January 18th, 2009
05:01 PM ET
10 years ago

Bush aides: No “O’s” Will Be Removed from WH Keyboards

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Aides to incoming President Barack Obama should feel confident in knowing their new computers will have all 26 letters in the alphabet when they show up at the White House on Tuesday.

Two current Bush officials vowed to CNN on Sunday that outgoing administration aides will not be removing any “O’s” – as in Obama – from White House keyboards, despite any temptation for payback.

Eight years ago, a small number of outgoing Clinton administration aides kicked up a controversy by pulling some “W’s” – as in George W. Bush – from the keyboards as a prank.

The current Bush officials said privately there is an understanding among White House aides that President Bush will be furious if there are any pranks, especially after all of the recent cooperation between the Bush and Obama camps during the first post-9/11 transfer of power.

Back in 2002, a review by the General Accounting Office found that while there were some pranks that caused minor damage to White House property, reports of widespread vandalism by outgoing Clinton officials had been exaggerated.

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