July 22nd, 2009
04:58 PM ET
14 years ago

CNN Poll: President's approval on health care under 50 percent

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/images/07/22/art.obama0722.gi.jpg caption="A new CNN Poll of Polls indicates that 47 percent of Americans approve of how President Obama is dealing with health care reform."]WASHINGTON (CNN) - Hours before President Barack Obama holds a prime time news conference to push for health care reform, a new CNN Poll of Polls indicates that less than half the country approves of how he's handling the issue.

According to the CNN Poll of Polls, 47 percent approve of how the president's dealing with health care reform, with 44 percent disapproving.

The CNN Poll of Polls on health care was compiled and released on Wednesday. It's an average of the three most recent national surveys to ask about Obama's performance on health care: USA Today/Gallup (July 17-19); ABC/Washington Post (July 15-18) and CBS News (July 9-12).

The ABC News/Washington Post poll, which was released Monday, indicates Obama still has a large advantage over Republicans on the issue. Fifty-four percent of those questioned say they trust Obama to do a better job handling health care than Republicans in Congress, with 34 percent putting more faith in congressional Republicans than the president.

CNN Radio: Obama losing ground on health care

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll taken in June showed that roughly half the country is confused by the major points in Obama's health care proposals, said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland. "That poll also showed that Americans who understand Obama's proposals support them, while a majority of Americans who are confused by the issue oppose Obama's plan," said Holland. "That may be one reason why Obama is making a prime-time push for his proposals, and doing so in a question-and-answer format."

A separate CNN Poll of Polls puts the president's overall approval rating at 56 percent, with 40 percent disapproving. In early June, Obama's average approval rating was 62 percent. It stood at 61 percent by mid-June, and stayed at that level through the rest of the month.

"Obama remains more popular than most of his policies, including health care," Holland says. "The question is whether he can turn some of that personal popularity into political capital in order to get what he wants out of Congress."

The CNN Poll of Polls on Obama's overall approval was also compiled and released on Wednesday. It's an average of the three most recent national surveys: AP/GfK (July 16-20); USA Today/Gallup (July 17-19); and ABC/Washington Post (July 15-18).

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  1. WhoCares?

    Americans are so darn stupid.

    Yes...Let's keep the program that has a FOR-PROFIT Insurance company in charge of how much we pay.

    Oh ya...That's the smart way to do it!!

    July 22, 2009 03:00 pm at 3:00 pm |
  2. reform not nationalization

    John said,

    In any case there is a difference between Socialism and Welfare States. Even Democratic Countries are Welfare States, like UK.

    By the way Capitalism is not working in America. We need to have a Welfare State.

    England's healthcare is falling apart. Watch a parliamentary debate about how the country will incur more debt to pay for healthcare. It's breaking them.

    We need a welfare state? America is by far the most wealthy nation on earth by ANY measure. Wealth per person, GDP, standard of living, everything. Ask Canada or the European Union, a group of "welfare states", if they can say the same?

    Freedom and liberty is having small government. By definition a welfare state makes its citizens dependent on the government. That's no way to live. That's not liberty.

    July 22, 2009 03:00 pm at 3:00 pm |
  3. Arthur

    What I simply find amazing, is how all of a sudden the Republicans have all the right answers to everything. What happen over the last 8 years when they had complete control of the senate and the White House? Now that President Obama is in office and the Dems are in control, everything he does is wrong and the have a better way. What's wrong with this picture???

    No matter how hard the President works to reach across the asile, no matter how much he tries to gain the support of the other side, the truth of the matter is that the Republicans will never work with him. Where were they the last 8 years when Bush was President, asleep?

    8 long years of mistakes can not be corrected in 3,6,9 or even 12 months. Give the President a chance before you start bashing him and destroy his apporval rating!! Change has come and it will be noticed if everyone would relax for a moment and let the White House do what they were elected by the American people to do!

    July 22, 2009 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  4. JB

    All you liberal lemmings are very funny. The Republicans have not killed Obama's heathcare plan. First and foremost, the non-partisan CBO killed it. And secondly, Obama killed it. Obama said he had three goals: 1)Reduces cost, 2) is deficit neutral, and 3) covers everyone. This plan does none of that. So says the CBO.

