June 15th, 2009
01:25 PM ET
13 years ago

GOP consultant: Obama is unifying Republicans

WASHINGTON (CNN) – As Republicans continue an internal debate over the political direction of their party, one next-generation consultant said a unifying theme has emerged: opposition to President Obama.

"Well, the greatest thing to ever happen to the Republican Party is Barack Obama," GOP consultant David All told Mark Preston and Lisa Desjardins Monday in an interview for CNN Radio.

All is one of a handful of next-generation political strategists who party elders are looking to for help with social networking and closing the technological gap the party faces with Democrats. In recent years, Democrats invested in building a grassroots – on-line community and now have an advantage over the GOP in cyberspace.

All said Obama's proposal to have the federal government play a key role in health care reform is helping to gel the Republican Party and galvanize its online community.

"I think there is a lot of concern, and what that's doing is getting the conservative and the Republican grassroots to come together and to form a united front saying that we are against someone," All said. "And that's really what helped the Democrats. It was ... this basic idea of opposition to George W. Bush."

Obama's deep imprint on housing, banking and Detroit has also helped Republicans rally around a cause, and avoid potential splits over social issues.

All insists the GOP is gaining ground on Democrats in the battle for cyberspace and noted that the Republican National Committee is engaged in "a very aggressive online effort."

"There is a lot of energy, and we are catching up," All said.

Hear David All discuss the renewal of the GOP:

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