November 4th, 2008
08:50 AM ET
13 years ago

CNNMoney: Voting their pocketbook

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=" Voters are voting with their pocketbook this Election Day."]
WILKES-BARRE, Pa. - Barack Obama and John McCain have courted Lisa Hampton's vote for months, but the Kingston, Pa., resident still isn't sure which one she'll pick.

What she does know is how much the rising price of soda, steaks and natural gas is squeezing her family budget. The married mother of two grown girls rattled off the price of Coke, which now costs her $7 for a 24-pack, up from $5 only a few months ago, and of roast beef, which has jumped to $12 from $8.

While Hampton thinks McCain is stronger on national security issues, she believes Obama would do more to revive the economy and ease the burden of working Americans.

"He might actually help middle-class people more with his tax cuts," said Hampton, 46, who cleans offices in downtown Wilkes-Barre. "He would help people like me."

The presidential candidates' prescriptions for the weakening economy could prove the deciding factor on Tuesday with voters in crucial swing states such as Pennsylvania. Obama advocates tax relief for middle- and lower-income workers, while McCain says cutting taxes on businesses and the wealthy will create more jobs.

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  1. USA Voter

    For those undecided... Stop reading the blogs, listening to the rhetoric and the propaganda. Vote based on what is important to you and with a clear conscience. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

    November 4, 2008 10:31 am at 10:31 am |
  2. Jo-Ann..New York


    November 4, 2008 10:42 am at 10:42 am |
  3. taxable

    @ Will the Real Maverick Please Stand Up?

    actually, I'm not Republican. I cast my vote for Bob Barr today, Libertarian.

    But I still do have a sense of humor. 🙂 Have a good day voting for whomever you vote for today!!! and remember, just vote your conscience.

    November 4, 2008 10:47 am at 10:47 am |
  4. Eagal Sun

    Fellow Americans,

    Look at Gary below. And remember the Lady who said she was afraid of Obama because he is an Arab? then the guy who openly on camera in 2009 who said we don't want to see a Negra in the White house, those that called out KILL Him, and then the guy in Ohio with the Obama monkey??? I had a bannana for him alright. not for his monkey but for him and for all who think and feel like those sad people...and look who's hating WOW Gary hummm......Over 40 white presidents time fro a CHANGE!!! In China 75% are for Obama. Even in other European and Eastern countries they want a diplomat not a bomber and killer of the innocent and youg. Look at the make up of our military mostly Young and ??? what??? If your a true Christian, the death of one temple of God is 1 to many. No one wins in any WAR......
    Sadamm Hussein is dead. Ben Laden and Al Queda hummm we got side tracked by Georgy Boy what a shame.....Love to All not

    November 4, 2008 10:47 am at 10:47 am |
  5. voted Obama/Bidden

    Let's all show the republicans who the best man is to become the next president of this country. Just make sure you go vote that is the most important thing today. No more of Bush's policies! No, McCain!

    November 4, 2008 10:54 am at 10:54 am |
  6. wakeupamerica

    Save our country! Now go and vote.

    Obama/Biden '08

    November 4, 2008 10:54 am at 10:54 am |
  7. Hillary supporter for McCain

    It's obvious that the author of this article – Tamy Luhby, is another journalist in the bag for Obama. To say McCain only wants tax breaks for the "wealthy" is an Obama talking point. The truth of the matter is McCain's plan offers tax breaks across the board for everyone, and yes that does include wealthier Americans as well. I'm so sick of CNN's bias reporting both on TV and the website. 2008 will be remembered as the year objective journalism died in America. What a shame.

    November 4, 2008 10:58 am at 10:58 am |
  8. Winnie Hussein . . . in Montana

    I have nothing against Republicans in general, but their fascination with "spreading the wealth" upward worries me. Reagonomics, or the trickle down theory, did not work. That's just a fact.

