May 28th, 2009
09:12 PM ET
14 years ago

NYT: Bill Clinton holding grudge against Ted, Caroline Kennedy

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="In an article in an upcoming issue of New York Times Magazine, former President Clinton discusses his wife's new role as the country's top diplomat."]
WASHINGTON (CNN) – Bill Clinton's campaign-year resentment of President Obama is a thing of the past, according to a lengthy profile of the former president in Sunday's New York Times Magazine - but he hasn't quite come to terms with the Kennedy family's decision to back Obama over Hillary Clinton during the primary season.

Clinton reportedly has yet to make his peace with Sen. Ted Kennedy and the Massachusetts senator's niece, Caroline, over their high-profile endorsements of Barack Obama during the primaries.

The Times, also citing unnamed sources, says Clinton harbors hard feelings toward New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who held several posts in the Clinton administration but who chose to endorse Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

The former president has adjusted to his wife's new role on the international stage. "She used to look forward to me coming home from wherever I've been," Clinton says in the magazine article. "Now I'm afraid I'll be second fiddle to whatever world leader she's just met.

Later, he added: "... We've reversed roles."

Clinton also made clear that his vast network of global contacts and knowledge of world affairs is always available to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. "'If she asks, I tell her what I think,'" the former president says in the profile. "And if there's something that's going on that I feel that I have particular knowledge of, I say that.'"

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  1. Andrea

    Newsflash Bill – many Americans – like me – refused to vote for your wife as I knew you'd be hustling every intern in their as soon as she left on Air Force One. While I admire and applaud your efforts since you've left office, I could not stomach one more sex scandal. And since Caroline has had to live with the reality of her father having had multiple sex partners, I'm sure she wasn't too eager to promote another candidate with an unzipped zipper.

    May 28, 2009 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
  2. michael christopher

    Bill Clinton is a wanker. He is too full of himself to see the rest of the world.

    May 28, 2009 04:43 pm at 4:43 pm |
  3. Pat, CA

    Hillary Clinton was clearly the BETTER choice for president of this country. But Donna Brazile, the DNC, and liberal media decided it was time for a black man, regardless of lack of qualifications. (Oh, I know - HE was president of Haravard Law Review - where HE never submitted a single article, and the Review was the LEAST cited reference during his tenure!)

    May 28, 2009 04:43 pm at 4:43 pm |
  4. Fishsnot

    Who in the hell cares? THIS IS NOT NEWSWORTHY. Bill, go back to your tramps and quietly live your life, O.K. You really weren't much of a leader anyhow.

    May 28, 2009 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |
  5. Let it Go!!!

    Bill I am disappointed Please don't go there ……I love You and Hillary ***You are pulling a Dick Cheney regarding Colin Powell..and you are so much better than that Lying Wonder….Now I was surprised of Bill Richrdson ,But the Kennedys let it go ***PEACE OUT!!!
    @John W. Racine, WI May 28th, 2009 3:41 pm ET.....Ted's brain fell out.......How low can you go???

    May 28, 2009 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |
  6. Marc , from Crawford ,TX

    Last time I cheked, This is a free country . You can vote and campaign for who ever u want ...right???

    May 28, 2009 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
  7. Done with democrats

    Bob the Observer now YOU are funny :).

    May 28, 2009 04:48 pm at 4:48 pm |
  8. Shadysider

    Honestly I would have thought Bill would have been ecstatic that Hillary was chosen as secretary of state. More time on his own and all.

    May 28, 2009 04:49 pm at 4:49 pm |
  9. nator

    Clinton went from being the head of the party to being a Kennedy with the election of Obama. His legacy doesnt matter now...he is a footnote in history. He wanted to be the whole chapter but Obamania ruined that for him. That is why he is ticked off at Kennedy and Richardson...because they jumped ship for the hot ticket...for whatever reasons. Hillary will be too old and unappealing to make a significant run after Obama is out. The Clintons are irrelevant now.

    May 28, 2009 04:49 pm at 4:49 pm |
  10. Billy J in Texas

    I hold grudges against folks who hurt my family waaayyyy longer than the family member themselves. That's just the bubba way, I guess. So, I don't blame this great president one bit. On the other hand, he should try not to answer EVERY question a tabloid reporter throws at him. But hey..... I still dig the Clintons, and am quite satisfied with the current Prez and his family (they really are worth being proud of). I have never been comfortable with the Kennedy's. Ted stayed in the race all the way to the floor when he ran against Carter and was much further behind than Hillary, but had the gall to say she should step aside this time. His reason for staying till the floor against Carter? summary: Who would vote for this southern bumpkin when they can have a 'Kennedy'! The epitome of liberal effete. Thank goodness Barack is not cut from quite the same cloth, although at times he is closer than I like to that kind of nothern liberal elitism that has plagued our party for so long.

