October 21st, 2009
07:52 PM ET
13 years ago

George W. Bush wants to help people 'Get Motivated!'

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2009/images/10/21/art.gwbush.gi.jpg caption="George W. Bush wants to help people 'Get Motivated!'."]
WASHINGTON (CNN) - Former President George W. Bush has a new speaking gig.

Bush will be featured as the "special guest speaker" at an October 26 "Get Motivated!" business seminar in Fort Worth, Texas, according to an announcement on the organization's Web site.

Tamara Lowe, the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Get Motivated Seminars, Inc., said in a phone interview that the former president will appear live and in person at the upcoming event. Lowe estimated that Bush will speak for roughly 20 minutes. Lowe also said that the company has all the necessary safety precautions in place to host a former president.

Bush's former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani are set to join Bush at the October 26 event.

The former president is also scheduled to participate in another "Get Motivated!" seminar in San Antonio, Texas on December 2, according to the company's Web site.

"For a limited time only," the Web site says, tickets are available to the October and December events for $4.95 per person or $19 for a group.

CNN is awaiting confirmation from a representative of the former president about the scheduled appearances at the seminars.

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  1. Jayden,FL

    HAHA this must be a Joke right? this idiot had 8 years to motivate people!

    October 21, 2009 08:16 pm at 8:16 pm |
  2. Fitz in Texas

    Wouldn't put President Bush on the list of top ten Presidents this country has had, but I'll say one thing for sure......Bush sure was better then what we have now.

    October 21, 2009 08:17 pm at 8:17 pm |
  3. Seattle Sue

    I might pay .50 cents to listen to Powell but I would not pay a dime to listen to Bush or Giuliani.

    October 21, 2009 08:21 pm at 8:21 pm |
  4. Tammy

    George, just go away. You did more than enough!

    October 21, 2009 08:23 pm at 8:23 pm |
  5. brian

    this is embarrassing for all Americans...

    October 21, 2009 08:27 pm at 8:27 pm |
  6. kdubba

    I'm motivated not to go

    October 21, 2009 08:27 pm at 8:27 pm |
  7. Michael Franks

    I am motivated- for Bush is out of the White House.

    October 21, 2009 08:28 pm at 8:28 pm |
  8. Houston Mom

    Can he even spell "motivated"? I doubt it.

    October 21, 2009 08:28 pm at 8:28 pm |
  9. Bhagyan

    They will have to give me money to watch this guy speak.

    October 21, 2009 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
  10. Eddie Smith

    These events, the integrity I've seen in this company over the years, and the seminar presentation by Tamara Lowe is stellar. And I, for one, will enjoy hearing from G.W. Bush. He, like his father before him, certainly knows how to handle criticism with grace.

    October 21, 2009 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
  11. Anonymous

    haven't you done enough???!!!!

    just go away!!!

    October 21, 2009 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
  12. Chas

    Let me get this – George Bush to motivate people? You must be kidding!

    October 21, 2009 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
  13. fella from chicago

    Mr. President, please invite Obama. Lord knows he needs some kind of motivation to get something accomplished. This administration is a total failure and disaster for both the far left and right.

    October 21, 2009 08:30 pm at 8:30 pm |
  14. sam

    Why doesn't he get motivated and admit that he and his crooked pals almost destroyed America? Come on, dummy, be a man for once in your pathetic life.

    October 21, 2009 08:33 pm at 8:33 pm |
  15. Santa Fean

    Well he did motivate me to vote for President Obama!

    October 21, 2009 08:34 pm at 8:34 pm |
  16. Ronald Schwartz

    My family will always consider him one of the best pres. ever.A far cry more then we have now

    October 21, 2009 08:34 pm at 8:34 pm |
  17. On the other hand...

    I wish the current administration would get motivated and try and solve some problems without just throwing the checkbook at them.

    October 21, 2009 08:35 pm at 8:35 pm |

    America wants you back Mr President. Outside of the brainless leftist fanatics Americans now realize how much they miss you. They miss your strong leadership, your love of this country, and guts to fight and defeat our enemies. Obama is the opposite of you in all those areas. As a retired Marine who faught under your command, i am glad to not be serving anymore.

    October 21, 2009 08:35 pm at 8:35 pm |
  19. nate

    I guess $4.95 is a fair price for the most unpopular president in American history.

    October 21, 2009 08:36 pm at 8:36 pm |
  20. Minnesotan

    I read that he was visiting Canada and they were non too happy to see him. The comments I read on their news pages suggested that a majority of them would prefer he either stay home or be put on trial for war crimes. I couldn't agree more.

    October 21, 2009 08:37 pm at 8:37 pm |
  21. Johnny

    That's cool. Everyone needs a job.

    October 21, 2009 08:39 pm at 8:39 pm |
  22. Pragmatic

    Does that mean that people who have a t-shirt or bumper sticker that disagrees with the former President will be allowed to attend?

    Bush said he was going to be on the speaking circuit to "replenish the ol' coffers ..." looks like he's on his way ...

    October 21, 2009 08:41 pm at 8:41 pm |
  23. Dylan from MN

    Oh my God, he's telling the American people to get motivated! That's Socialism!

    October 21, 2009 08:42 pm at 8:42 pm |
  24. MARK

    What a coup for the seminar group. Former President Bush will do a great job of speaking and motivating the crowd.

    October 21, 2009 08:43 pm at 8:43 pm |
  25. Billy-Bob-Earl-Darrel-Darryl 12 Pak_Capt. James T. Kirk in a Pink TuTu

    What he ought to be doing is shoveling out the stalls at the local horse farm. That is what he is qualified for.

    October 21, 2009 08:44 pm at 8:44 pm |
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