April 21st, 2009
01:44 PM ET
13 years ago

Caroline Kennedy denies Vatican ambassador rumors

WASHINGTON (CNN) - Caroline Kennedy is denying persistent speculation that she will be President Obama's pick to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Vatican.

Kennedy, arriving at the White House Tuesday afternoon for an event celebrating the President's signing of national service legislation named after her uncle Sen. Edward Kennedy, told CNN she has no plans to serve as ambassador to the Holy See.

"No, not that I'm aware of," she said about the post after agreeing to take just one question.

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  1. Henry Miller, Cary, NC

    Uh, so what? It's not like the Vatican requires all that much intense diplomacy.

    But the art collections in Rome are fabulous, much of the art contained in them wonderfully depicting both classical and Christian mythology. I hope Ms Kennedy enjoys them.

    April 21, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  2. JD

    Hey she is a Kennedy ok? I mean Ted can lie so why not her?

    April 21, 2009 02:50 pm at 2:50 pm |
  3. Erik S.

    Stop Lying. It's all about guns again.

    Now the administration is defending itself, saying the word "recovered" does not actually apply to all guns recovered at Mexican crime scenes. "By recovered he means traceable, guns tracked back to the United States. These are ATF numbers. These are guns submitted to the ATF for tracing. That's what we mean by recovered."

    But a large percentage of the firearms recovered in Mexico are never submitted to U.S. officials for tracing because they lack the necessary serial numbers or other markings.

    April 21, 2009 02:57 pm at 2:57 pm |
  4. ray

    arizona, i do hope when you have to select a senator that you do not vote for this racists simcox. this immigrant hater is nothing more than a racists, yes aracists, immigrant hater. people like simcox wants a white america. not a brown, not a black of any other colour. he is using illegal and legal immigrant to get his racists message across. had all the immigrants been white, people like simcox, loudobbs. and the tancredo"s of this country we wont have an immigration problem but because its the brown skin and the dark skin people we they are making it a problem. these people are racists and nothing more.

    April 21, 2009 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |
  5. Crystal

    Really John, really? He is so full of sh*^t! Yes huh there were plenty of Vietnam soldiers who did have the problem of war crimes and being crazed from the drugs and what not. And it was freakin right winged crazies that were in office incase noone remembers , denying them bennefits. The government spit on the soldiers more than the people did and what people did did it because of govt. propeganda. Jesus McCain is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 21, 2009 03:05 pm at 3:05 pm |
  6. Sniffit

    I say if the Vatican rejects our embassafor for political reasons, like the person's policy stance on abortion, then the Vatican shouldn't get an embassador until it accept that over here in the US, we keep church and state separate and the Vatican does NOT set our policies.

    April 21, 2009 03:05 pm at 3:05 pm |
  7. MCD, San Francisco, CA

    Why on earth do we even need an ambassador to the Vatican?!? I say end it now and be done with it.

    April 21, 2009 03:18 pm at 3:18 pm |
  8. d1120

    She just needs to crawl back into her hole....puh-leeze....

    April 21, 2009 03:21 pm at 3:21 pm |
  9. larry of NY

    Just go away Caroline .. please, just go away

    April 21, 2009 03:22 pm at 3:22 pm |
  10. Pamela McGregor

    This was a rumor being circulated on Fox Network linking it to the President's invitation to Notre Dame.

    Better to turn her into a church lady than a senator. Oops!

    I imagine Hannity would petition for her excommunication; devout Catholic that he is.

    April 21, 2009 03:34 pm at 3:34 pm |
  11. Dace Tucson AZ

    Why would she want to go back in time to the dark ages and deal with the most vile and hateful popes in recent history?

    April 21, 2009 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  12. Zealan Whatley

    What's up between Caroline and Obama? What does he see in her to make her worthy of public office (especially without election)? She is pretty?

    April 21, 2009 03:57 pm at 3:57 pm |
  13. glenn

    Great place for her no real job.or influence...and she is cath

    April 21, 2009 04:21 pm at 4:21 pm |
  14. Freed_From_W

    Our government has become too much of a cult in itself to need a liaison to another.

    April 21, 2009 05:07 pm at 5:07 pm |
  15. Mississippi Mike

    It wouldn't be surprising if Obama tried to shove a Kennedy into the Vatican's diplomat slot. He owes them a lot and has done a really poor job picking his team so far. I think it's great that the Vatican has been so vocal about being against all of the Catholic Democrats who are pro-abortion.

    April 21, 2009 05:17 pm at 5:17 pm |
  16. Steve, New York City

    Leave Caroline Kennedy alone – get off her back. She's still reeling from the NY senate seat nonsense that had been orchestrated by the Clintons.

    April 21, 2009 05:44 pm at 5:44 pm |
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