    May 28, 2009 04:50 pm at 4:50 pm |
  11. Tim, Seattle

    "Well, Bill Clinton, that makes two of us who have not forgiven the Kennedy's and Richardson".

    lol....Still haven't scraped that Hillary 08 bumper sticker off your car yet, have ya?
    You can always write a check to Hillary to help that $10 Million dollar campaign debt she has (mismanagement of campaign)
    Be sure to make it out to the real bumbler of hillary's campaign...MArk Penn

    May 28, 2009 04:51 pm at 4:51 pm |
  12. B.Brown

    Barack Obama was the winner of a fair fight which the Clintons were turning into an act of desperation. Ted Kennedy stepped in at a good time and he made the right decision, because Mr. Obama is turning out to be a pretty good president. Surely Mr. Clinton is disappointed because their long-standing plan to get Hillary elected as president was derailed by the Obama Phenomenon. Besides as recent history has shown us, it may not be such a great idea to have two presidents from the same family.

    May 28, 2009 04:51 pm at 4:51 pm |
  13. JML

    Right....................let it go Bill, if she (Hillary) would had gotten the DNC nomination maybe just maybe the DEMS would not had got back the WH or the majority in Congress it got. We will never know, but truly President Clinton needs to stop, drop n roll-with-the-punches.

    May 28, 2009 04:52 pm at 4:52 pm |
  14. Lauren

    Lets see how the liberals love this comment,,,, just like you all toss as Palin and McCain,,,,

    Bill Clinton, please just go away,,,,, shut up, who cares what you think or are mad at,,,, just shut up and take your place in history with George W Bush,,,,,,

    Your both has beens,,,, just go away and find a new mistress to play with

    May 28, 2009 04:53 pm at 4:53 pm |
  15. seebofubar

    Well Kennedy family, would you like to change your mind now? Now that you see what a disgrace Obama is to our nation? I'm no Hillary fan, but I would rather have her any day than what we have now.

    May 28, 2009 04:56 pm at 4:56 pm |
  16. Lori

    Could some of you Republicans stop pretending that you now like Hillary Clinton and would rather her as President? Your divide and conquer attitude only worked on dumb Hillary defecters last electon (even after they heard McCain/Palin crowds booing at the very mention of her name). The funny thing is you guys call Obama a so-called 'socialist' but pretend you prefer Hillary who is for a 'socialized' health care system. GIVE ME AND US DEMOCRATS A BREAK! We're not buying it!

    May 28, 2009 04:57 pm at 4:57 pm |
  17. Ruty

    Come on Bill, I thought you had more class than that. You are now acting like a Republican.

    May 28, 2009 04:59 pm at 4:59 pm |
  18. Post always rejected by CNN

    OH BOY.....MSM let's start another contraversy around Bill Clinton. It always seems to work well. Why in the devil doesn't the media leave one of our best liked presidents of all time alone.

    May 28, 2009 04:59 pm at 4:59 pm |
  19. Sniffit

    @ Lori

    PUMA was Limbaugh's harem...and that's a fact. Very VERY few true Clinton supporters would have suddenly started supporting people opposed to the right to choose or who espoused diametrically opposed positions on several key issues.

    May 28, 2009 05:01 pm at 5:01 pm |
  20. DawnL,CA

    Bill-you should feel betrayed by Richardson(two-faced jerk.) Kennedy lost the nomination herself by being unprepared & coming on like it was her due.Life is too short. Enjoy being in semi-retirement-but a job in Haiti is not going to be easy.Best of luck.

    May 28, 2009 05:01 pm at 5:01 pm |
  21. obambi

    to Lori–sorry honey, the democrats are the hypocrites on this one. Obama people smeared both Clintons unforgivably during the primaries. Do not lay that on the republicans.

    May 28, 2009 05:02 pm at 5:02 pm |
  22. Tod

    More CNN speculation parading as news.

    May 28, 2009 05:02 pm at 5:02 pm |
  23. tess

    just your typical narcicistic old fool who finally gets old and nobody thinks he is cute, or great anymore! just an old gray haired ,self-absorbed has been! go find a home and stay there o k?

    May 28, 2009 05:02 pm at 5:02 pm |
  24. Malik

    Bill let it rest,at this point in time everyone on both sides should put aside their personal feelings until they home,but until then work together to put this country back on track.

    May 28, 2009 05:03 pm at 5:03 pm |
  25. Susannah in CA

    Hilary Clinton can hold her own and will succeed going forward to the extent that she can moderate her approach with an eye to the larger political picture. She is capable, disciplined, and can keep working on her political skills with some input from one of the finest teachers around, her husband. She has shown herself to be someone who can learn and grow.

    As for her husband, he is still quite capable of doing a lot of damage because of his volatile temper and the carnival he brings to town. This is probably as good as it gets. His sniping and rancor would make great material for a telenovela.

    The actions of Bill Clinton and the Kennedys together and individually make for great entertainment - but they are not very relevant to most Americans. We really need someone with an eye to the realities of the current century to move the country forward. This may be the current president or it may be someone else. But odds are not in favor of Bill Clinton or any of the Kennedys!

    May 28, 2009 05:04 pm at 5:04 pm |
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