April 16th, 2009
11:56 AM ET
10 years ago

Texas governor says secession possible

(CNN) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn't ruling out the possibility his state may one day secede from the nation.

Speaking to an energetic and angry tea party crowd in Austin Wednesday evening, the Lone Star State governor suggested secession may happen in the future should the federal government not change its fiscal polices.

"There's a lot of different scenarios," Perry said. "We've got a great union. There's absolutely no reason to dissolve it. But if Washington continues to thumb their nose at the American people, you know, who knows what might come out of that. But Texas is a very unique place, and we're a pretty independent lot to boot." (Video below: Tea party fires up debate)

Perry, who is beginning to gear up for what could be a challenging re-election race, rejected more than $500 million in federal stimulus funds earlier this year and has been highly critical of President Obama's stimulus package.  (Related: Joe "The Plumber" speaks at Michigan tea party)

His comments come a week after endorsing a resolution in the Texas state House reasserting state sovereignty over federal mandates.

Specifically it states that "all compulsory federal legislation that directs states to comply under threat of civil or criminal penalties or sanctions or that requires states to pass legislation or lose federal funding be prohibited or repealed."

Texas, America's second biggest state in area and population, was its own nation for 10 years before joining the United States in 1845.

Should Texas one day secede, one man may already be vying to be its president. Actor Chuck Norris said last month he may be interested in the post.

“I may run for president of Texas,” Norris wrote in a column posted at WorldNetDaily. “That need may be a reality sooner than we think. If not me, someone someday may again be running for president of the Lone Star state, if the state of the union continues to turn into the enemy of the state.”

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  1. James

    I am convinced that some in the Republican party are just palin crazy

    April 16, 2009 09:17 am at 9:17 am |
  2. Matt in MI

    Good Riddance

    April 16, 2009 09:17 am at 9:17 am |
  3. Jackson

    So he would secede over problems that a president from Texas created? Hmmm that is real smart!

    April 16, 2009 09:17 am at 9:17 am |
  4. Lacresha

    I'm glad to see the Republicans show their TRUE colors. And they aren't Red, White, or Blue! Yea, seceding the nation would really help... This is the reason why a Republican is not in charge of this country. Why would we digress and split up the UNITED States of America? It is this type of thinking that has and will always do more damage to this country than ANY terrorist. And if Texas thinks this is a good idea, they should get NO TAX MONEY from this country thery want to abandon and furthermore, they should not be able to use our resources. However, my heart goes out to the Democrats that live in that Bushland they call Texas.

    April 16, 2009 09:17 am at 9:17 am |
  5. Tom

    What about the 45% of Texans who aren't complete nut-jobs? Will they be deported or something?

    April 16, 2009 09:18 am at 9:18 am |
  6. Shawn

    Can we invade yet? Talk about a nest of traitors...

    April 16, 2009 09:18 am at 9:18 am |
  7. tony

    This man is pathetic! Maybe Texas should give back the $ 17 billion that they received from the federal government since they elected this person who evidently wants to refight the civil war. They can also give back the money that we loyal Americans gave them for hurricane relief, welfare, unemployment benefits, social security, medicare, etc.

    April 16, 2009 09:18 am at 9:18 am |
  8. shyea right

    uh, that's a dangerous game of chicken this idiot is playing. Wouldn't mind the buffer with Mexico, but I'm pretty sure I would love fighting in that civil war. It's only so often you get to do intellectual clensing of the earth.

    April 16, 2009 09:18 am at 9:18 am |
  9. Brian, NJ

    Secession talk was viewed as treason in Andrew Jackon's time and should be viewed as treason now.

