February 26th, 2010
03:20 PM ET
13 years ago

Paterson announces he will not seek full term

New York (CNN) - New York Gov. David Paterson said Friday that he will not seek election to a full term in office.

"There are times in politics when you have to know not to strive for service but to step back," he said.

He said it was not the "latest distraction but an accumulation" of obstacles that were behind his decision not to be a candidate in the November election.

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  1. Fair is Fair

    The Chicago thug political machine claims another victim.

    Hey Patterson... what's it like under the bus? How's that diesel exhaust smell? Don't let those tires hit you now, ya hear?

    February 26, 2010 03:25 pm at 3:25 pm |
  2. Jayden,FL

    Can't wait to see what SNL will do with this piece! haha

    February 26, 2010 03:39 pm at 3:39 pm |
  3. Objective Thinking

    And the "Party First" Democrats get their way.

    February 26, 2010 03:50 pm at 3:50 pm |
  4. Oh no, please say it ain't so....

    We saw that coming.

    February 26, 2010 04:14 pm at 4:14 pm |
  5. Wake Up

    Racists!! Obama must be a racist for asking him to step down. I bet the girl that got beat by his aide was a racist too!! Sorry, i'm just talking like an Obamabot.

    February 26, 2010 04:45 pm at 4:45 pm |
  6. Pete

    Good for him. Now the media can focus on important stuff!

    February 26, 2010 04:51 pm at 4:51 pm |
  7. b. o. stinks

    didnt see that one coming did you dave
    they tried t be nice about it but you stood your ground and your arrogance was stronger than theirs or so you thought nobody was looking out for you i thought that was pretty obvious

    February 26, 2010 07:43 pm at 7:43 pm |
  8. jules sand-perkins

    I really regret Govenor Paterson's leaving the race.
    He is the only Democrat for whom I would have voted to be the govenor of my state.

    February 26, 2010 08:16 pm at 8:16 pm |