March 23rd, 2010
08:11 PM ET
11 years ago

In Web video, Neugebauer says he'll continue to speak out

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="'I'm never going to quit speaking on behalf of the unborn,' Rep. Neugebauer says in a Web video."]
Washington (CNN) – Rep. Randy Neugebauer, the Texas Republican who sparked controversy when he yelled out 'baby killer' on the House floor Sunday night, is not backing down from his vocal opposition to abortion.

"I'm never going to quit speaking on behalf of the unborn," Neugebauer says in a Web video posted on his campaign Web site.

Referring to his outburst, the Republican also says, "And I will continue to speak with the same passion that I did last night, maybe with a little bit different form, but still with the same intensity."

The video is embedded on the Web page, just above large red button that says "Donate Today."

The congressman thanks his supporters in a note below the video player.

"Thank you for your support and contributions as I stand firm in my commitment against the government takeover of healthcare and for protecting the sanctity of life," he writes.

As Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Michigan, delivered a speech Sunday night on the contentious issue of whether the health care reform bill would allow for federal funds to be used for abortions, someone shouted out "baby killer," from the Republican side of the aisle. It was unclear until Monday afternoon who yelled out.

The outburst was immediately interpreted as being directed at Stupak, who staunchly opposes abortion and who led a coalition of anti-abortion rights Democrats that threatened to withhold their support for the health care bill over the issue of abortion funding. Stupak and his like-minded Democrats reached an agreement with the White House on the issue, thus assuring that there would be the necessary 216 votes to pass the bill. Stupak was explaining the terms of the deal when the "baby killer" outburst occurred.

In a statement released Monday, Neugebauer acknowledged that that he was the person who yelled "baby killer." But the Texas Republican said he shouted out "'it's a baby killer' in reference to the agreement reached by Stupak's Democratic coalition.

Neugebauer reiterated his frustration about the agreement reached between the White House and House Democrats in his video.

"Not only did we see the government takeover of your health care, but we saw the lives of unborn children used as a bargaining chip to somehow get the needed votes to pass this legislation," he says.

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  1. Ken

    fyi yah old goat...abortion is legal.

    March 23, 2010 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  2. please

    When are you going to start fighting for those of us born?

    March 23, 2010 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  3. usualone

    Abortion had been taken out of the bill from what I've heard; so that made his comment especially "dumb." He also is forgetting the 32 million people who don't have insurance. Some of them will die because they won't seek care without insurance.

    March 23, 2010 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  4. cspurgeon

    Go ahead and send your money to this wacko. He is just an angry old man living off them taxpayer dollars but if this is the kind of representation you want well then by all means send him your money.Thats what it is all about.

    March 23, 2010 07:36 pm at 7:36 pm |
  5. Fitz in Texas

    Please don't back down Rep. Neugebauer. If these people can't deal with the truth, so be it.

    March 23, 2010 07:37 pm at 7:37 pm |
  6. Rick

    I hope he does keep speaking. As well as all those tea party members. Show all your true colors. You will make 2010 another banner year for the democrats.

    March 23, 2010 07:38 pm at 7:38 pm |
  7. Sue

    No one says he should not speak out for the right to life. What he should do however, is be repectful and follow the proper decorum of the house. The slippery slope everyone is on with the hatred is getting dangerous.

    March 23, 2010 07:38 pm at 7:38 pm |
  8. gypsydaveywithablowtorch

    Isn't this clown one of the birthers? Love to see these faces of the Grand Old Party!

    March 23, 2010 07:38 pm at 7:38 pm |
  9. g

    maybe we'll start heckling you at your campaign stops, see how you like it.

    March 23, 2010 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
  10. charles bowen

    not really worth the comment , this guy is an idiot and there is no point in argueing with an idiot. Republican Mentality. large body small brain the republican elephant syndrome. ignore it and it will go away. it only exists because of the publicity. CHARLES BOWEN SOLOMON STONE

    March 23, 2010 07:40 pm at 7:40 pm |
  11. just me

    Fetuses are used as bargaining chips all the time in the election process, why is he so offended that it came up here? Abortion is legal. The fact that it is unpleasant doesn't change that it is legal. It should be treated as any other procedure and covered for all women, especially if medically advised. Pulling life support on a vegetative patient is also unpleasant, but you don't hear anyone suggesting that be a non-covered expense.

