December 3rd, 2008
12:23 PM ET
14 years ago

Barack Obama trimmings on President Bush’s Christmas tree


Watch Laura Bush show off the White House Christmas tree.

(CNN) – It’s a red, white, and blue Christmas this year in the White House.

First lady Laura Bush showed off the executive mansion’s Christmas tree and its patriotic trimmings Wednesday on CNN’s American Morning. Among the decorations: an ornament featuring President-elect Barack Obama.

In a CNN interview with Kiran Chetry, the first lady discussed how the Bush family is welcoming the Obama women as they transition to Washington. Laura met with Michelle Obama in November to discuss the challenges of bringing up a family in the White House, but declined to give the future first lady specific advice on adjusting to live in the country’s most famous home.
“I didn’t really try to give her any advice, but I did say that this can be a wonderful home for a family and that she can make it that way and she doesn’t need to worry about it, that everybody who works here will want it to be perfect for them. They’ll want it to be a wonderful home and that’s the way it’ll turn out, I know,” said Bush.

When asked about the role of the first lady, Bush responded, “All of our first ladies have brought their own expertise, their own interests to the White House, and our country has benefited because of that and I’m sure that’s what she’ll do as well.”
The first lady also opened up about her service to the plight of women in Burma and how she plans to continue her work after her husband’s administration.
“The President’s going to build a freedom institute with his presidential library and so it will be a really good vehicle for me as well to continue to talk about Burma, to meet with dissidents from Burma like the young Buddhist monk that I had the chance to meet with when we were in New York earlier this fall. So that will be a really good vehicle for me to be able to work both with women of Afghanistan, as well to make sure that the freedoms that they’ve won so far will continue. I know that everyone, as they look around the world at Afghanistan sends the women there their very best and we want them to be able to succeed.”

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  1. Dan, TX

    If you don't have anything nice to say – don't say anything. OK?

    December 3, 2008 03:34 pm at 3:34 pm |
  2. Cher

    The WTC was also attacked by terrorists in1993, and Clinton kept us safe the remaining 7 years. Why do conservatives give Bush credit after 2001, but not Clinton after 1993?

    December 3, 2008 03:38 pm at 3:38 pm |
  3. donna

    we all like to say over and over that george bush is an idiot but he did keep us safe for the past eight years and yes times are really bad right now .maybe you guys who just want to knock him should run for president only then will you actually know what you are talking about as for laura shes a lady
    the obamas look like a wonderful family but lets face it who cares what michelle wears its about if her husband can get the job done or not so get a life

    December 3, 2008 03:40 pm at 3:40 pm |
  4. rodlang

    "Why on earth would you talk about decorating trees in March when men and women are dying because of your husband. She's a Stefford wife of the worse kind."

    Someone needs to get over their bitterness. Michelle Obama has described herself as "mom in chief". She is as much the so-called traditional housewife at Laura Bush.

    December 3, 2008 03:41 pm at 3:41 pm |
  5. randy

    nando your funny you said she wish she is married to obama lol

    December 3, 2008 03:43 pm at 3:43 pm |
  6. ann

    I really wish we would have seen more of Laura Bush during the last 8 years. She is a kind, intelligent woman who is highly involved with children and human rights. I'm not sure why she was kept in the background so much. *shrugs*

    Many good wishes to your future Mrs. Bush, and thank you for making the transition for the President elect easier.

    December 3, 2008 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  7. Doug, New Jersey

    Richard, The idiea of treating Obama the way the liberals treated Bush on the surfice sounds great, however there is just no way to do that, for that level of hatrid, indecency, dishonesty, and unwavering ability to want, hope and try to destroy the nation that gave you everyting that they hate so much is only available in the cold, hearless body of the liberal Democrat.

    Just for fun check the voting record map by county. Then observe the muder, rape, crime, and auto accident levels per person in these countries. Yup, there are two Americas, the more libs the worse the place, the redder, the better the people. Dare ya CNN-Lol!!!

    December 3, 2008 03:50 pm at 3:50 pm |
  8. NatTurner

    "The Obama's do not want a Christmas tree in the WH. They don't celebrate Christmas. What church do they go to?"

    Who do they celebrate Ernie, are you now considering them Jewish? Is it David? Are they Hindu? C'mon David, if you are going to perpetuate another right wing lie as you people do, why dont you make them a VooDoo family, call them Jewish, make them something really horrible that someone behind you will read and believe.....or....why don't you cut your atheism/anti-Christian/satan whorshiping rhetoric and say or write something you can feel good about? Cant do it? Trust me, bless your little mean-spirited heart, you are not alone.

