September 26th, 2009
06:25 PM ET
13 years ago

Minnesota's Pawlenty defends national politicking

MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan (CNN) – Minnesota's Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty - widely rumored to be considering a run for the presidency in 2012, and who's been making the rounds on the cable news shows and various states' political events in recent months - defended his nationwide appearances Saturday and said that he plans to continue.

"The point is, I have the time and the energy and the ability to make some time to speak out to issues that I think are important to my state and to the country," Pawlenty said at the biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan. He added that since this particular event fell on a Saturday he likely "wouldn't be doing the state's business today back in Minnesota" anyway.

The Democratic National Committee has set up a Web page devoted to "calling out" Pawlenty on what the DNC calls his healthcare reform "lies." The DNC even posted Pawlenty's main office phone number and encouraged visitors of the site to call and ask the governor to stop "lying" and "playing politics."

Pawlenty chalked it up to mere "politics," saying simply, "It's what they do."

In a brief interview with CNN, Pawlenty said that he would "eventually" be in Iowa - traditionally the first caucus state - for political events, but also stated that it would likely be in his role as vice chair of the Republican Governors' Association "as opposed to anything else."

Pawlenty also had a few words for President Barack Obama on the health care debate.

"President Obama said in his joint session of Congress he's going to call people out," Pawlenty said. "So we want to call him out back and say, 'Quit bankrupting the country. Stop spending money we don't have. Stop taxing us into oblivion.' "

He finished by saying to the president, "The next time you have a chance to talk to young people, maybe you should apologize for the bucketloads of debt that he's dumping on to their heads and shoulders."

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  1. Marv

    mr.pawlenty you are just like the other liers and racist in the rep party. You asked someone in your administration to investigate acorn . It was discovered you dont fund any acorn programs how stupid can you be.Typical rep idiot.

    September 26, 2009 08:00 pm at 8:00 pm |
  2. Gary, Hunt Valley, Md.

    Oh Goodness, another reference to Ronald Reagan, the only thing that the intellectually bankrupt Repub party can hold on to. Go ahead, doom and gloom all you want guys, hope for the president (and the country) to fail. Ignore the ruinous eight years of Bush as if history just began. In the meantime, you have no positive ideas or viable candidates, unless you think a governor-turned-quitter qualifies. And as the economy recovers and Obama begins to surge, you will turn to the West and pray to the god of Reagan for advice. Psst. He can't help you.

    September 26, 2009 08:06 pm at 8:06 pm |
  3. Jay

    Another Republican idiot who has nothing constructive to say to help the MAJORITY of the people in this country or to solve the problems we face. The problems created by, he conveniently forgets to always mention, the previous occupier of the White House. Pawlenty you are part of a loud minority. Your only goal is to make sure Obama fails. Not that you want to bring solutions or better this country for its citizens. Contemporary Republican imbecile. I hope Obama trounces you in 2012.

    September 26, 2009 08:12 pm at 8:12 pm |
  4. Jay

    And, if I may add, you can distinguish yourself from the rest of your Republican brethren by saying something that makes sense and because it is different. Not the same talking point baloney you and the rest of the junk from your party already running for 2012. If not, what's different between you and Palin, Romney, et idiots...

    September 26, 2009 08:17 pm at 8:17 pm |
  5. RNC = DNC = politics as usual

    Obama wrote books and toured the country in preparation for his presidential run. Why not this guy?

    September 26, 2009 08:17 pm at 8:17 pm |
  6. ja

    it ought be tough times for a so-called politicians(gatekeepers), all were complicit , sat with their heads in the sand while this mess happened, two wars, financial industry failure, the fuss over health care is a no brainer , each legislature work a few years compared to the average, and is vested with pensions out of this world, where are the patriotism or true christian folk, we feed and care for others in far away lands, and shun our own sick and need, don;t mention the corporate welfare, America

    September 26, 2009 08:20 pm at 8:20 pm |
  7. Dan, Louisiana

    Speak of your achievements(none if you ask Minnesota residents) in Minnesota first before you go and Florida Gov. Christ. Your states are not particularly blossoming and you giys are not Top-10 best governors out there.

    So shut ur trap you glenn beck wannabes and go back to your primary job which is geting your states out of the mess that Bush put us all in.


    September 26, 2009 08:23 pm at 8:23 pm |
  8. Bill in VT

    I like Obama and everything, but it seems like ever since he started talking about curbing nuclear proliferation, nuclear proliferation is getting worse! Am I missing something here???

    September 26, 2009 08:25 pm at 8:25 pm |
  9. terry, va

    For all the young people that voted for Obama because you thought he was cool or it was the in thing to do; how's that working out for your taxed up to the neck future? Oh, wait most of you will never get a job and carry your own weight in society. Ask not what you can do for your country, ask what your country can do for you. You bunch of welfare state sorry kids!!!

