July 2nd, 2009
09:44 AM ET
13 years ago

Republicans slam Dems over latest jobs report

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/images/04/02/art.boehner.gi.jpg caption="Boehner and other Republicans say the latest jobs report is an indication the stimulus plan has not worked."](CNN) - Republicans are taking aim at their Democratic colleagues over the latest jobs report indicating unemployment has risen to 9.5 percent, calling it evidence the massive economic stimulus bill pushed by President Obama earlier this year has not worked.

"Today's employment report reminds us that spending, taxing, and borrowing with reckless abandon is no way to create more jobs, yet that is exactly what Democrats in charge of Washington have done all year long," House Minority Leader John Boehner said in a statement.  "Middle-class families and small businesses are hurting, and they're looking to Washington for real solutions that won't raise their taxes and drive future generations into even deeper debt."

The National Republican Congressional Committee also released a statement noting Obama administration officials once claimed the stimulus bill would contain the unemployment rate under 8 percent.

"Where are the stimulus-created jobs?" the NRCC asks.

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  1. inofritzn

    Exactly! (I don't like Boehner but he's right here) Can't rebuild an economy on HOPE and CHANGE aka TAX and SPEND. Let the "well Bush did worse" backwards thinking begin. Get over it Dems or we'll be the next in line

    July 2, 2009 09:58 am at 9:58 am |
  2. gt

    you think its bad now wait and see what happens if obama entergy bill passes......soup lines....

    July 2, 2009 09:58 am at 9:58 am |
  3. D. Tree

    Doesn't anyone listen anymore?

    The President states frequently that "It will get worse before it gets better."

    The Republicans are pointing out what is obvious, and hoping no one is paying attention.

    Shall we repeat it again so no one is surprised at the next report?

    July 2, 2009 09:58 am at 9:58 am |
  4. Darth Vadik, CA

    Well here is an oxymoron, Republicans slam Democrats over jobs, hey morons, Bush caused all this, why do you think Republicans have lost all credibility, on top of that Republicans are playing obstructionists from job creation to healthcare, so the snakeoil salesman himsel Boner better shut the heck up.

    July 2, 2009 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  5. ch

    Are John Boehner and Bob Dole the same person? They certaintly have a lot in common – two old men with old ideas!

    July 2, 2009 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  6. Paul , St. Louis MO

    Oh please, it is going to take more time to fix the mess the Republicans made during their term of power. Give change a chance.

    July 2, 2009 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  7. Florida Joe

    John Boehner said in a statement. "Middle-class families and small businesses are hurting, and they're looking to Washington for real solutions that won't raise their taxes and drive future generations into even deeper debt."

    Translation: "More tax cuts for the rich"
    Boehner needs to stop. Does he really think saying "it didn't work" solves anything?
    Offer nothing, no concrete plan, just obstruction.....Typical Repub.
    This mess was created over 8 years and will not be fixed overnight
    Of course when it does start to turn around he will come out with a statement that it did work........NOT

    July 2, 2009 10:00 am at 10:00 am |
  8. Hugo

    How is all that Hope and Change going for you America? You know I've been thinking, what better way to take control of a Nation than to run it into economic ruin and place your party in the position of being the benevolent hand that feeds the masses. 1 trillion dollars = $1/sec for 31,000 years, do ya think your children can pony up for that debt? How about that stimulus money, did any productive tax paying citizen get some cash or better yet a commerce creating job? Wake up children, wake up, we are nearing the time to let DC hear our voices!

    July 2, 2009 10:00 am at 10:00 am |
  9. Realistic

    The Republicans again are not offering any solutions just criticism. Maybe we should go back to the era of giving more to the rich, trickle down effect which led to the financial crisis we are facing. Unless our goverment works together for the interest of the people and not for their own self interest, we will never recover.
    The Republicans are now talking about the middle-class after years of ignoring them, republicans are still offering no solutions just weak criticism.

    July 2, 2009 10:00 am at 10:00 am |
  10. phoenix86

    The Obama recession is upon us.
    The Obama inflation is about to begin.
    The Obama stagflation will begin in 2010.
    The Obama tax increases will being in 2010.

    Welcome to Obamaworld, where savings, lifestyle, and liberties disappear before at the drop of a soundbite.

    Funny that the only thing that seems to be having a positive effect is the TARP. Credit is slowing coming back. Funny, because that was W.

    All else is courtesy of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

    July 2, 2009 10:00 am at 10:00 am |
  11. Once You Vote Black

    Obama has not done anything that cost jobs, he has only saved jobs. Job lost number today reflect the actions of Bush.

    July 2, 2009 10:01 am at 10:01 am |
  12. Michigan Jim

    The seven hundred billion dollars spent on "stimulus" could have provided jobs for ten million people, at a rate of $70,000 per year. What kind of jobs? As Martin Feldstein suggested, these folks could be hired to dig holes, then fill them back up again. Classic government work!

    July 2, 2009 10:01 am at 10:01 am |
  13. Oh Realy

    Who put us in this mess in the first place? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8 years of rethugs destroying economy and reckless spending trillions on illegal wars. but play the fiscal consevative tone when it comes to spending on Americans LOL

    you destroy a hole city in 1 day but it take years to rebuild it. 8 years of destruction is not going to be undone in 1 years LOL

    rethugs new strategy rewrite history LOL it wasn't us it was the dems all a long. You rethugs are praying that Americans are dumb and retarded. We rember All the vetos that Bush did and all the filibuster rethugs did as the dem was tring to save the economy. Bush and the rethugs you out spent all other administration combined during your power of greed and warmonging. The biggest redistrubation of wealth from the working class to the few well elite conected rethugs lol and now you want to blame dems and Obama only been in office for 6 months LOL Obama has done more for America and the world then bush and rethugs did in 8 years LOL

    Do the country a favor and disband your party if not WE THE PEOPLE WILL VOTE YOU OUT 🙂

    July 2, 2009 10:02 am at 10:02 am |
  14. The Lonely Libertarian of Liverpool NY

    We need less finger pointing and more help ! The time for the blame game is over ! Now is the time to come together as we have always done and help the American people who are frighten, hungry, homeless, jobless and hopeless.
    I direct this challange to both of the major parties to get your act togehter, forget about the fund raising, forget about the lobbyists, NOW is the time to remember freedom and liberty first. If the democrats and the republicans can not do this, than it is time for a Third party to lead. A third party will be holding to no one but the American people.