    Here is where the Republican Party has gotten it all wrong: first, Regaonomics, second is their alliegance to the Religious Right. Conservatives who TRULY believe in smaller government cannot support the Patriot Act or taking away a woman's right to choose. Period. These are programs that insert government right into our daily lives. But, thanks to the religious zealots, social issues such as abortion have hijacked the conservative, Republican Party. This nation is governed by the Constitution, not the Bible. Separation of church and state. Keep in mind that God does not "influence" politics, politics and government are human creations and thus are fallible.

    Maybe you should all read "The Shack" and get a little perspective.

    November 4, 2008 10:59 am at 10:59 am |

    live in hope dye in dispair, if you think any politician will keep their word you are more desparate than you will believe 6months from now.
    I think politicans will say one thing and then say WELL CONDITIONS ARE WORSE THAN I THOUGHT YOUR GOING TO WAIT, AND WAIT , and the little they give up frount the more they take at the END. you'll see, BEWARE LIBERAL NAZI'S are on the march...


    November 4, 2008 10:59 am at 10:59 am |
  10. KC

    McCain has ran for president twice before in 1986, and 2000. He lost both times so what does that tell you? Third time is not a lucky charm either. He can add 2008 to his defeats. To old to be president , time to give it up!

    November 4, 2008 11:00 am at 11:00 am |
  11. dave g, minneapolis

    of course, CNN will moderate out any comments about Bob Barr, because he would make them have to change their entire website to show more than two candidates....

    November 4, 2008 11:03 am at 11:03 am |
  12. Helen

    I hope that ALL you people waitng for the TAX hand outs, more welfare dollars and food stamps brace yourselves – because , it will not happen as OBAMA promised in all his rhetoric.... get real!

    November 4, 2008 11:04 am at 11:04 am |
  13. RSOsborne

    For once I agree with C Rove

    November 4, 2008 11:05 am at 11:05 am |
  14. bababear

    If you want to have an idea at how the country would be run under either candidate, look at the way they ran their campaign. One, organized, on message, positive, hope and greatly less negatively – the other scattered, all over the planet, nasty, fear based and who could tell what their message was other than Obama is the worst thing since Satan in the garden. This is a no brainer – but unfortunately the fear mongers have tapped into a large population of those with no brains. I voted early for Obama and am now waiting with prayers and baited breath.

    November 4, 2008 11:14 am at 11:14 am |
  15. Cesar Gonzalez

    Can someone help me sign up for my tax cuts. I am quitting my job at Mc Donalds to get my tax cut. thank you. Go Barak.

    November 4, 2008 11:20 am at 11:20 am |
  16. Theresa Jones, Mesa, Arizona

    I just don't understand why some people think that Mr. Obama is better for our economy. His proposed policies will kill our economy.

    November 4, 2008 11:24 am at 11:24 am |
  17. maurice

    if your not for obama it seems your post dont get put on this board and you folks say they`re for mcain lol.

    November 4, 2008 11:34 am at 11:34 am |
  18. Jack Jodell, Minneapolis, MN

    After 8 years of a pro-rich, neocon Republican White House misrule, it's a miracle any of us have any pocketbooks left! OUT WITH THESE SCOUNDRELS!!!!!!!!

    November 4, 2008 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  19. KLEE

    Winnie Hussein Montana – you are among my favorite bloggers – hello up there in Montana from down here in South Carolina. I voted for OBAMA/BIDEN pretty much exactly for the reasons you give.

    November 4, 2008 11:40 am at 11:40 am |
  20. Lu from Houston, TX

    Bush with his 8 years of tax cuts led to this economical disaster, and people are wishing that more of the tax cuts can turn things around? Hello???!!!

