December 7th, 2009
04:24 PM ET
8 years ago

New fight in gay marriage battle

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="A bill that could legalize same-sex marriage comes up for debate in a New Jersey Senate committee Monday."]
(CNN) - The battle over gay marriage moves to New Jersey Monday.

A bill that would legalize same-sex marriages comes up for debate in the state's Senate Judiciary Committee. If the legislation passes through the panel, it could be voted on by the full state Senate by the end of the week. The state Assembly hasn't considered the bill yet.

The timing is important since Republican Gov.-elect Chris Christie, who takes office next month, says he would veto the bill. The man Christie beat in last month's election, out-going Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine, says he would sign the bill if it reaches his desk before he leaves office.

Last week, New York's state Senate defeated a bill that would legalize same-sex marriages. The legislation had already passed the state Assembly. New York Gov. David Paterson said he would have immediately signed the bill if it had made it to his office.

Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Iowa are currently the only states that legally allow same-sex marriages. Earlier this year, lawmakers in Maine approved legalized gay marriages. But voters in Maine last month passed a referendum to overturn the new law. A vote last week by the District of Columbia's city council moved Washington, D.C. one step closer to legalizing same sex marriages.

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  1. Liz

    Denying gay people the opportunity to marry the person they were meant to be with makes a mockery of everything this country stands for. We either have 'liberty and justice for ALL' or we don't. We either believe all men were created equal and that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among them are life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness' or we don't. We either have equal protection under the law for all citizens or we don't. It's time to move beyond the last socially acceptable bigotry and truly live up to what we claim this country is about.

    December 7, 2009 10:41 am at 10:41 am |
  2. Hendrik

    I cannot believe we still live in the stone ages. If people of the same sex want to marry, let them. Leave them alone. If this lifestyle does not float your boat, fine but don't throw your creepy morals in the game.
    I used to be a regular church goer but these religious creeps have changed my perspective. Preach love and all they emit is hate. In this regard the Christians are not different from the Muslims. Organized religion sucks.

    December 7, 2009 10:43 am at 10:43 am |
  3. Jon

    I have seriously never understood the Republican's mantra of "Keep Government Out of People's Lives... unless of course two persons of the same sex want to get married." I mean, come on, how does gay marriage affect straight people at all??? What, you may see a gay couple buying groceries (gasp!).

    And if someone really thinks that allowing gay marriage will lead to people marrying goats, or brooms, or bananas, then why not just make the definition of marriage as "between two homo sapiens"?

    December 7, 2009 10:44 am at 10:44 am |
  4. Dutch/Bad Newz, VA

    Thank you my fellow NY'ers for voting No on this. People tend to forget what the cause of destruction of Sodom & Gamorrah was for.

    December 7, 2009 10:55 am at 10:55 am |
  5. ThinkAgain

    I hope the bill passes. I have many gay friends and family in long-term, committed relationship who would greatly benefit from the rights that would be granted if they could legally marry.

    December 7, 2009 11:07 am at 11:07 am |
  6. As long as President Obama......

    is against gay marriage, gays have no chance............the question is:

    Why would Obama, who is a part of a minority, deny marriage rights to another minority?

    The truth is Obama is much closer to Bush than you think....he's promoting the Afghan war and he refuses to back gay marriage....
    is this the change you voted for?????

    December 7, 2009 11:08 am at 11:08 am |
  7. RH

    This sort of legislation is irrelevant. No relationship between two people of the same sex will ever constitute a marriage. Government can play all the silly semantic games it likes to try to appease this particular minority, but it won't change anything. Maybe the gay lobby will succeed, and, if so, most people will nod along, but only in the way I nod along when my nephew claims he is Spider Man.

    December 7, 2009 11:09 am at 11:09 am |
  8. Dominican mama 4 Obama

    Let my gay brothers and sisters legalize their unions and obtain the same benefits that married couples enjoy. And may their divorce rate not be anywhere near as high as that of heterosexuals.

    December 7, 2009 11:26 am at 11:26 am |
  9. Marc

    Am I a gay person?
    Am I someone who agrees with the legal concept of 2nd class citizens?

    December 7, 2009 11:27 am at 11:27 am |
  10. jc

    How about purposing a new law, to cancel all marriage rights, unless
    same sex married couples get the same rights.

    December 7, 2009 11:27 am at 11:27 am |
  11. Jefe

    I don't understand...I thought Republicans were supposed to believe in small government and non-interference in private lives. I guess they're not conservative when it comes to whether we allow the personal opinions of certain people to decide the level of freedom enjoyed by others.

    Also – what is the big problem? I'm not gay, and thus, I don't understand how gay marriage affects me. Though I have heard many on the far right allude to the allowing of gay marriage weakening their own marriages. Perhaps it is because so many on the far right are closet homosexuals?

    December 7, 2009 11:37 am at 11:37 am |
  12. JMikey54

    Gay people should have the same rights that the rest of the country have.

    December 7, 2009 11:51 am at 11:51 am |
  13. Bren

    GREAT job Christie!!!!

    That is one of the reasons why YOU were elected, NOT Corzine!!!

    New Jersey voters made it clear when they voted for you--they do NOT want loony left policies put into effect.

    December 7, 2009 11:58 am at 11:58 am |
  14. rita

    This will end up in the hands of the electorate as a referendum and no one expects the land of the mafia to extend gay rights to its gay citizens. If popular culture and stereotypes of New Jersey are true (and I have every reason to believe that they are), this will be voted down by some of the most ignorant people in the world.

    December 7, 2009 12:00 pm at 12:00 pm |
  15. hockeybear

    What's the big deal? Don't like gay marriage? Don't get one. Problem solved. The minute that a majority strips rights from a minority is the day that the Constitution dies. We're almost there. The Constituition and Bill of Rights was designed to protect the minority FROM the majority. RIP, America.

    December 7, 2009 12:01 pm at 12:01 pm |