    April 16, 2009 09:18 am at 9:18 am |
  10. Big Ed

    Where was all his sceaming when his Texas bud "W" was spending like a wildman? Where was his moral barameter when the Bill of Rights were suspended because "W" said so? Now, if a republican Govenor doesn't like what is going on, we go straight to secession? First Alaska, now Texas. To threaten seceession, isn't that, by defiinition, a form of treason? So, if i ma understanding correctly, this is a high-stakes game of "if I don't get what I want, I'll take my ball and go home"? I strongly believe that if Palin or Mooney were Democrats, a Republican lynch mob would be chasing them through the woods. Will someone please tell me what Palin and Mooney are doing to actually HELP the country they allegedly pledged allegience to?

    April 16, 2009 09:19 am at 9:19 am |
  11. Laurien

    no one ois going to seceed from the union. rick perry wsa just trying to show what a strong state we are. quit putting words in other people's mouths. this is so stupid! people are just trying to let their vices be heard. nobody is going to seceed!!! so sorry our state hasn't been overspending and we can stand on our own two feet!

    April 16, 2009 09:19 am at 9:19 am |
  12. Bob F.

    This just shows how far over the edge the Republicons have wandered. There's no hope for them! Chuck Norris needs to keep selling exercise equipment.

    April 16, 2009 09:20 am at 9:20 am |
  13. ETM

    If Texas wants to go, let them go. The rest of the country will find itself much improved not having the third world "Lone Star" milestone around our neck.

    April 16, 2009 09:21 am at 9:21 am |
  14. Deborah/Kansas City

    They are tuly shameful. Just because they lost in the last election and aren't the "ruling class" anymore, they are threatening to seceede? What poor American's they are. When democrats lost and had to put up with Republican rule, which we disagreed with just as much as they do now, you didn't see New York threatening to seceede from the Nation. What a bunch of prejudiced, redneck, unAmerican cry babies. They will not be happy until they create even more violence and hatred between Americans. YOU LOST get over it. A democracy can not survive if the loosing side can not accept the fact that the majority does not agree with them.

    April 16, 2009 09:21 am at 9:21 am |
  15. Jeff

    Though Texas has been very good to my family, I am an American first and a Texan second. Perry has lost an incredible amount of support in the Lone Star State and, if he doesn't change his tune, Kay Bailey Hutchinson will whip his backside.

    April 16, 2009 09:21 am at 9:21 am |
  16. Tulsa L

    Boy every day these Republicans surprise me......

    April 16, 2009 09:21 am at 9:21 am |
  17. Obama 08/2012

    Do we really need the state that gave us George W. Bush?

    April 16, 2009 09:21 am at 9:21 am |
  18. Rachelraye49 - MD

    All of this because a democrate (Black) President was elected this fall. Americans voted who thought was the best choice and some people just can't stomach that. To want to suceed from the union is pretty drastic to me. And I hope we never have another President from the Lone Star State. Go ahead and see just how far you will get. Good riddance. Talk about a bunch of sore losers. The bible says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Well, it is coming to past.

    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  19. Mike

    Wow, he really is trying to lose the next election. Please just don't give us Kay. Does the moron not realize that those comments will air on every ad for the Governor race?

    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  20. Hordicus

    Yeah, good luck to them.

    1) Texas would never secede from the Union.
    2) If they did, the rest of the country would CRUSH them. We've already fought a Civil War against far stronger States than just Texas.


    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  21. Jason Perrone

    Well then in a war with Texas I put my money on the army of the other 49 states.

    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  22. edward

    Perhaps R.Perry already thinks he is president of Texas? He tends to act as if he is.

    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  23. Julie

    I am sorry – is this the same Govenor who expected tons of federal cash after the Galveston hurricane last year. All of this garbage is to try to position them selves for re-election.


    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  24. Barry in CT

    Dear Rick Perry,

    You guys tried that once you know. How'd that work out?

    Plus, I will refer you to Texas V. White, 1871, under which secession was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    Have a nice day,


    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
  25. Gary Swanson

    Is this the way that some people react when their side loses an election? They threaten to take their toys and run away? How totaly ridiculous and embarassing.

    April 16, 2009 09:22 am at 9:22 am |
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