November 13th, 2009
08:49 PM ET
12 years ago

Tea Party organizer vows to burn Pelosi and Perriello in effigy

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Pelosi will be burned in effigy at a Tea Party rally in Virginia next week, the event's organizer told CNN."]WASHINGTON (CNN) - The organizer of a "Tea Party" protest in Virginia says he intends to move forward with plans to burn House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Tom Perriello in effigy next weekend at a rally to protest Democratic health care legislation.

The event is scheduled for next Saturday in Danville, which borders North Carolina and sits at the southern end of Perriello's congressional district. Perriello, a Democrat, narrowly won his House seat in 2008 and is considered a top target of Congressional Republicans in next year's midterm elections.

When news of the rally surfaced Friday, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chris Van Hollen condemned the plans as "shocking and despicable."

But Nigel Coleman, the organizer of the Tea Party, told CNN he doesn't see what all the fuss is about. The attention, he said, should be on the Democratic plans to overhaul the health care system.

"We're not going to actually set Perriello on fire or Mrs. Pelosi on fire," Coleman said. "But we have been trying to months to get our point across just how vehemently we are opposed to this health care legislation. For the House vote to come so close and to know that Mr. Perriello is on the other side, it's a kick in the stomach that a lot of people couldn't take."

Coleman said none of Perriello's potential Republican challengers have been invited to the event, which he expects will draw about 100 people.

"Something shocking and despicable is how they've handled this health care legislation," Coleman said, responding to Van Hollen's statement. "Going behind closed doors, writing a bill that is going to fundamentally change what America is. More people are going to be killed by this health care legislation than this bonfire."

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  1. Edwin

    Pretty scary. The Tea Party's tactics have been escalating slowly for some time. I wonder how long until they advocate rebellion?

    November 13, 2009 11:08 pm at 11:08 pm |
  2. Hopeful in America

    This is not the new face of the Republican Party. This is just what they look like once they take off the sheets.

    November 13, 2009 11:08 pm at 11:08 pm |
  3. JohnD

    Are they going to wear white robes and peaked hats? Pushing things back a 100 years instead of moving forward .... brilliant political move!!!

    November 13, 2009 11:09 pm at 11:09 pm |
  4. Gary's worried

    Nancy doesn't listen to the people. She pushes through bad legislation on stimulus, cap and tax and healthcare. If she is going to be political and partisan she has to expect a backlash from the people. Why can't she find some balanced position that would be attractive to most people on both sides of the isle? Too extreme. Too fake.....too mean. Go home Nancy, Go home!

    November 13, 2009 11:09 pm at 11:09 pm |
  5. Defining childishness

    The mark of true "losers"

    show your kids, point them out, these are the foolish, the ignorant.

    Tell your Children " look at these men and women, this is how losers act, how the undignified in America show there ignorance"

    November 13, 2009 11:09 pm at 11:09 pm |
  6. Garrett, Spokane WA

    Then burn the freaking Health Care bill, you morons! Don't resort to that kind of symbolism. Good grief...what message are you trying to send? You are delegitimizing your message with this kind of garbage.

    I believe in lower taxes, smaller government, cutting spending, etc. In essence, I believe in many of the things the tea party-goers believe in, but I just hate this kind of stuff.

    Make legitimate arguments. Go after the policies of Pelosi with all your might, but don't make Pelosi a part of it. Leave the disgraceful pictures of Obama home. Leave the concentration camp photos out of it. Make it about the policies and don't give the media an opportunity to focus solely on your ridiculous burning of Pelosi effigy, which as you can see, is happening right in front of you!

    November 13, 2009 11:10 pm at 11:10 pm |
  7. Hate Republicans

    disgusting people these "tea partiers" are

    Just disgusting Republicans who have destroyed America when they voted for Bush and Reagan and now they will blame anyone but themselves

    Oh how I hate them, words can't describe how much I hate these people, I wish the worst things imaginable on them, they deserve to suffer for making America suffer because of their greed and racism

    Oh how I hate them

    November 13, 2009 11:11 pm at 11:11 pm |
  8. John Green

    They extoll hate. They embody hate and they promote hate.

    Health Care Corporations, Drug companies and the like are in the business to make money off of the pain and sickness of humanity, not to cure it.

    November 13, 2009 11:11 pm at 11:11 pm |
  9. Peoples Voice

    The village idiot finds a torch.

    These people are becoming a true hazard to our country.

    November 13, 2009 11:13 pm at 11:13 pm |
  10. Pam V

    Until the lawmakers have to live under the same health care rules as the rest of us, they will not have OUR best interests at heart.

    November 13, 2009 11:13 pm at 11:13 pm |
  11. Tanbiker2

    Awww, gee. Couldn't they just burn Sarah Palin, America's queen of trailer trash values and death panels, in person instead of a mere efficgy of House Speaker Pelosi?

    After all, Pelosi has done a lot more with her life and career than Sarah ever has or ever will.

    November 13, 2009 11:14 pm at 11:14 pm |
  12. MM

    Hey, this is a free country and people are free to demonstrate. However, isn't this a little "low-brow" for Americans to do to one of your own, even if you are upset with Speaker Pelosi? This is what we see going on in the Middle East and other countries by all the extremist, anit-American protesters trying to get on CNN.

    November 13, 2009 11:14 pm at 11:14 pm |
  13. Houston Mom

    Wow talk about anti-American, treacherous, unpatriotic behaivor. For all you employers out there who have Tea Baggers amongst your ranks this is the kind of people you employ. As an HR Director for a major corporation I am going start targeting them and setting them up for termination. I do not want them anywhere near my workforce.

