March 15th, 2010
04:03 PM ET
12 years ago

Hayworth: Gay marriage opens doors to bestiality

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption ="J.D. Hayworth gave an interview Sunday to Florida radio station WORL, where he made comments about same-sex marriage."]Washington (CNN) - The man who wants to oust Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, is so worried about states allowing same-sex marriage, he fears it'll lead to bestiality.

At least that is what former Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Arizona, intimated Sunday in an interview with Orlando, Florida radio station WORL when discussing the decision in Massachusetts to recognize gay marriage.

"You see, the Massachusetts Supreme Court, when it started this move toward same-sex marriage, actually defined marriage," Hayworth said. "Now get this, it defined marriage as simply, quote, 'the establishment of intimacy.' Now how dangerous is that?"

Hayworth continued, "I mean, I don't mean to be absurd about it. But I guess I can make the point of absurdity with an absurd point. I guess that would mean if you really had affection for your horse, I guess you could marry your horse."

Hayworth said the only way to keep marriage between a man and a woman is with a federal marriage amendment – which he supports.  CNN has contacted Hayworth's campaign for further comment on the former congressman's remarks.

Hayworth is challenging McCain in Arizona's upcoming Republican primary. His Web site bills him as "the consistent conservative." Hayworth often criticizes McCain as not being consistently conservative.

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  1. True that

    He's got a point. They defined it in a manner that really only undefined it.

    March 15, 2010 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  2. Mr. Man

    Giddy-up Mr. Hayworth.

    March 15, 2010 04:35 pm at 4:35 pm |
  3. CLS

    Good god! What a knuckle-dragger. I want small government, I want low taxes, I want free markets. But I don't want morons in office either. And the Republicans seem to give you no choice with idiots like this dominating the party. Meanwhile the Democrats are wanting to take control of health care, love taxes and regulations and fall for whatever the Green hysteria of the day may be. A pox on both their houses, this is why I'm independent.

    March 15, 2010 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  4. Paul Blair

    So Hayworth thinks that animals have the right to enter into legal agreements with humans?

    March 15, 2010 04:36 pm at 4:36 pm |
  5. Pete in Guilford

    A blatant lie regarding the Massachusetts Supreme Court definition of marriage, probably just so this idiot could bring up that favorite Republican theme, bestiality. The 2003 Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling striking down a ban on gay marriage defined marriage as "the voluntary union of two persons as spouses, to the exclusion of all others." Hayworth is a horse's as$.

    March 15, 2010 04:37 pm at 4:37 pm |
  6. Price

    I feel sorry for the citizens of Arizona if this whack job is their congressman.

    March 15, 2010 04:38 pm at 4:38 pm |
  7. Thomas, Baton Rouge, LA

    what a moron

    March 15, 2010 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  8. Stubby

    What a great upcoming crop of leaders we have in this country

    March 15, 2010 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  9. Jay

    He's probably a self loathing closeted gay guy like most of the republican gay haters

    March 15, 2010 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  10. byron

    your wife must've married a horse then.

    March 15, 2010 04:39 pm at 4:39 pm |
  11. Rosa Birmingham, AL

    Are you serious? Bestiality? I don't mean to be absurd about it? He is doing a good job of that. Seems like all the gay scandals are on the GOP side, perhaps the lady doth protest too much...

    March 15, 2010 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  12. Ronnie

    Hayworth sounds like a hillbilly! At least he will not be elected now!

    March 15, 2010 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  13. craig

    Irony coming from a man who actually looks like a horse.

    March 15, 2010 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  14. Liz

    This bat-crap-crazy is why we need a federal marriage amendment that simply states, 'a civil marriage shall be between two persons over the age of consent and no closer related than third cousin.' that would put an end to this nonsense and any other arguments about folks being free to marry their sister or their toaster. these thugs will use any absurd argument to try to justify their bigotry. FACT is that the divorce rate in Massachusetts WENT DOWN after gay people became able to marry the person they love instead of what they'd been legally able to do all along, enter into a sham marriage with the opposite sex that only led to broken homes and children of divorce. take that, family values and sanctity of marriage crowd!

    March 15, 2010 04:40 pm at 4:40 pm |
  15. Stubby

    What a great crop of up and coming leaders we have in this country

    March 15, 2010 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
  16. CJ in California

    This is the same old stupid argument from those on the far right. Gay marriage has nothing to do with bestiality, incest or molesting children. Time to move in to the 21st Century Mr. Hayworth, the rest of the country is leaving you in the dust...

    March 15, 2010 04:41 pm at 4:41 pm |
  17. jay

    what an ignorant buffoon!

    March 15, 2010 04:42 pm at 4:42 pm |
  18. Vic of New York

    Rep. J.D. Hayworth, has a point! GOP Arizona should definitely pick him to run for senate in the primaries.

    Really, with a brain like his, he would be a good fit in the "RED Party" of the Republicans. After all, given his brains, it's easy to see how he might end up marrying a horse if he's not careful!

    March 15, 2010 04:42 pm at 4:42 pm |
  19. Cody

    Are you kidding me?! That's like saying that inter-racial marriages will lead to baby killing. Its absurd! And to think that he wants to represent an entire state? He does realize that representing a state means the gay people too right?

    Wow, it seems like our politicians are regressing in their views of the world.

    My question for Mr. Hayworth is, what does it matter to you? How will gay marriage affect your life in any aspect at all?

    March 15, 2010 04:43 pm at 4:43 pm |
  20. Jim Peed

    As a Gay person partnered for 39 years, I am totally insulted by what J.D. Hayworth has said. As far as I know, bestiality already exists and it has nothing to do with Gay OR Straight marriage. I have been shown photos of a female person having oral sex with a horse and I can tell you right 39 year partnership with a person I care about had nothing to do with that! People are just getting too weird. They'll say anything to get elected. J.D. Hayworth is just lying to get his base to vote for him.

    March 15, 2010 04:45 pm at 4:45 pm |
  21. who cares

    taking this WAY too far..............

    March 15, 2010 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |
  22. john in binghamton NY

    Never a good sign when you think you need to say "I don't mean to be absurd". Yes sir, you are absurd. Not so much for this, but for everything. You are a total joke.

    March 15, 2010 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |
  23. JTI

    Oh god! If we allow same sex marriage, people will be marrying their pets! And maybe even then their children! Maybe dead people! If we allow same sex marriage, we are basically condoning pedophilia, bestiality and necrophilia. What will this country come to!?

    Seriously? This man is absurd.

    March 15, 2010 04:46 pm at 4:46 pm |
  24. Carlos

    Hayworth's comments are incredibly stupid. He's just trying to distract from gay Americans' legitimate claims for the right to marry any person they please. Even if a guy did want to marry his horse, how would the animal agree to such a union? Hayworth's an idiot and while I'm all for McCain being voted out of office, this comment might just have shed some positive light on the incumbent. If I have to choose between McCain and this fool, I'll choose the lesser of the two evils, McCain.

    March 15, 2010 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
  25. Sean

    Massachusetts has the lowest divorce rate in America cause we tend to mind our own business and take care of our own families...Always look for those who scream the loudest to be most capable of gay ways...

    March 15, 2010 04:47 pm at 4:47 pm |
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