March 11th, 2010
09:13 AM ET
10 years ago

Romney to debut at #1 on New York Times bestseller list

Mitt Romney’s new book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness’ is set to debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list on March 21.

Mitt Romney’s new book ‘No Apology: The Case for American Greatness’ is set to debut at the top of the New York Times bestseller list on March 21.

Washington (CNN) - Add "best-selling author" to Mitt Romney's long and diverse resume.

The former Massachusetts governor's new book, "No Apology: The Case for American Greatness," is set to debut in the top spot on the New York Times bestseller list due out March 21, a source confirmed to CNN.

Romney, a likely frontrunner for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, is in the midst of a nationwide book tour that will feature stops in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in the coming weeks.

He has been greeted by long lines at his book signings; the Detroit News reported that Romney packed 450 people into a Border's bookstore in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham on Wednesday.

Romney will be signing books in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday before flying to California for a Friday stop in Sacramento.

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  1. Chuck Wyatt

    ICK! What we don't need is another round of "American Chauvinism" leadership in the world. Pleeeeeze.

    March 11, 2010 09:48 am at 9:48 am |
  2. Sniffit

    Let's see some figures from the orders. How much money has been spent and how many volumes have been pre-ordered by PACs and other special interest politically-oriented groups that will just hand them out at conventions, etc.? It's a farce. They all do this. If you think the sales figures, etc., are representative of individual purchases and therefore public interest in what this prancing ninny has to say, then you're a moron.

    March 11, 2010 09:53 am at 9:53 am |
  3. librarian

    I will not I repeat NOT waste my time to read this book. Nor acquire it for my library !!!

    March 11, 2010 09:55 am at 9:55 am |
  4. Time to waterboard the Republicans

    Romney is a hack and he is a member of a religion that advocates having a dozen 16 year old brides (aka – Mormonism) simultaneously.

    He is a retarded mental patient who hate blacks, poor people and the infirmed.

    March 11, 2010 09:57 am at 9:57 am |
  5. MK in Arizona

    Can't wait to see him when he comes to Phoenix. He should and will be the next President of the United States.

    March 11, 2010 09:59 am at 9:59 am |
  6. Paul

    Nice of CNN to reprint Romney's press release. Gushing over his resume, listing signing destinations... this is really unacceptable.

    March 11, 2010 10:03 am at 10:03 am |
  7. Julia - Native American from Idaho

    One question for women, if Romney is every elected and he is still a Mormon, women will lose all their rights we have fought so hard to obtain. Mormons believe that a woman can only go to heaven thru the good "works," of her husband, what about single women, doomed to hell. Wow, think about it

    March 11, 2010 10:06 am at 10:06 am |
  8. The lonely Libertarian of Liverpool NY

    Please, please America do not be fooled by the Neo cons again. Wasn’t 8 years of President Bush enough for you to know that the neo Cons of the GOP have no intentions of restoring your freedom?
    Learn that true conservatives are Libertarians, not the Neo Cons whose deep pockets and loud screams drown out reasonable policy.

    March 11, 2010 10:08 am at 10:08 am |
  9. Steve

    The Republicans produce and then buy huge numbers of these books which are nothing more than political propaganda designed to bolster the image and creditability of the candidate. The resulting numbers place the book on the best seller list for a day or week, long enough for them to trumpet the phony claim of "bestseller".

    Nothing can change who Romney is and what his party has done and will do again: further the financially and socially destructive neo-con agenda at the expense of freedom and liberty while claiming to champion both.

    March 11, 2010 10:10 am at 10:10 am |
  10. Americans stop the bickering and slaughtering of your Government.

    Dream on idiot Ronney. Who would want to read that nonesense. Any fool knows that American was the most hated country in the World for years. When Americans travelled abroad they would tell people that they are from Canada or some other country. So if this scattered brain fool think other wise that goes to show how dumb he is. We American must thank God for Mr. Obama. He is saving American. God bless you Mr. President. If Ronney could not even beat Hucklebly last year how on earth can he even compare with Mr. Obama. Unless he thinks he is going to run against Sarah Palin. Stop dumming down American by focusing on people like Ronny and Sarah Palin. The World is looking and laughing out loud over the foolish antices of the American media. You have the best and brightest President and you want to trade for these nutcases.

    March 11, 2010 10:10 am at 10:10 am |
  11. GI Joe


    Maybe giving advice on which hair care products to buy.

    March 11, 2010 10:13 am at 10:13 am |
  12. Elizabeth

    Not worth the paper it is printed on.

    March 11, 2010 10:17 am at 10:17 am |
  13. Doug,lib jersey

    I have issues with Romney's hypocrasy when he says he is pro choice and pro life in the same day. With that said he is a better person than every Democrat in this great nation, but so is every other Republican.

    March 11, 2010 10:19 am at 10:19 am |
  14. Lee

    Really? I could have sworn his book was supposed to be called: "More Aquanet: The Case For American Grandstanding."

    March 11, 2010 10:33 am at 10:33 am |
  15. Omavi

    And I am sure he will make a fortune on his book.

    Romney has nothing to say that I want to hear. Putting him in office is a giant leap backward.

    March 11, 2010 10:33 am at 10:33 am |
  16. Omavi

    Gotta love CNN. They say they invite a "spirited debate" but when you offer one, they either won't allow it on the site, or they ban you altogether.

    March 11, 2010 10:34 am at 10:34 am |
  17. Adalbert

    This rich guy has no clue an any of our real problems.

    March 11, 2010 10:43 am at 10:43 am |
  18. Big Love

    I really believe the HBO series Big Love is based on Mormon Mitt.

    March 11, 2010 10:45 am at 10:45 am |
  19. A True Centrist

    Mitt is too conservative for me, but you have to give the man credit for his many accomplishments:

    1) Very succesful business man
    2) Fixed the many operational and financial issues with the Utah Olympics
    3) Balanced the budget 4 straight years as governor of my state
    4) Has never had any personal issues that would disgust you

    I won't buy the book and I won't vote for him but there are many positives that he brings to the table.

    March 11, 2010 10:52 am at 10:52 am |
  20. sgurdog

    I hope it's a short read because we all know how much the Republicans hate anything more than 11 pages. Maybe a flowchart would work book – > flip to last page -> close book -> the end.

    March 11, 2010 10:52 am at 10:52 am |