    March 23, 2010 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm |
  12. David

    What he really said was "I will continue to fight for people who don't exist." It is funny that Republicans do something out of line, apologize for it, and then act clearly unapologetic about it to raise money.

    March 23, 2010 07:42 pm at 7:42 pm |
  13. Fed Up

    Don't care if he is silent or not ... as long as he is civil.

    March 23, 2010 07:42 pm at 7:42 pm |
  14. Leslie

    Health care gives life, why not speak out against homicides in general. A woman has the right to chose what to do with their body...just like you got the right to take viagra.

    Our bodies is NONE of your business, if you want to save the fetus from being terminate WRITE A CHECK to cover expenses for a lifetime...otherwise please be quiet.

    March 23, 2010 07:43 pm at 7:43 pm |
  15. Sean

    I am against abortion and especially public funds for abortions, but crikey man, acting like a classless boor doesn't do anything for your argument.

    March 23, 2010 07:45 pm at 7:45 pm |
  16. haren

    This is a good policy of making campaign money and fool the stupid republicans.

    March 23, 2010 07:45 pm at 7:45 pm |
  17. LizinstLouis

    Rep Randy is an outright LIAR. He uttered only two words "Baby Killer' and that is what everyone else heard. If he is that brave why is he
    trying to tweak and twist those words that he said. He ought to be ashamed of himself. That aside...a bill cannot be a baby killer even in the remotest sense. Mostly people are the "baby killers' so he was obviously hurling the insult at Stupak!!!

    Nobody has issue with fighting for the unborn but employ some decorum next time and stop using hateful language and then camouflage it with 'being a fighter of the unborn'.

    Mr Congressman, Shame on You.

    March 23, 2010 07:47 pm at 7:47 pm |
  18. Yeah, Right

    This guy will undoubtedly be canonized by his fellow right wing nut jobs as they fill his coffer, and I will undoubtedly be chastised for my comments. Maybe he should have been outside with the Tea "Party Animals" so that he could have really gotten loose with what was on his small mind. Or, maybe he could have shown his concern for the unborn children, as well as the born children, by crafting an alternative proposal.

    March 23, 2010 07:47 pm at 7:47 pm |
  19. haren

    When is he going to speak for already born children who is going to benefit from this health care bill?

    March 23, 2010 07:48 pm at 7:48 pm |
  20. GI Joe

    I sure hope when the ignorant butt-heads in Texas secede they take South Carolina and Alaska with them.


    March 23, 2010 07:48 pm at 7:48 pm |
  21. Andrew

    Love the Right Wing Christian.

    Instead of loving thy neighbour and turning the other cheek, I rather yell obscene, inappropriate and borderline discriminating statements until you agree with my point of view.

    Have they even read the Bible?

    Agreed, God does not support Abortion, but God also teaches us to talk to our neighbours and communicate our issues.

    Moreover.... Abortion is not covered under the Bill.

    March 23, 2010 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  22. Allen

    This guy is a scumbag. His behavior is an example of the problem with this country.

    March 23, 2010 07:50 pm at 7:50 pm |
  23. johnrj08

    He won't be silent because he's using this incident to raise money already. This is great. A politician uses the hate and ignorance of his constitutency to fatten his own treasury.

    March 23, 2010 07:50 pm at 7:50 pm |
  24. Annette Wade

    You sir, have a right to your opinion but so do I and I think you are misinformed and a "right-wing nut". It was so disrespectful of you to yell that out in Congress! Who do you think you are? Your ego has gotten too large to deal with people who disagree with you in a rational way. I, too, am a Texan in the tradition of Ann Richards, Mollie Ivins and Liz Carpenter and I am so proud of women like them but I am embarrassed by you!

    March 23, 2010 07:50 pm at 7:50 pm |
  25. Haven

    Dear Rep. Neugebaur,

    I would be interested in hearing on your support for "born" children. You know, the one that health care supports? Or pregnant teens? What are you doing to help them?

    Life may begin at conception, but it doesn't end at birth

    March 23, 2010 07:51 pm at 7:51 pm |
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