March 22nd, 2010
11:02 PM ET
12 years ago

Senate Republicans lose first health care battle on parliamentary rules

Washington (CNN) - Senate sources in both parties tell CNN the Senate parliamentarian told Republicans he will not rule in their favor, if they try to stop the health care fixes bill, changes to the Senate health care bill that the House passed on Sunday, from even coming to the Senate floor.

In a private meeting Monday with the parliamentarian, Alan Frumin, Republican aides argued that the fixes bill violates rules of the so-called reconciliation process because of the way it affects social security. For that reason, GOP aides said they argued, the bill should not even be allowed to be debated.

But late Monday, both a senior Republican and a Democratic aide told CNN Frumin informed both parties he disagreed with the GOP assessment, and would not block the health care fixes bill.

It was the first of many attempts Republicans say they will make to try to use the limiting rules surrounding reconciliation, to amend or even kill the package of fixes that house democrats are relying on the senate to pass.

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