September 9th, 2009
09:53 PM ET
14 years ago

CNN tweets Obama speech

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="As President Obama addresses a joint session of Congress, CNN's team will be Tweeting live."]The Best Political Team will deliver real time analysis, color and observations of President Obama’s address tonight on health care.

CNN correspondents, analysts and producers will be providing instant reports in bite-size “tweets” of Obama’s speech, the Republican response being delivered by Rep. Charles Boustany, and the analysis and color that surrounds these nationally televised events.

Tune in at 7:30 p.m. ET and keep refreshing the Ticker for the very latest on this critical night in the health care debate.

Done for tonight. For individual analysis follow @EdHenryCNN, @CrowleyCNN, @SamFeistCNN, @PrestonCNN, @sinderbrandrCNN, @hambypCNN, @KuhnCNN
CNN Poll on Obama plan: pre-speech 53% favor/36 speech 67 favor/29 oppose.
CNN Poll: 72% of speech watchers said Obama "Clearly stated his health care goals"
Poll results coming in now. Stand by.
RT @PrestonCNN: I'm unable to access Rep. Wilson's House Web site. But here is his bio:
RT @KuhnCNN: Joe Wilson is now the top trending topic on Twitter. (from CNN's Jeff Simon)
RT @PrestonCNN: Tonight was supposed to be about President Obama, but Joe Wilson and Ted Kennedy stole the show.
RT @PoliticalTicker: "CNN confirms: Rep. Wilson the congressional heckler" –
RT @PoliticalTicker: "Picture of the night: Joe Wilson's outburst -
GOP Rep. Dave Camp on lie outburst: "I don't advise that, I think it's important to listen as respectfully as possible."
Sen. John McCain told Larry King that Wilson's shout "totally disrespectful. He should apologize immediately."
RT @PrestonCNN: Rep. Camp, senior Republican on Ways & Means, tells CNN that Obama's speech was "well delivered" but "overtly political."
GOP Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted “You lie!” at President Obama, CNN confirms.
RT @hambypCNN: DNC chair Tim Kaine: Obama gave "a stirring and passionate address" ... "We hope Republicans will join us."
We got numbers: CNN poll guru Keating Holland on hand for instant poll on how speech played, results within the hour...
The Kennedy Letter.@PoliticalTicker Kennedy to Obama: “There will be struggles on health care reform"
RT The president's speech ends, but we'll be on after the Republican response from Rep. Charles Boustany
WH releases text of Ted Kennedy letter Obama mentioned: 'I wanted to write a few final words to you...'
RT @KuhnCNN: Picture from CNN Radio studio with @PrestonCNN, who is doing post-speech analysis:
RT @PoliticalTicker: "Obama ready to move on tort reform" –
Spokesman says GOP Members did bring copies of Republican bills to the floor w/ them tonight to show that they do have healthcare proposals.

RT @EdHenryCNN: Vicki Kennedy is in chamber and grew quite emotional beside Mrs. Obama during this moment
RT @EdHenryCNN: President reveals that Ted Kennedy had a letter delivered to the President upon his death...
RT @PoliticalTicker: "Obama: Health-care reform will not increase deficit" –
OBAMA: "I will not waste time with those who have made the calculation that it’s better politics to kill this plan than improve it."
RT @PoliticalTicker: "Obama defends public option, but says he's open to alternatives" –
RT @sinderbrandrCNN: doublechecking tape here at CNN to confirm ID of "you lie" heckler...
RT @PrestonCNN: President must win over middle age/older Americans. A CNN Poll shows that a majority of Americans over 35 oppose his plan.
Is he tweeting? RT @hambypCNN: Eric Cantor on blackberry during speech
RT @PoliticalTicker: "Obama calls for mandatory health insurance for all Americans" –
@sinderbrandrCNN: Pelosi kind of looked like she was ready to get up to deal with the heckler herself...
RT @sinderbrandrCNN: Big grin from McCain, stands and applauds the Obama shout -out
RT @PrestonCNN: What happens next? We should know more in the morning when Pelosi & GOP Leader Boehner hold back-to-back news conferences.
RT @hambypCNN: Pelosi glances down at Hillary when Obama mentions policy differences with Democratic primary opponents
RT @PoliticalTicker: "Obama: Nation is at 'a breaking point' over health care" –
Some house Republicans aren't even faking it - barely clapping or not even trying. – Dana Bash
RT@hambpCNN Three (3) mentions of Ted Kennedy in tonight's speech.
RT @PrestonCNN: A big smile from Michigan Rep. John Dingell when Obama mentioned his father.
RT @EdHenryCNN: WH just posted first Obama "plan"
RT @SamFeistCNN: The President was introduced at 8:11pm. Exactly 10 mintues late.
Before hearing the speech, GOP Sen. Lamar Alexander issues reaction statement: “We should listen to the American people and start over.”
HHS secretaty Kathleen Sebelius chatting up Olympia Snowe, the WH best hope for a GOP vote. Intense convo – Dana Bash
@SamFeistCNN:Finally spotted along the aisle: Rep. Eliot Engel. Will he get his traditional presidential handshake?
White House plan just posted to website ...
RT @petehoekstra: Handing out laminated talking points produced by the White House is tacky. This is serious business.
RT @McCainBlogette: I am waiting for the President to address congress, um are hilary clinton and nancy pelosi wearing the same suit?!?
RT @hambypCNN: Peter Orszag loves the red tie. Always red.
RT @SamFeistCNN: From the CNN Control Room: President is standing in the doorway of the holding room. Definitely running late.
RT @clairecmc: No tweeting during President's speech. Don't want my mom to holler at me about bad
RT @EdHenryCNN: key is President wants to move from rhetoric to reality of counting votes, trying to lobby key fence-sitters
RT @sinderbrandrCNN: Ed Henry reporting the president will start working fence-sitting centrist Senate Dems tomorrow at a WH sitdown...
GOP aide complains Members didn't get speech text ahead of time – instead they got pocket cards with talking points from White House -Deidre Walsh
Pelosi changed her outfit from grey pant suit worn at 9/11 remembrance earlier today to bright red suit for tonight's speech-Deirdre Walsh
RT @HambyPCNN: He is back! RT @BobNey: I am in the u.s. Capitol – there is quite a bit of excitement awaiting the arrival of President Obama
Biden, Reid, McConnell lead senators to House chamber – Ted Barett
Frustrated Capitol reporters don’t know where to go to get post-speech react. Speaker’s office banned news cameras near chamber- Ted Barrett
Vicki Kennedy in front row balcony, wearing blue and looking (understandably) somber – Dana Bash
RT @EdHenryCNN: that means President will be leaving White House shortly - game on
RT @EdHenryCNN: The WH press office just called reporters in traveling pool to show up & get ready for the motorcade taking Pres to Cap Hill
RT @EdHenryCNN: parked near the White House – i'm guessing this guy won't be persuaded by tonite's speech
RT @PrestonCNN: Joining CNN Radio at 8 p.m. ET for Obama’s speech. Tune into your local CNN Radio affil. or listen here:
RT @crowleyCNN: talked to 2 smart hill sources (Dem & GOP) on chances of bipartisan bill. got bi-partisan response. on scale of 1-10? a 3.
RT @crowleyCNN: lots of kennedys (children/grandchildren) in the "Speaker's Box" (where President's usually put their wives) tonight.
White House just released speech excerpts.
"Obama: 'If you misrepresent what's in the plan, we will call you out'" –

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