October 11th, 2009
11:59 AM ET
13 years ago

Feinstein urges Obama to decide soon on Afghan troop levels

WASHINGTON (CNN) - A leading Democrat on Capitol Hill urged President Barack Obama to heed the advice of his top commander in Afghanistan, who is calling for more troops.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Sunday that U.S. troops would be put in "jeopardy" if Obama does not listen to Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

"I don't know how you put somebody in who's as crackerjack as General McChrystal, who gives the president very solid recommendations, and not take those recommendations if you're not going to pull out," the California senator said on ABC's "This Week."

McChrystal is reportedly asking for up to 40,000 extra troops. Some reports say there is an option on the table to send 60,000 additional troops, almost doubling the U.S. force now in the country.

"If you don't want to take the recommendations, then you ... put your people in such jeopardy, just like the base in Nuristan," Feinstein said.

She was referring to the October 3 attack that pinned down U.S. forces at a remote base in Afghanistan's Nuristan province. The United States says about 200 insurgents had been planning the attack for days.

"We lost eight of our men," Feinstein said, of the Nuristan attack. "We didn't have the ability to defend them, and now the base is closing, and effectively we're - we're retreating away from it."

Feinstein was one of many members of Congress who sat down and discussed the situation in Afghanistan with Obama last week. Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," she called on Obama to make a decision "sooner, rather than later." That's a turnaround from her position two weeks ago when she expressed support for Obama's wait-and-see approach on Afghanistan.

"I think the president is correct to take his time, to really examine what the alternatives are at this time," she said on "Fox News Sunday on September 27."

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  1. ART

    I think it is full time for the Progressives to take on Diane Feinstein. She and her husband are big timers in the pocket of the Military Industrial complex. She covers for Cheney and his illegal laws, the CIA, for HRC and and for the healthcare lobby. Diane Feinstein has no interest about American Troops. I am an offricer in the US Army in Iraq and I know my Soldiers and peers and we all would prefer to be home on American Soil. These war profiteers like Feinstein, Graham, McCain, Leibermann and others will have their day soon. The awakening of a great conscious is upon us and the truth has no fury!


    October 11, 2009 05:04 pm at 5:04 pm |
  2. johnnyj

    I do hope our troops get the support they need before theyre all gone.... God bless them all..

    October 11, 2009 06:18 pm at 6:18 pm |
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