October 31st, 2008
01:28 PM ET
14 years ago

'It's gonna get nasty' in final days before election

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2008/POLITICS/10/31/last.weekend/art.obamageneric.gi.jpg caption="Sen. Barack Obama is looking to change the Electoral College map."]
WASHINGTON (CNN) - With just days to go before Election Day, Sen. Barack Obama is warning his supporters that things are going to get unpleasant fast - and that the race will come down to every last vote.

"Don't believe for a second this election is over. Don't think for a minute that power concedes anything. It's gonna get nasty, I'm sure, in the next four days," Obama told a crowd in Columbia, Missouri, on Thursday night.

"They will throw everything at us like they've been doing, and we're gonna have to work like our future depends on it in this last week. You know what? Because it does, and every single young person here tonight - I've gotta have every single one of you voting, and you've gotta grab five more, all of you, have gotta vote," he said.

The warning comes after the Illinois senator said in an interview Thursday night that his campaign was winning - some of the most confident language from Obama since he won the Democratic nomination.

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  1. beth in WA

    Obama and Biden are a breath of fresh air which has been desperately needed in America for the last 8 years! They are both more than ready to meet the challenges demanded of the next president and vice president for the next four years.

    The last 8 years have brought nothing but gloom and doom, depression and poverty, lack of leadership, little to no foreign policy, two wars that need to end, a failing health care system, and a broken economy not witnessed since the Great Depression of the 1920's.

    The fact that WE NEED CHANGE couldn't be more obvious!! Obama and Biden can and will bring about the changes so desperately needed for America. So Americans, do your part!! GET OUT AND VOTE on November 4th . . . OBAMA and BIDEN!

    October 31, 2008 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  2. Diane

    Sean Hannity needs to be pulled off the air, both T.V. and radio. His total, sole purpose right now is to discredit Barack Obama and he doesn't care who is in the way. He is so afraid that B. Obama might win, you can hear the urgency in his voice. He is so vicious, it is disgusting. Let's get out and vote I can't wait until Wednesday when B. Obama wins to hear what all the conservative talk show mouth pieces will have to say. Lets shut them up once and for all. Get out and vote.

    October 31, 2008 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  3. Beverly, NYC

    What is it with the Republican candidates this year? They like abusing in power so much they will do or say anything to keep it, I'm talking about you Libby Dole, John McCain, & Sarah Palin feeling entitled much? And their supporters are no better, Ashely Todd, Joe the plumber, and any McCain spokesperson named Tucker to name a few. I saw the inevitable Jeremiah wright by one of the 527 groups on CNN, I love the smell of desperation!!!

    Calling all registered voters18-35, please don't wait until the last minute, if your state has early voting lets see you represent. I


    October 31, 2008 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  4. Patricia in Las Vegas

    The nastier the Republicans get, the more I donate to the Obama Campaign! Gave $150 last week and hope to give $250 this week. Investment in my country's future, investment in my future, investment in my children's future.

    October 31, 2008 02:09 pm at 2:09 pm |
  5. Geo Joe in ABQ

    Going to get ugly? It's already been ugly! We have seen and heard it all.

    October 31, 2008 02:11 pm at 2:11 pm |
  6. Brian

    Please please please young people, old people, middle aged people, PLEASE VOTE! The MCCain campaign is counting on low-turnout by youth and black votes to win in their narrow victory strategy. PLEASE vote. Skip school, play sick, do whatever you have to do to vote. Stand in line, bring a book, your iPod, your patience and please let's close the deal for Barack. I am confident in Obama's ground game but we all know that the Republicans are very good at getting the vote out as well. Witness their 72-hr strategy over the past two elections that produced 2 narrow victories. Let's show everyone that we Dems and crossover Republicans (thank you by the way), can turn out too. If young people, black people and others do not turn out in the swings like VA, NC, OH, FL, CO, NV, PA and MO, then we lose. Very simple. Please vote early if you can so that you can help others on election day by giving rides, knocking on doors, making phone calls, etc. Ok, I have go on long enough, but PLEASE PLEASE VOTE! (I would, as an American, tell The GOP members to vote, but they don't need any convincing or prodding). Low turnout= President McCain and soon after that President Palin. :-/

    October 31, 2008 02:12 pm at 2:12 pm |
  7. Mike

    National Healthcare. Let me tell you less informed what that means. National healthcare means lowering the payments to physicians and facilities. That means they will provide healthcare, but reduce their cost. Reducing cost means inferior products. Inferior products means decreasing positive outcomes for patients. Lets see, I'm the best physician in the region, I can provide for well paying private insurers or struggle with high volume low paying national healthcare payers, I think I will go with quality of life and see fewer payers with more money in return. American's can be played like no others. Good look on your vote.

    October 31, 2008 02:13 pm at 2:13 pm |
  8. BJ in NC

    The Republican attack machine already makes me feel that I need to shower at least 4 times a day.

    October 31, 2008 02:13 pm at 2:13 pm |
  9. Dan

    To Gary (1:09):

    A few things ...

