July 27th, 2009
08:30 AM ET
13 years ago

Attendees in Fairbanks react to Palin's speech

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (CNN) - The outdoor park where now former Gov. Sarah Palin chose to deliver her farewell address was eerily silent Sunday afternoon as the predominantly supportive crowd hung on her every word, waiting for any clue to what her future plans may be.

Alaskans Laurie Lawrence and Brenda Medina said they spent some time post-speech debating what she could do and concluded she'll most likely stay in politics.

"I got that impression, [and] I hope she does," Lawrence said.

No one got clear answers in that department, but everyone was willing to share their own hopes for her future.

"I love Sarah," said Alaskan Corinne Roe. "She's a great governor...I hope she runs for the presidency."

"If she decides to run for the presidency, that'd be great," said Rollie Miranda, another Alaska resident.

Palin has often been named as a possible presidential candidate in 2012.

Not everyone in this mainly-Alaskan crowd would be voting for her however. A small group of organized protestors toward the back of the audience displayed signs like "Proud to be Palin-free," "Quitting: Her most responsible act," and "Dear Texas, You can have her."

Jerry Stevens of Ester, Alaska, seconded the sentiment.

"Somebody had a sign-I think Texas wants her," Stevens said smiling, before he offered this with a guilty smirk: "Well, she can come up and fish in the summer, I guess."

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