    So I ask you lemmings, who killed this bill? And any bill is not better than what we got. That is simplistic and childish to say so.

    July 22, 2009 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  5. Ohio D

    I am 34 and unemployed. I don't care if you make $20 a week, you are rich to me. Pass this stupid law, all of you start paying for it and give me health care. I voted for you Mr. Obama, you owe me...

    July 22, 2009 03:01 pm at 3:01 pm |
  6. Tatianna

    OK, Dems time has ended in blaming reps and Bush. Now having won, Obama worshippers have a sense that their triumph is a precarious one. Blue dogs,moderate dems and majoriy of Americans disapprove Obama reform healthcare bill. Obama worshippers are angry and scared, they see the window of opportunity as small because they know in their deepest dark hearts that the vast majority of the American people wouldnt go for Obamas reform healthcare bill. Reason why Obama is frantic to do as much as possible before the opposition coalesces. And his healthcare is the beginning of that coalescence

    July 22, 2009 03:02 pm at 3:02 pm |
  7. Sean

    Public opinion shifts based on many things, and not all of them are good. I'm sure some of these poll results reflect the tireless efforts of Republicans to decry universal health care, or people who are just getting tired of hearing about it, etc. Doesn't change the fact that having effective universal health care would be a good thing for our country.

    July 22, 2009 03:02 pm at 3:02 pm |
  8. Democrat in MD (CNN please post. Thank you!)

    I am one of those wyho DO understand what the President proposes. As a working RN, I see every day the need for this legislation to pass, People (I'm talking middle-income, in addition to anyone else) are losing their HOMES because they can't pay these staggering health care amounts! It takes just ONE accident or serious illness, & you are up the creek without a paddle!!!

    July 22, 2009 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |
  9. Kimberly

    he is NOT losing ground on getting it done, we all still want it, its that he is not getting it done fast enough that is all...Stop reporting crap, its not journalism, its BAND WAGON reporting...losers

    July 22, 2009 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |

    Yes it is low and will stay low for it is only a health care bill for illegals and people on wellfare. There is still no lowering of health care cost or for the tax paying middle class who will have no social security or medicare when they need it. It is being stolen from them since it is their funds to begin with and used for other programs to benefit the unworthy or illegally used to fund the war.

    July 22, 2009 03:03 pm at 3:03 pm |
  11. Bob in Pa

    Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.
    Thomas Jefferson

    July 22, 2009 03:04 pm at 3:04 pm |
  12. Zion

    Democrats have been screaming "Health care Reform, Health care Reform." That has become one of their keywords (like tax cuts for Republicans). I say any Democrat that is against this bill needs to be voted out at the polls. I'm conservative, but I am not hung up on Democrat or Republican. Second, there are too many uninsured Americans, I say for everyday Americans go without adequate health care, Congress should go without health care.

    July 22, 2009 03:04 pm at 3:04 pm |
  13. vette gal

    Although I agree we need a national health plan, I truly think the President should slow down and not try to get it passed so quickly. I don't see the harm in waiting until the economy improves. I am also so tired of the President going on national tv every time he wants to get something pushed through.

    July 22, 2009 03:05 pm at 3:05 pm |
  14. NancyLV

    For gods sakes CNN, stop with your incessant polling. You never poll enough people to make the poll worthwhile anyway.

    For those of you upset with CNN about this poll it is not just CNN, ABC, Gallup, Reuters are also running polls and say the same as CNN.

    July 22, 2009 03:06 pm at 3:06 pm |
  15. Nuetral

    Have any of you complaining about not having insurance had quotes for health care? Might be surprised you can afford it!

    July 22, 2009 03:06 pm at 3:06 pm |
  16. LacrosseMom

    Polls have lost all respect with me, since first, they can not poll the growing majority who only has a cell phone! And secondly, in the real world I personally do not know anyone who does not support our president 100%!