    1. Please, for the love of God, lay off the caps lock. It doesn't enhance your already weak argument.

    2. I like how you say that Obama will only bring "worst wars." First of all, that's terrible grammar; it makes no sense. Second, isn't McCain the one who wants to keep us in the Middle East?

    3. You call Obama supporters "naive little puppets full of hate," but your post is one of the most hateful things I've read on this site all day. I'm willing to listen all day to McCain supporters that actually use policies and coherent arguments to support their choices; you use neither. Instead, you resort to what amounts to calling Obama supporters "poopyheads."

    October 31, 2008 02:14 pm at 2:14 pm |
  10. Christine CT Ind

    Great post Dave-
    I agree with you. It is true, that some of the Obama supporters on here have negative things to say. But from what I can see, McCain and Palin's speeches invoke a great deal of anger, I myself have become angry at the divisive rhetoric and negative attacks.
    We all want to see a President who holds up the ideals of this nation as our forefathers envisioned it. Unfortunately, the Limbaughs of this world use the founding fathers as code for their racist and elitist ideals. ONE nation, under God-whoever your God happens to be, if you have one at all. They came for freedom of religion and now I see a nation judging one another based on race, religion, etc. I see a country that, (as they are trying to do in my state) want to re-write the Constitiution to make it legal to discriminate against their fellow Americans because of their sexuality. How did it come to this?I see Barack Obama with a vision and plan to reverse this. He wants to unite us, not divide us. When people laugh at someone's vision of Hope for this country, it makes me very sad.
    Without hope and a positive message, what do we have left?

    October 31, 2008 02:14 pm at 2:14 pm |
  11. Soccer mom from Canada

    McCain and Palin are dividing Americans. Palin is dividing Republicans. Neither of these people should be given the responsibility to lead. They have shown they don't know how. Their behavior should not be rewarded. Regardless of who wins on Nov. 4th America's unity will be damaged by their despicable tactics. This is irresponsible given the various problems you are facing.
    As your neighbor, I hope and pray for a safe election and a positive outcome. I wish you all peace.

    October 31, 2008 02:15 pm at 2:15 pm |
  12. Matt

    You would know with all the sleazy people you call you friends and mentors. Keep the change Barack.

    October 31, 2008 02:15 pm at 2:15 pm |
  13. Rob

    What do you mean GONNA?!?!?!? Obama and all you koolaid drinking minions have made this one of the nastiest campaigns ever. Any woman who believes in all the values the want should be disgusted, ashamed, and motified at your treatment of Sarah Palin, especially those of you who are women. I say should, but you're only concerned about yourselves, so you don't care who you throw under the bus.

    I can't wait for McCain to win and all you sorry saps can ramble around wondering why. Why wasn't more of America as dumb as you.

    October 31, 2008 02:15 pm at 2:15 pm |
  14. Elizabeth Ray

    THANK YOU DAVID!!!! Well said, we are faced with far to many challenges to be lead by McCain.

    October 31, 2008 02:17 pm at 2:17 pm |
  15. hurriCAIN PALIN

    "it always gets worse before it gets better", and in the end, president mccain will be the outcome.

    October 31, 2008 02:17 pm at 2:17 pm |
  16. Kim

    Well said, DC in AZ.

    October 31, 2008 02:18 pm at 2:18 pm |
  17. v.ananthan

    Obama can^t show any achievements from his past...

    So he says McCAin is Bush so vote for me..

    So Pathetic.....

    October 31, 2008 02:18 pm at 2:18 pm |
  18. hrsc

    Wow CNN can't handle the proven tough truths about candidates.....

    But they will spin that old unproven speculation "FUR YAH"

    October 31, 2008 02:21 pm at 2:21 pm |
  19. VeteransforMcCain

    1. Obama broke his promise on financing.
    2. Obama has links to many terrorists.
    3. Obama is left radical much like the former USSR
    4. Obama will not keep his promises
    5. Obama says this war was a mistake
    6. Obama is trying to get local democrats to use all their time and resources for him only and not local candidates in state and government positions
    7. Obama has no military experience
    8. Obama has no leadership experience in Congress
    9. Obama's advisors are made up of lobbyists and whom destroyed the economy back in 1999 with the repeal of the 1933 Act seperating investment banks from commerical banks.
    10. Obama has no detailed plans showing budgets.

    October 31, 2008 02:21 pm at 2:21 pm |
  20. Mary (Texas)

    You NOBAMA nuts – he has you under hypnosis!!!!! LOL

    Google hypnosis and obama and see what you get!!! Afraid to????

    October 31, 2008 02:21 pm at 2:21 pm |

    wAHH wAHH!! Elite Liberal Media wAHH wAHH wAHH!! ACORN/Poor people voting fraud wAHH wAHH wAHH!! Obama break promise, too much money wAHH wAHH wAHH!! He no do Townhall meetings wAHH wAHH wAHH!! Obama media are sexist wAHH wAHH wAHH!! BillAyers/Jerimiah Wright wAHH wAHH wAHH!! You pick on Joe the Plumber wAHH wAHH wAHH!!!

    October 31, 2008 02:24 pm at 2:24 pm |
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