCain are Socialist! Who care about these sellout of America! They have no plans to speak of all they talk about is hate!

    First! McCain begged money form Russia that says it all! He is not an American citizen any way! He was born in Panama!

    Second! The Republicans are trying to supress the vote now they are trying to supress the American people giving to the canidate that they like if he or she is not Republican!

    October 21, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  8. People make no sense

    This woman doesn't even write her own speeches and still screws up. You betcha!

    October 21, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  9. Stacy from Loudoun Country VA

    I don't live in one of those "Pro-American" areas...according to John McCain's brother I live in "Communist Northern Virginia".

    October 21, 2008 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
  10. JIM HAWK


    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  11. Mickie in PA

    She can't have it both ways, although she is not smart enough yet to realize when she contradicts herself. Since her husband was an active member of the organization in attempting to get Alaska to secede from the U.S., I don't think she has the right to decide which parts are pro-America. The fact that McCain chose her for V.P. shows that he certainly doesn't put Country first. He has strayed far from the McCain I used to respect and all he cares about is accomplishing his goal of power as President. As he said himself, he went to Washington to change Washington and Washington changed him instead. He should be ashamed for keeping the media away from Palin but then he doesn't have much respect for women anyway, as shown by his voting record.

    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  12. Tina

    I don't know why the GOP is making a big deal about a historically accurate statement.............Obama will be watched and tested like no other president ever....................Remember we have a lot that will not vote for a Black Man.................So Biden was speaking the truth.........Remember he has been around Washington for almost 3 decades.................

    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  13. No McCain

    Apology NOT accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!... to late too little Palin...

    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  14. gorn by any other name

    Let me get this straight – Sarah Palin is calling into question Obama's readiness for the job? Who is she to question anyone's readiness?

    Who needs Tina Fey for this kind of comedy?

    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  15. Chi4Obama

    So will she also apoligize for Troopergate.

    You know the bi-partisan investigation where she was found GUILTY, for "Abuse of POWER".

    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  16. Matt

    This woman is like the character in the Southwest Airlines commercials with two faces. One says one thing and the other has to contradict the first statement. Her head has to spin around so many times in one day it is no wonder she sounds like an air-head.

    October 21, 2008 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  17. deb in Colo

    Gosh, darn. That "foot-in-mouth" disease is awful, isn't Hun? (wink, wink).


    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  18. TMac

    This from a Pentacostal "Christian " ??

    Heaven Please Protect America from the Influence of this Misguided poor lost soul. Forgive her Lord, for she knows not what she does...


    Also, Please protect us from hers & "all forms of Witch Craft"

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  19. rin

    too late palin

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  20. Ken in Dallas

    TAINO, the coming crisis is a fact having nothing to do with the identity of the next president. It will happen.

    If we're wise, we'll elect the team that at least acknowledges the possibility that there will be real challenges.

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  21. Chi4Obama

    This woman makes my stomach churn in knots; even worse than Geraldine Ferraro.

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  22. Gregory G Wied Jr

    I'd like to know just what she did mean when she said that.

    Quite honestly, I also find it kinda funny when they criticize Joe Biden for saying there would be an international crisis to deal with, as if implying that Barack Obama is going to have one on purpose. Kinda grasping at straws here, Johnny Boy.

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  23. sabuc for Obama

    You've already pulled the trigger and field dressed that moose! You can't take it back!! Apology not accepted or believed!

    Maybe you can try apologizing for abusing your powers in Alaska too.

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  24. Sue/PA

    It has come to the point that no matter what Barack or Joe or anyone else in the Obama camp say...McCain and his rovian campaign leaders spin it ... WE need steady leadership..Not Spin Leadership

    PS ..Palin..appology NOT accepted......blackmail wont work this year

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  25. APinPA

    Dear Sarah,

    PLEASE go home to Alaska. The "real" and "patriotic" America is interested in getting our country back on track in all areas – the economy, healthcare, the wars, the environment, energy, education, foreign affairs, trade, the deficit, etc. You clearly are unqualified in ALL of those areas and WOMEN across this country are frankly appalled and insulted to have you on the ticket.

    Highly unlikely CNN will post this but seriously Sarah – you are a sad excuse for a vice presidential candidate and are only on the ticket because McCain had NO ONE ELSE to bring. Are you seriously proud to be on the ticket with him????????

    October 21, 2008 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
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