    What I can not understand is how anyone can fall for the misinformation and lies that the GOP is spreading?! Americans need to do their own research. Use Google and ask "what is the number of Americans who file for bankruptcy each year due to the high cost of healthcare?" Or.....
    ask anything. But PLEASE INFORM yourselves!

    DO you know that 95% of Americans are ONE illness away from bankruptcy? People who are ill, know that even when they have paid INSURANCE COMPANIES millions during their working-lives, they can be DROPPED instantly!


    July 22, 2009 03:06 pm at 3:06 pm |
  17. J

    This should be the NEW slogan for "Conservatives" (Both Democratic and Republican) concerning Health Care Reform in the U.S.:


    These guys make me sick. They have NEVER cared about the rising costs of Health Care in the United States for many of its citizens who do NOT have the benefit of TAXPAYER-PAID Health Care. I think that ALL members of Congress should have their Health Benefits AND Pensions revoked. Make them all go out and pay for their own Health Care and Retirement savings like many hard-working Americans do every day. NOBODY is giving me a free ride. I work full-time and still have to pay for my own Health Care and Health Insurance.

    July 22, 2009 03:06 pm at 3:06 pm |
  18. Williamk Petterson


    For example, that loaf of bread you bought yesterday for $2.00 will cost you $10.00 in just a few years. The rich, middle income, and poor will all be paying the same amount for that loaf of bread

    This is a bunch of crap!! Get facts!!! The sell of fear at it's best!!

    July 22, 2009 03:07 pm at 3:07 pm |
  19. Steve M

    If scientists discovered there was as asteroid on a collision course with the continental USA and President Obama tried to convince legislators that knocking it out with a missile was the most likely way to save the nation – guess what? – the Republicans would claim that it was too expensive, doomed to failure or part of a conspiracy to extend the reach of government towards "socialism".
    CNN would poll the public opinion by asking the question "Do you fear that Obama's plan to blow up the asteroid is too expensive and might not work?" Fox News would still be questioning the President's birth certificate and probably give equal time to some "fundie" pastor who says if we all pray hard enough, God will protect us.

    July 22, 2009 03:09 pm at 3:09 pm |
  20. Joe the PLumber

    Polls, the polls show Fox ahead of all news stations by 15%. CNN has now decided to jumpship and cater to the republican majority. Its obvious to all, this is a 1 term president and CNN wants to be on the winning side.

    July 22, 2009 03:09 pm at 3:09 pm |
  21. Michigan

    The current version is dead. Too expensive and has too many bad ideas, like fining those without insurance (where are people without the money for insurance going to find money to pay fines??) Maybe next time...

    July 22, 2009 03:09 pm at 3:09 pm |
  22. Stacey California

    There are so many concerns/complaints regarding the timetable that President Obama is insisting on, but what many fail to realize is that, several Americans have lost their jobs along with benefits and in the interim healthcare costs continues to rise. Example: my friends were recently laid off both, coincidentally, with the option to continue their h/c benefits thru Cobra–well guess for how much? one at $700/ month and; the other at $1200 month. Now you explain how we can expect them to sustain reasonable living with a price tag like this for h/c coverage. And by the way one of the employees has a sick child. Now you tell me what are the options here? No job, no money, no healthcare–go figure. This is the story of millions...

    July 22, 2009 03:10 pm at 3:10 pm |
  23. stephen

    whom do thay call for this poll? I know they did not call me. if thay did is poll number will be 99.9%

    July 22, 2009 03:11 pm at 3:11 pm |
  24. MJ

    What ever happened to transparency? We were told that we would, as American voters, be able to see what is going on behind closed doors. Even Obama has no clue what is in this bill. Come on people – this is not about Democrats & Republicans ... it is about our rights and our healthl!

    July 22, 2009 03:12 pm at 3:12 pm |
  25. ATL

    what Obama has to fix is how the Medicare pays $1,200.00 for a wheelchair that costs $350.00 to buy in the open market!
    If this is where our monay is going, why should we pay more taxes only to spend the money this way?

    July 22, 2009 03:12 pm at 3:12 pm |
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