    December 3, 2008 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  9. MCT

    "Reality December 3rd, 2008 2:07 pm ET

    She should hang some yellowcake uranium from the tree. The same stuff Saddam was using to build nukes. You know, as a gentle reminder that the intelligence GWBush AND THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS relied on when going to war in Iraq was 100% correct. Of course, such subtlety would fly beyond the grasp of America's bought-and-paid-for media."

    The war in Iraq was never 100% correct. It was never 1% correct. As it was said countless times and will be said many more, there never were any WMDs.

    Some might argue toppling Saddam was for the good, but then when the situation demanded extreme diplomatic finesse, Bush just sent the artillery to try to bully the iraqis into obedience.

    December 3, 2008 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  10. aynes54

    There will be NO Christmas in the White House next year....Obama's do not celebrate Christmas...when are some of you going to get it??? Everything will change come January 20th and we will be in a depression...Get ready...

    December 3, 2008 04:01 pm at 4:01 pm |

    who gives a CARE about what the WHite house christmas tree looks like, I am more worried about my tree and what is going to have under it this year for my CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    December 3, 2008 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  12. aynes54

    Good riddance of the Bush's

    December 3, 2008 04:11 pm at 4:11 pm |
  13. Janese

    To Ernie, You are truly misinformed and obviously ignorant. Why don't you do your homework before you show how stupid you are. I am a member of Obamas former church. And yes we do celebrate christmas we are christians. If you read some of the above comments about how past presidents have caused so much death to others including americans in this horrific war you will see that Rev Wright was not far off!!!!!!!!!!

    December 3, 2008 04:12 pm at 4:12 pm |
  14. RJ, CA

    I'm glad that Laura Bush will continue her support for women in Afghanistan. I remember the horrors these women had to endure under alQaeda and the the Taliban - before U.S. presence there - anyone else remember?

    December 3, 2008 04:13 pm at 4:13 pm |
  15. Nat

    I wish the Obama's all good things. They will need all the help they can get to clean up this giant mess our country is in.

    December 3, 2008 04:14 pm at 4:14 pm |
  16. boered1

    Reality December 3rd, 2008 2:07 pm ET

    She should hang some yellowcake uranium from the tree. The same stuff Saddam was using to build nukes. You know, as a gentle reminder that the intelligence GWBush AND THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS relied on when going to war in Iraq was 100% correct.

    umm reality you say is your name but I have to ask WHICH reality? the congress during the bush invasion and occupation of a soverign nation was republican controlled, the first six years we simp;ly had a rubber stamp congress controlled by the radical right sorry you cannot blame that on the republicans.

    December 3, 2008 04:20 pm at 4:20 pm |
  17. Nat

    The Bushes will have another amazing Christmas while the American people will be losing jobs & homes. What a mess Bush had helped created. My Christmas wish for the Bush family is to live like my family....on a shoe string budget!

    December 3, 2008 04:21 pm at 4:21 pm |
  18. lovable liberal

    –how is George Bush not decent?–

    Dishonest marketing of a war of choice.

    Torture as policy.

    Trampling on the Constitution. (What oath of office!?)

    December 3, 2008 04:22 pm at 4:22 pm |
  19. Beth in Philly

    To all the hatemongers out there:

    Incompetent does not mean evil! Elect a C student and he'll do a C job. Their time has past and they are moving back to Texas. It's time to move on! Let GW go home in peace and continue his AIDs in Africa work as its the only truly great thing he has ever done and let Laura have one last Christmas in the White House in peace.

    December 3, 2008 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  20. Matt

    And what they don't tell you is that they have to keep W out of arm's reach of the tree because he doesn't know any better and tries to eat the ornaments. oooooooh, shiny....

    December 3, 2008 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
  21. Len

    I wish all you a very Merry Christmas and Peaceful New Year!

    December 3, 2008 05:25 pm at 5:25 pm |
  22. Pat Pa.

    # Doug, New Jersey

    You are a real jerk ! Find something meaningful to do instead of sitting around trashing the incoming 1st lady. Get it ! FIRST LADY ! Learn to live with it buddy. Give the woman a chance.

    Why don't you go out and count the cars on the G S Parkway ?

    As for Laura Bush, she is a nice lady and shouldn't be trashed by folks who can't stand GW. I can't stand him but I would never take my dislike of him to her.

    December 3, 2008 05:29 pm at 5:29 pm |
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