May 13th, 2009
04:00 PM ET
11 years ago

Clinton encourages graduates to remain optimistic

(CNN)– Secretary of State Hilary Clinton delivered the commencement address to New York University's class of 2009 at Yankee Stadium Wednesday, urging the generation of graduates to remain positive about their futures and to seize the moment.

"I can only reflect on what an extraordinary moment in history. You are receiving your degrees. A moment in time of our country and the world were your talents and your energy, your passion and commitment is more needed then ever," Clinton told the thousands of graduates present.

Touching on various challenges that the United States and the world are facing ranging from climate change to poverty, Clinton offered her confidence in the graduates being up to the task.

"There is no problem that we face here in America or around the world that will not yield to human effort, to cooperation, to positive interdependence that makes clear that humanity is going on, our challenges ones that summon the best of us, and we will make the world better tomorrow then it is today," she reflected.

Despite the global economic recession and the dreary job market that the graduates will be entering, Clinton encouraged the graduates to consider the State Department. "For those of you still looking for jobs, we are hiring a new generation," Clinton said to applause.

Secretary Clinton, a graduate from Wellesley and Yale Law, former U.S. Senator, and former First Lady, thanked the crowd for yet another title she can add to her list, receiving an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from NYU at the ceremony.

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