November 27th, 2009
11:30 AM ET
13 years ago

White House crashers named in 16 civil suits

Washington (CNN) - The Virginia couple accused of crashing President Obama's first White House state dinner on Tuesday are named in at least 16 different civil suits in Fauquier County, sometimes as plaintiffs, sometimes as defendants.

A trawl through court records on Thursday revealed a more complete picture of Tareq and Michaele Salahi, who have left an extensive paper trail in federal bankruptcy and state court filings.

The couple was spotted rubbing elbows with the likes of Vice President Joe Biden and Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel at Tuesday's dinner, but the Secret Service says they were not invited.

A Secret Service checkpoint "did not follow proper procedures" to determine if the two were on the guest list, said Edwin M. Donovan, a Secret Service special agent, in a statement.

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  1. Obama world

    Expat American: What does "slack jaw" mean, that one is just not in my dictionary.

    November 27, 2009 03:51 pm at 3:51 pm |
  2. sheila domaine

    they have been charged....

    November 27, 2009 04:00 pm at 4:00 pm |
  3. Fed up Monority

    Obama World
    The little bit of money coming out of your check.......isn't paying for anyone.....Everyone pays taxes...I don't care if its out of ones check.....or the products people are accusing the wrong people of taking your money......Its usually the people who have plenty of money

    November 27, 2009 04:18 pm at 4:18 pm |
  4. EJ

    Yet another person who has decided it was worth the risk to pull a reckless stunt in order to get on a reality show.

    And of course, like the last incident, once again we see that citizens of the highest caliber are being drawn to reality tv. Please, let's get back to good tv instead of this reality crap.

    November 27, 2009 04:32 pm at 4:32 pm |
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