    July 2, 2009 10:02 am at 10:02 am |
  15. Terry from West Texas

    Let us not for a moment suspect that Rep. Boehner means what he says. He is after all a Conservative. We've all heard the joke:
    Question: How can you tell if a Conservative is lying?"
    Answer: If he's breathing.

    Now how do we know that he is lying? Because when his party was in power, the spent like there was no tomorrow. They tripled (Reagan), doubled (Bush1), and re-doubled (Bush2) the national debt. BUT, they would not raise taxes to pay for their spending spree. They were like teenagers with Dad's credit card. And all of this happened in good times, when we should have been paying down the debt.

    Now, in hard times, we're deep in debt and have to borrow more to keep the national economy from floundering even more.

    Rep. Boehner doesn't give a crap about "middle-class families and small businesses." What has he ever done for them? What has any Conservative ever done for them? Answer: Nothing.

    Remember, this was the fellow who presented a "Republican Budget" that had no numbers in it. This is a man who apparently doesn't know that budgets are supposed to have numbers.

    July 2, 2009 10:03 am at 10:03 am |
  16. jfs Memhis, Tn

    So what is the GOP's Plan to get us out of this job market decline ??? Not hearing anything. Maybe they will not tell us what their plan is....until we elect them back into power........only then will they expose the GOP Plan that will not only be better than the previous administrations ...bit send the USA down the road of prosperity ???? Still waiting on the GOP to put up............if not then shut-up. It is easy to be critical as a defense when there are NO IMMEDIATE SOLUTIONS !!!

    July 2, 2009 10:03 am at 10:03 am |
  17. gary

    Tiger Woods is golfing with this racist jerk. Been a big Woods fan for years, never again.

    July 2, 2009 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
  18. Terry - California

    Let's see, the Republicans, under George Bush and Dick Cheney duped the country into a war that made absolutely no sense then, and is now a major dollar drain on the general public. Let's see, both Democrats and Republicans voted for the complete deregulation of the Wall Street Banking system. As I view it, one possible solution is "Term Limits". Most of the states are in red figures, caused by those elected, whether Democrat or Republican. If these men and women were running a household, they would be homeless – so let's make them "Elected Homeless". With a high unemployment rate, two wars, the auto industry in the tank, and a proposal to offer National Healthcare, we are quickly developing into a third world nation, based solely on our balance sheet. The Founding Fathers never intended the positions to be permanent. Today, elected politicians view their job to be a right, with all of the perks found in organized crime. It seems that the only way we can get rid of these folks is when they cheat on their wives. I believe we need to limit the amount of time each elected politician will serve.

    July 2, 2009 10:04 am at 10:04 am |
  19. Brendan H., San Antonio, TX

    Senator Boehner, where were for the last 8 years while the run-up to this unemployment situation was taking hold?! Are you insisting that it's Obama's fault?

    You claim his stimulus plan isn't working; why did we need one in the first place? Would it be because we allowed a three-time, failed business man from Harvard Business to run the country into the ground like he ran his companies?!

    Of course not; it's Clinton's fault, right?!

    July 2, 2009 10:05 am at 10:05 am |
  20. cs

    Well Repulicans where is your plan? You are upset because the numbers are going up. Yet you have no plan. Instead of being the party of NO. Try working with the President on this issue. Any way the Republicans and George W Bush are the reasons that we are in this mess.

    July 2, 2009 10:05 am at 10:05 am |
  21. gl, From Pittsburgh

    It is time that CNN stop giving these fools a voice. We all know it is not going to happen over night. It took us 8 years to get here and it will take more than 6 months to get us out. One thing for sure at least the President is goind something unlike the Party of NO! HEY, PARTY OF NO, what is your plan, other then screaming at the Presdient, to get us out of this mess your PARTY CREATED? We are tried of all your attacks against this president. It make since the numbers are still going up, but it is going up at a smaller rate.

    July 2, 2009 10:05 am at 10:05 am |
  22. GI Joe

    For 8 years this country was ignored in favor of a WAR.

    Like a house that hasn't been cleaned for 8 years, it takes time. The Grand Obstructionist Party is doing everything they can to get back in power – except help.

    I certainly hope people in Ohio wake up and get rid of the Orange Man and put someone in office that will help the situation, not just play golf and bad mouth the ones trying to "get caught up" on what our country needs

    July 2, 2009 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  23. Tomas E

    Of course they are slamming the democrats. I'd be shocked if they didn't. Of course, their criticism is meaningless because they have no solutions either. They proved that the last 8 years!

    July 2, 2009 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  24. RR

    remember when we had to "act now" and rush the stimulus through?
    Remember we didn't need to bother to read the stimulus bill – just rush it through to keep the unemployment rate under 9%?

    Thanks for nothing but a lot of more debt and pork, Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi, & Sen. Reid.

    July 2, 2009 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  25. jm for sc

    Republicans can not slam Democrats for the unemployment rate. The down fall was on the way during the Bush administration.

    July 2, 2009 10:07 am at 10:07 am |
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