    November 13, 2009 11:14 pm at 11:14 pm |
  14. Steve

    Our forefathers would have tarred and feathered her. She is getting off light.

    November 13, 2009 11:15 pm at 11:15 pm |
  15. mylastnerve

    how unamerican

    November 13, 2009 11:17 pm at 11:17 pm |
  16. Danpalmdesert

    These teabaggers are acting like third world wierdos. Trying to push their agendas.
    When will the Republicans denounce them for what they are. A bunch of paid dupes of lobbyists.
    Pretty soon they will be banging on congressional doors like they did down in Florida for the recount.
    DeLay doesn't appear to be involved this time, maybe Dick Armey, he's never against protesting if his lobby firm is going to make a buck.
    Only great nation without health care, what a legacy for the Republicans. They're good at politics - bad for the nation.

    November 13, 2009 11:19 pm at 11:19 pm |
  17. Rob in NC

    Why don't you just throw a few books on the fire? Maybe written by anyone that opposes your view. That's what you want. You cry and cry when nobody listens to you, but don't let anyone give an opposing viewpoint that may dispute your claim to being the high and mighty expert you are.

    Let me ask any Tea Party person a question.

    The last 8 years most regulations have been removed from the market. The President (GWB) put in a massive tax cut that helped the highest earners. This was supposed to take controls off the market, and let money trickle down from those people and corporations with the most money. It was supposed to make the economy grow. Instead we have the worse crisis since the great depression. The Tea Party platform essentially asks for the same thing, lower taxes and no government interference in the market.

    Based on that statement here is the question (s): What is wrong with you people? Did you not learn anything? Why would you want to institute the same failed policies that got us here?

    Go spend some time with these "freeloaders" you people love to harp on. It's amazing how quick a hard working persons life can change because of something out of their control. Something like an illness, or a natural disaster. People die everyday due to lack of healthcare, it's time someone did something about it. You people are not helping this country, you are destroying it.

    November 13, 2009 11:21 pm at 11:21 pm |

    How horrible!!! Sounds like the KKK is rising again. The whole point of the health care legislation is to help people get insurance coverage instead of dying like they are today. He is is big liar.

    November 13, 2009 11:25 pm at 11:25 pm |
  19. Alpha Male

    Why don't these people move to Iran or Iraq so they can be with the America haters they so emulate?

    I find it hysterical that these people are protesting Health Care Reform. Haven't any of them been to a doctor recently? Had surgery? Any of them have cancer or need an MRI?

    Probably not, which is why they are protesting against health care reform.

    When they get sick and need serious care, perhaps they will go bankrupt and begin to understand the need for reform.

    But wait – the legislation will prevent people from having to go bankrupt to pay medical bills.

    November 13, 2009 11:25 pm at 11:25 pm |
  20. PAUL W

    Wow, these are just awful, awful people. And you know they'd be the first to cry fowl if that were to be done to a GOP congress person/senator.

    November 13, 2009 11:27 pm at 11:27 pm |
  21. Carmen

    These people are complete idiots. Please do more of this, teabaggers, because the more radical and stupid they show themselves to be the more Americans will realize what garbage their "movement" is.

    November 13, 2009 11:28 pm at 11:28 pm |
  22. Richard L

    "shocking and despicable"

    Summarizes the Tea Party's total lack of respect for democratic processes. They are an embarassment to our nation and clueless about what the Constitution intended for our method of government.

    November 13, 2009 11:29 pm at 11:29 pm |
  23. normajean

    The "Tea Party crowd" and the Repubs behind it are just adding to the idiosy of their actions. They're like a bunch of children,lying on the ground and kicking their feet while screaming at not getting their way. To hang anyone in effigy is the added childishness that accomplishes nothing. If they really want to make a statement, why don't they insist that their party leaders get their heads together and do something about a much needed health plan?. Your leaders say that reform is not needed, why change what you already have? There are millions of people,many children in our country with no health care at all. You probably know some if you bother to think about it.How would you feel if a family member was rushed to a hospital without any insurance and they were too crowded to help? Your turn will come.

    November 13, 2009 11:32 pm at 11:32 pm |
  24. ABM

    What a great country we live in. Total insanity has taken over common sense and civilized behavior. Being an American – I am ashamed to see this schoolyard behavior. It is well past time to grow up people. What is so wrong with Healthcare Reform with a public option? I see no valid reason to oppose it and no valid or sane reason to allow such behavior in this country.

    If you don't like healthcare reform move to another country – oh wait – they all have better healthcare systems than the US and guess what is government run. Get on board.

    Being a registered Republican I will make sure I vote against any Republican who supports such behavior and any Conservative I see on the ballot from now on. Time to get them out of here.

    November 13, 2009 11:32 pm at 11:32 pm |
  25. TC

    Maybe the party goers ought to burn their Medicare cards, their parents Medicare cards and their grandparents Medicare cards and start paying insurance premiums for themselves and their family members. They shouldn’t depend on socialized government healthcare to take care of them. It’s easy to party when you are already insured, but what are they going to do when their company can’t afford it anymore or they run out of money and the healthcare system hasn’t been addressed? How many companies will be able to continue covering their workers when the premiums reach $30,000.00 a year in the not so far future? The tea partiers can party-on while they empty their savings accounts and lose their homes in an effort to stay insured down the road. Then after the money is gone, maybe they will know what it is like to be uninsured and and trying to make a living.

    November 13, 2009 11:32 pm at 11:32 pm |
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