    September 26, 2009 08:35 pm at 8:35 pm |
  10. Tom

    Another blow-dried Republican without a single good idea who is out for himself and nobody else. Put a sock in it, Timmy!

    September 26, 2009 08:36 pm at 8:36 pm |
  11. Rita OHIO

    Who's governing the state of MN? Are the rest of the state representatives out spending the stimulous money?

    September 26, 2009 08:55 pm at 8:55 pm |
  12. Dewey from Minnesota

    Gov. Pawlenty is all B.S. and no action. The governor almost lost his last election running against a nobody and knows he would lose if he ran again. Thanks to him the funds in Minnesota has gone from a surplus to a deficit. He has cut school funding forcing all the schools to drop classes and teachers. He cut funding for road repair and bridges to the point that one major bridge in his own city fell down and people were killed and injured including a bus loaded with school children. Just the man you would want running America!!! Thanks to this Governor we have seen local property and sales taxes soar.

    September 26, 2009 09:02 pm at 9:02 pm |
  13. Buddy Gilmour

    Pawlenty is Romney without the religious baggage and not as smooth but just as cynical. He's probably the best the GOP can come up with in that he's not mentally deficient, is centrist enough to appeal to moderates, and would be accepted by the "base", especially if he selects Huckabee as VP 😉 So here's my prediction: Pawlenty-Huckabee for the GOP in 2012.

    September 26, 2009 09:09 pm at 9:09 pm |
  14. fed up in Mn.

    Go ahead and run Pawlenty. I can just see the oppositions ads already. Vote for Pawlenty and watch America collapse like his bridges.

    September 26, 2009 09:09 pm at 9:09 pm |
  15. Mario, mtl, ca.

    One more wingnut

    September 26, 2009 09:11 pm at 9:11 pm |
  16. don

    no ideals to move america forward from the gop and the poor-pawl without teeth, only criticism.what are your ideas? stop bashing and bring out solutions.

    September 26, 2009 09:12 pm at 9:12 pm |
  17. maf

    Keep talking Mr. Pawlenty. The same old hypocritical rhetoric, it is really getting tired. The economy won't just magically turn around in 8 months, the jobless rate won't magically turn around in 8 months. The new policies are starting to lead to positive change. To all you Republican politicians, what about the trillions of dollars of debt your GOP government rang up with an illegal war? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

    So, keep talking you Republicans. The majority who voted you out of office will continue to vote you out in 2010 and 2012 and true CHANGE will be happening! You will have to change the way you go to the polls as the party of NO. Derisive, devisive, obstructionist ways ARE NOT paths to bi-partisanship.

    Pathetically embarrassing.

    September 26, 2009 09:14 pm at 9:14 pm |
  18. thehummelr

    Stop bankrupting the country... Right. Like that drug program passed with no provision as to how it would be financed. Right. Like killing off the middle class and passing all of the money to the already rich. Right. It's too late. The word is on the street that Republicans have only one plan and that is to protect the rich corporate interests who bankroll them for re-election. Watch the helath reform efforts going on in the House/Senate. All Repubs can do is drag their feet. Slow roll progress. Not any more folks.

    September 26, 2009 09:43 pm at 9:43 pm |
  19. ALEX

    Republican Pawlenty is a propaganda tool. I'll never trust a word he says....

    September 26, 2009 09:53 pm at 9:53 pm |
  20. Lisa

    Republican Pawlenty is a propaganda tool.....strongly endorsed by Rush Limbaugh and Karl Rove. Enough said.

    September 26, 2009 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  21. victim of republican greed

    Timmy should apologize for being a no solution liar. But that is what he is good at.

    September 26, 2009 09:54 pm at 9:54 pm |
  22. victim of republican greed

    Pawlenty wants us to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear. The years just before the republicans destroyed the country. I'll bet he can hardly wait to be able to invade a country, set up torture camps, or give the richest a tax break at the expense of the rest of us.

    September 26, 2009 09:58 pm at 9:58 pm |
  23. D. Tree

    America suffered for 8 years under pitiful Republican leadership – anyone who thinks we are just going to give the country back to these Republican losers is seriously mistaken.

    September 26, 2009 09:59 pm at 9:59 pm |
  24. Trang

    I thought Pawlenty was a moderate guy. Had hope in him ... until he statrts sharing some of his outlook. Boy, he just fall in line w/ the rest of the Republicans. Pitiful.

    It's the overwhelming number of young people that voted for Obama. It's the young people's spirit that has the aspiration of the 'can do' spirit. They see the mistake of their elders (stuck in their old ways) and make changes for the better. They are not as divisive because they grow up in a diverse culture. As grim as things are looking now, I do have hope for the future, but we have to work hard at it.

    September 26, 2009 10:03 pm at 10:03 pm |
  25. pat

    Gov, your party gave us a hugh head start on the dumping! The american public remembers.

    September 26, 2009 10:04 pm at 10:04 pm |
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