    November 4, 2008 11:40 am at 11:40 am |
  21. Rob

    God help us all if Obama wins and the Dems get a fillabuster proof Congress. You want to see how bad things will get? Just wait. An inexperienced president who wants to punish the hard working to benefit the lazy. A congress willing to throw away national security and energy independance thanks to special interests. They'll make sure they're fully covered for life, yet we'll be the one's suffering. Healthcare will be a joke, national security will be non-existant, the motivation to go out and make something of your life will be gone since it will be forced upon us that the government will take care of us (well, certain groups of us at least). What jobs aren't lost because of punitive taxing will be lost because the government will foster the slacker mentality. And God help you if you criticize, because no matter how valid you will be dismissed as a racist, as anything negative towards Obama will immediately be deemed that.

    America – land of the free, home of the brave.....not any more.

    Don't let this happen! Vote for a real leader, not some phony who looks good and has Oprah drooling all over him.

    November 4, 2008 11:43 am at 11:43 am |
  22. Dewey in CO

    I find it rather interesting that such an informed voter can not even spell or use a computer keyboard. How can you even expect us to believe that you are either intelligent or semi-educated. Remarks such as yours enables us all to see the true portrait of the Repub. party. To be a Repub you must be either semi-illiterate or way to rich. Doubtful that you are both and I don't suspect that you are rolling in cash – if you get me drift!

    No one is this country – the wealthiest country in the world – should ever go homeless, hungry or without health care! However that is exactly what we have under the Republican rule. Time for a change!

    November 4, 2008 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  23. Chuck R.

    One of the saddest commentaries of this entire election process by a good portion of those backing the Democratic platform and Senators Obama/Biden for the Presidency is the hatred, anger, desensitization to truth, and wanting to follow a message for CHANGE this isn't change at all – just a path that goes against every moral law setup in the United States Constitution by the sacrifices of our Forefathers. What we DO NEED is a CHANGE BACk to upholding the moral laws within the Consititution that were setup to protect us against – 1) A Government of leaders – President and Congress – that don't become KINGS over this special nation taxing us like the Kings of England; 2) Taxing the citizens and the nation's employment structure – businesses of all sizes – to the point that we are no longer FREE but shackled by taxation without representation from the citizenry; 3) Leaders who disregard the Constitution by placing their hands on a Bible claiming to uphold and defend the Consititution under oath only to say that what we, the citizens, need now are new ways to help one another by BIG GOVERNMENT being the answer to all our problems (much like the King of England – which the Constitution was setup to free us from) instead of allowing Americans to use the excess we earn and gain through personal sacrifice and effort to help each other out. Hand outs without accountablility and self reliant lifting up to help a person or family lift themselves out of the rut they are sadly in does not make a person free – in a nation where FREEDOM (some try to use the word RIGHT in the wrong context here) is spoken so loosely about today.

    Though the anger and language used within these forums and comment sections representing the views of those who want the CHANGE they have been blinded by in words so elequently portraying a person who will SAVE them from all of the woes of this nation, mark my words the change they will see will begin to tear this nation apart and not bring hope as promised. Staying true to the moral values and standards the Constitiution has guided us towards for over 200 years has been the solid anchor that has kept this nation FREE. Anger and hatred never brings a clear thinking resolve – it only causes rash and unproductive results.

    Vote McCain/Palin to keep the window of Freedom open and properly balanced! Don't place your hopes, dreams and children's futures on those who want to CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION to fit their misguided agenda.

    November 4, 2008 11:44 am at 11:44 am |
  24. Jim of PDX

    Follow Oregons lead. All voting is now by mail The ballot is mailed to your address. No broken down machines. No hanging chads. No waiting in line. Vote in comfort of your home, take your time over your choices, then mail or drop at drop off site.

    November 4, 2008 11:45 am at 11:45 am |
  25. Daniel thelusmar

    This election remind me,of what took place in Haiti in 1990 election.
    I can see the same excitement in every body faces.
    At that point of time Haiti was in a position were every one want a change,afther all those killing,and division the country was ready to open a new page of their History.The country was unify ,every body was ready for something new.
    That what i feel here in Tampa Florida

    November 4, 2008 11:50 am at 11:50 am |
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