January 4th, 2010
03:29 PM ET
12 years ago

RGA outraises DGA in 2009

(CNN) - The Democratic and Republican Governor's Associations both said Monday that they had broken their own one-year fundraising records, though the GOP is headed into the New Year with the clear financial advantage.

The DGA raised just over $23.1 million in 2009, the organization announced, and currently holds $17.5 million cash-on-hand. The group says its cash-on-hand figure is nearly 12 times as much as it had during the same period in 2010.

Republicans, meanwhile, raised $30 million in 2009, and begin 2010 with $25 million cash-on-hand. That record-breaking figure comes on the heels of gubernatorial victories for the GOP in Virginia and New Jersey.

The RGA is in a significantly healthier position than it was at this point in 2006, when the organization only had $4 million cash on hand.

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  1. WHAT!

    So what do the Governor's plan to do with the funds?

    January 4, 2010 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  2. Kathy Carpenter

    Call me silly, but your headline looks ridiculous. Clearly the RGA is smacking the DGA around this year. I get the point you were trying to make, but still it looks silly

    January 4, 2010 04:23 pm at 4:23 pm |
  3. C Spurgeon

    Spend your money...Maybe you can go broke like many of us did under the Bush Admin. Hope so anyhow...

    January 4, 2010 04:45 pm at 4:45 pm |
  4. Sniffit

    Just goes to show, GOPers think this way: Don't tax me!!! I need to have more after-tax money to waste on politicians to help me buy my government and promote my conservative, big business, theocratic, anti-Constitutional agenda!!! Yawn.

    How about a breakdown of where the money came from CNN? Maybe a breakdown based on brackets dividing up how many gave in which donation range? Give us something real instead of a blanket statistic. Which party has the most cash only tells us which party's supporters are more motivated to buy control of the country....but if the guy who donates $2,000 and the guy who donates $50 still only get one vote each.

    January 4, 2010 05:05 pm at 5:05 pm |