May 11th, 2009
09:00 AM ET
14 years ago

Actor Gary Sinise floated as possible GOP savior

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="GOP strategist Nicole Wallace names Sinise and others as possible GOP saviors."]
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Nicolle Wallace, a top adviser to George W. Bush and John McCain’s presidential campaign, is adding a few names to the list of Republicans who might lead the GOP out of the wilderness.

Top among them? Actor Gary Sinise.

Wallace, writing on The Daily Beast, said she first heard the idea from a fellow Republican.

“The natural strengths that an actor brings to politics would come in handy to anyone going up against Obama in 2012,” she wrote. “We will need an effective communicator who can stand toe to toe with Obama’s eloquence.”

Sinise, also a musician, performs for U.S. troops and often champions veterans' causes.

She also named Generals David Petraeus and Ray Odierno as possible Republican saviors.

“Both have denied any interest in a run for office,” she wrote, “but if their masterful management of Iraq is undermined in any way over the next four years, one could hope that they’d reconsider.”

She said that according to most Republicans she has spoken with, a Republican resurgence would demand a new leader, “as opposed to any one of the politicians on the national stage today rising to the occasion.”

Wallace floated the names because she said there’s only so much soul-searching the Republican party can do without the next great leader, someone like President Obama “who matches the moment and transcends the narrow debates about ideology” while moving the political discourse “away from the past.”

She said the ongoing argument about whether the GOP needs to become more moderate or re-assert its conservative principles is a “media-generated debate” and “a false choice that offers nothing but continued division for Republicans.”

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  1. S Callahan

    If you went by physical attributes only I'd say he would be a good start...tell us some more about the man besides being an actor...

    May 11, 2009 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  2. RichM

    The problem is he always plays the bad guy....

    May 11, 2009 09:47 am at 9:47 am |
  3. Lisa

    The games people play... The Repubs just dont get the game days are over... they just don consider; that we the American people are smarter today... We dont fall for anything... And we are not fearful... The joke is really on the Repubs...

    May 11, 2009 09:51 am at 9:51 am |
  4. Peter

    You've got to be kinding one in their right mind could seriously concider Sinse to be a viable presidential candidate. Is this even a real story or a late April Fool's joke?
    No offense to Gary Sinse at all...he does a wonderful job with his work in Vet affairs, but that hardly makes him fit for the office of President. Reagan was a governor, Thomson a sentor...but what experience could Sinse have at all? That would make Palin infinitely more qualified by comparasion. Yes the GOP needs an "...effective communicator who can stand toe to toe with Obama’s eloquence.” But that's not all. Jindal has a speaking style like Mr. Rogers, Palin could get a majority of voters if you paid them, unfortunately Romney comes across as a typical stuffed shirt politican...but they do have experience. The GOP needs to pull it's head out of it's &^% soon. Rush and the ghosts of W are destroying the party and reguardless of what others may think, having only one single party in a position of strength isn't good either. Let Sinse continue with his current work w/ Vets, he's needed there and does a great job, and move on to finding a candidate that appeals to a majority of American. After Obama's done, the GOP is going to have to face former VA Gov. Mark Warner and he'll have genuine appeal w/ moderates of both parties.

    May 11, 2009 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  5. z-Man

    Gary Sinise, is an actor, not a canidate to run against President Obama, there is no way he beats him. You need to get someone that can run Washington DC not act like he can.

    May 11, 2009 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  6. Linda32

    Did I miss the day Mr. Sinise voiced political aspirations? How about you look for someone with substance rather than someone who you think will have the GOP star stuck. Sadly, the GOP and Wallace are still missing the point and until they get I guess Carville will be right.

    May 11, 2009 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
  7. Col Kilgore

    Captain Dan a Repub ? Holy Bubba Gump....I used to like him too.

    May 11, 2009 09:54 am at 9:54 am |
  8. LARRY

    If there is anyting we DON'T need in politics it is another ACTOR! We have had enough of these to last a lifetime. The party of NO has no leaders of their own so they think why not hire another actor to lead them. What nonsense they are to try to pull the wool over our eyes again. We have been there and done that. ENOUGH ALREADY!

    May 11, 2009 09:57 am at 9:57 am |
  9. Lowell

    “The natural strengths that an actor brings to politics would come in handy to anyone going up against Obama in 2012,” she wrote. “We will need an effective communicator who can stand toe to toe with Obama’s eloquence.”

    Wait a minute... did my eyes deceive me or are they FINALLY admitting in a sideways fasion that they finally realize Bush couldn't put two words together and couldn't stand toe-to-toe with others? That he was an ineffective communicator? Yeah, I know Bush isn't mentioned and Obama was, but after 8 years of 'nucular' and 'Merica', it's refreshing to have someone that can be understood in the White House. Are the GOPers realizing that this quality is an essential one in a politician? That Bush' inabilties may have irrevocably destroyed American ideals, Constitutional freedoms and the GOP and this is their first step in trying to undo the damage they caused?


