December 9th, 2009
09:17 AM ET
8 years ago

Palin calls for Obama to boycott climate change conference

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Palin is calling on President Obama to boycott the Copenhagen climate change conference next week."](CNN) –Sarah Palin has taken to the Washington Post op-ed page to urge President Barack Obama to cancel his scheduled appearance at the Copenhagen climate change conference next week.

Referencing private e-mails from climate change scientists at a research facility in Britain that were hacked and published on the Internet late last month, Palin said now is not the time for the President to show his support for the "radical environmental movement."

"Instead of staying home from Copenhagen and sending a message that the United States will not be a party to fraudulent scientific practices, the president has upped the ante, Palin writes. "He plans to fly in at the climax of the conference in hopes of sealing a 'deal.' Whatever deal he gets, it will be no deal for the American people."

Palin added Obama's underlying political objective is to increase pressure on Congress to pass the Democrats "cap and trade" energy proposal that is expected to be debated early next year.

"This is a political move. The last thing America needs is misguided legislation that will raise taxes and cost jobs - particularly when the push for such legislation rests on agenda-driven science," writes Palin. "Without trustworthy science and with so much at stake, Americans should be wary about what comes out of this politicized conference. The president should boycott Copenhagen."

At the vice presidential debate last year, Palin said she was for capping carbon emissions but did not elaborate on how she would do that.

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  1. lila

    She is looking more and more like a neanderthal to me.

    December 9, 2009 09:31 am at 9:31 am |

    CNN, please stop giving this crazy block-headed woman a forum to vocalize her crazy views. All scientific data from across the world confirm that global warmign is real and that man-made activity is a major contibuting factor. The emails she referenced are not fraudulent, unless you have a block-headed brain like Palin.

    December 9, 2009 09:31 am at 9:31 am |
  3. scott from michigan

    How about we boycott CNN for constantly posting not-so-news-worthy articles about a not-so-relevant palin??? She quit her job, couldn't tell you a thing about world events since she doesn't read such news articles and only shows up in towns that are ultra conservative because she can't stand up to the scrunity of those who are relevant.

    December 9, 2009 09:31 am at 9:31 am |
  4. republican communism is worse

    Who wil Sarah throw under the bus today? As far as Sarah as a politician, no matter how hard you try to polish a turd, it is still a turd.

    December 9, 2009 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  5. gary

    Its just god hugging us a little closer. What a nut bar.

    December 9, 2009 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  6. JR

    "Fraudulent science"? Ok, now "The Quitter" is qualifying what is "legitimate" science and what isn't. Like she has any real knowledge or insight... not.

    The only "fraud" I see here is Palin...

    December 9, 2009 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  7. russell

    MSNBC you never see irrelevent stories about Plain on other news weebsites............................only CNN does that , so everyone needs to start going to MSNBC , instead of CNN................

    December 9, 2009 09:32 am at 9:32 am |
  8. Enjoying It

    I love reading all the predictable hatred spewed forth by CNN's liberal readers whenever the word "Palin" appears in an article. It's the only pleasure I have left while our rights are being steamrolled by the dictatorial party in power.

    December 9, 2009 09:33 am at 9:33 am |
  9. republican communism is worse

    Palin is out of her league when she calls for a pizza at Domino's.

    December 9, 2009 09:33 am at 9:33 am |
  10. Donkey Party

    Palin is anti-enviornment regardless of what science says. In her own little feeble mind, she's right and science is wrong. At the very least, considering the dramatic melting of polar ice, wouldn't a rational person still want to err on the side of caution and try to step up efforts to counteract human pollution? But then again, her stance is also easy to understand since Repaublicans hate Americans, they hate America, and only want power so they can continue to piss away all our resources.

    December 9, 2009 09:34 am at 9:34 am |
  11. Tate

    Payback for his nobel piece prize! He does not care about this country he has never had to work and does not understand it. He thinks if you scream racism long enough you get your way, the community agitator way. He just wants to take big momma on a trip with our tax money.

    December 9, 2009 09:34 am at 9:34 am |
  12. Sandra,Atlanta

    Can the media please boycott Sarah? I'm really tired of her and her opinions on everything.

    December 9, 2009 09:35 am at 9:35 am |
  13. NVa Native

    Everytime she opens her mouth out comes utter jibberish and nonsense. Who cares what she "calls for"? Leave her self-righteous ramblings to the tea-baggers and hate radio – please just cover mainstream news.

    December 9, 2009 09:35 am at 9:35 am |
  14. erik

    Such a sweet simple girl...

    December 9, 2009 09:35 am at 9:35 am |
  15. concerned Canadian

    I can't believe how much press Sarah Palin gets. She scares me and many other non Americans.

    December 9, 2009 09:36 am at 9:36 am |
  16. VON BISMARK -Vienna

    She boycotted the Alaskan governor's mansion. So it is but normal that Obama should boycott Copenhagen.

    December 9, 2009 09:36 am at 9:36 am |
  17. RO

    GO away, Sarah!

    December 9, 2009 09:36 am at 9:36 am |
  18. jason S

    really?... oh right... and that whole crazy notion called evolution... climate change??? what climate change??? my cereal bowl is smarter than this woman.

    December 9, 2009 09:36 am at 9:36 am |
  19. Ellid

    It is obvious at this point that the mainstream media, for whatever reason, is positioning Sarah Palin as a serious candidate for the Presidency in 2012. I see no other reason for anyone to pay attention to this poorly educated, inarticulate, liar to receive as much press as she has received since her ticket's deserved trouncing at the polls last November.

    December 9, 2009 09:36 am at 9:36 am |
  20. Neal Page

    Thanks for this common sense Sarah. Thank you for being the voice of reason for many of us. God Bless!

    December 9, 2009 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  21. Kathryn

    Once again showing her total ignorance.

    December 9, 2009 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  22. Willy Brown

    Let Obummer go. That way he can look like a fool again saying "sorry" for America being bad.

    December 9, 2009 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  23. jms

    She in not inteligent enough to be involved in this discussion.

    December 9, 2009 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  24. Quinn the Eskimo

    Having live over 30 years in the north of Scandinavia I have witnessed climate change and some the effects on the nature here in the taiga belt. This is not a question of the radical enivornmental movement, rather a question of the radical stupidity movement of which Sarah Palin has a realistic chance of running and winning the presidency of.

    December 9, 2009 09:37 am at 9:37 am |
  25. Kevin

    Only Palin would be dumb enough to want to boycott a climate change conference when the glaciers in her backyard are melting away. She may be able to see Russia from her house, but she turns a blind eye to the environmental changes around her. Grow up Sarah, your 15 minutes are up, we're all tired of you!

    December 9, 2009 09:38 am at 9:38 am |
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