    Why not just own up to their mistakes? I'd have a much greater opinion of the GOP if they would just come out and say they screwed up, they know they screwed up and the people who were instrumental in doing so much damage needs to be put on trial. As it is, this 'bury your head in the sand, forget the crimes of the past and only look towards the future' is just the guilty person's way of trying to avoid a jail sentence.

    May 11, 2009 09:57 am at 9:57 am |
  10. Liberal and Proud of It dot com

    Other possibilities might include TIna Fey, who plays Sarah Palin much more competently than Palin plays herself. Republicans might also consider Britney Spears, Zachary Pinto (the new Captain Kirk in Star Trek), the Octomom, and Hulk Hogan. Or, perhaps an animated character might best represent Conservative values, like TIme-Warner's Road Runner character (Liberalism could be represented by the Coyote).

    May 11, 2009 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  11. pat trujillo

    I'm sorry but to run Gary Senise, granted a very generous man both with his time and energy to run for President is ridiculous. This man has no experience running anything, oops we already have a president with those qualifications. Who ever thought of this must be busy mixing a new batch of koolaid.

    May 11, 2009 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  12. DaBird

    While you are all bashing the Republicans, you are not even aware of Obama's daily lies. Who is going to repay the $14 trillion deficit in 2014? I'm not a Republican, but I am honest to admit that Obama is making many mistakes.

    May 11, 2009 10:00 am at 10:00 am |
  13. Daniel

    WOW!! He's an actor that can speak well. A big celebrity. Kinda sounds like what the Republicans hit Obama with during the campaign. Obama would wipe the floor with this guy, especially after 4 years of experience on the job.

    May 11, 2009 10:01 am at 10:01 am |
  14. StuckinmoderationMari

    I have always liked Sinise's work, but a politician? We've already had an actor as president.

    What's funny is how............ hypocritical....... the GOPers are! They detest the "Hollywood types" ........ however....... IF the actor is a GOPer also, then by all means let them speak!

    Reagan's "trickle down economics" did more harm to our Nation than good! Its a matter of record.

    May 11, 2009 10:02 am at 10:02 am |
  15. john B

    Um – have we heard anything about his knowledge of world affairs? history? economy? the Constitution? his character and temperament? intelligence? Didn't think so. How cynical can the Repubs get, thinking that the country only needs a smooth talker? Oh, I forgot, it worked for them once before...didn't work so well for the country, though they make believe it did.

    May 11, 2009 10:02 am at 10:02 am |
  16. liberalismisasickness

    Quit saying the Repubs do not accept moderates...they ran a very moderate John McCain and the dems ran the unltra-liberal Obaman.

    The truth is that moderate to a liberial is not moderate to a true moderate!

    May 11, 2009 10:03 am at 10:03 am |
  17. Maggie from Virginia

    Since our previous savior (Reagan) was an actor and that worked out so well for us...

    May 11, 2009 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
  18. Gerda Edwards

    Seth in Jacksonville, FL @ 9:16 am ET "I thought Republicans didn't like the celebrity factor? They slammed Obama for having high profile supports in Hollywood. How is this any different? Hypocrisy at its best."
    To help the clarify - it's not an aversion to celebrities, it's an aversion to celebrities that don't have a clue about personal responsibility or self-sufficiency. Reagan, Bono, Thompson, Schwarzenegger, Ventura – fine. Franken, Obama, Penn, Kennedy, etc.

    May 11, 2009 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
  19. janelle

    I would hate to see the GOP turn to "celebrity" politicians the way the Dems have done. We need real people with real solutions, not more entertainment. Besides, I'm afraid the Dems would jump all over Mr. Sinise's role as George Wallace years ago and twist clips of it into Mr. Sinise being a racist who still insists on segregation.

    May 11, 2009 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
  20. yuri

    It is quite obvious that the GOP gang is desperate to enlist celebrities for their crusade against the downfall engendered atleast, in part, by an element subtle arrogance. Unfortunately gasbags like RL still gasconade about his gutsy garglin' and gargantuan gibberish about the Dems inn general.

    May 11, 2009 10:05 am at 10:05 am |
  21. Pat

    It's really all an act for them anyway, isn't it?

    May 11, 2009 10:05 am at 10:05 am |
  22. w.l. jones

    We had one Actor slept through eight years and it tooke a Democract eight years to straight the Government out. Said enough.

    May 11, 2009 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  23. Trindy

    Yes, going for an actor worked so well last time when everybody said the same about Fred Thompson.

    Rep. Paul Ryan. He's your savior.

    May 11, 2009 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  24. Doug, New Jersey

    The Republican party is the big tent party of all Americans who wish for the death of terrorists rather than Americans who hold a different view than their own. As you can see, all the people who want to free the terrorists yet kill Americans like Rush, Palin, and Steele are Democrats, just read the words of the left.

    May 11, 2009 10:07 am at 10:07 am |
  25. No Incumbents 2010

    Petraeus and Odierno are career military, not politicians (why does Wallace assume they are Republicans?). Sinese is an entertainer, not a politician. Mentioning their names shows desperation.
    The GOP savior is also the most experienced GOP candidate for president in 2012 ... Dick Cheney.

    May 11, 2009 10:07 am at 10:07 am |
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