March 31st, 2010
02:00 PM ET
13 years ago

Palin warns of 'Second Holocaust' if Iran gains nuclear weapons

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption="Just minutes after the clock expired on the first day of Passover, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin issued a biting critique of the Obama administration's Middle-East policy."]Washington (CNN) – Just minutes after the clock expired on the first day of Passover, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin issued a biting critique of the Obama administration's Middle-East policy via her Facebook page.

In a post entitled "Peace Not Possible if Iran Escapes Real Sanctions," Palin accuses President Obama of dropping the pursuit of "crippling" sanctions against Iran and treating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu like an "unwelcome guest" during a recent visit to Washington.

"[J]ust as the Obama administration inexplicably gives up on imposing crippling sanctions on Iran, it's taken an uncompromising hard line against one country in the Middle East: Israel," Palin writes. "On his recent visit to Washington, the Israeli Prime Minister was treated like an unwelcome guest, as shown by White House actions such as refusing to be photographed with Israel's Prime Minister."

Palin argues that the Obama administration's actions have failed to rein in Tehran's nuclear ambitions, and that more than one year into Obama's presidency, his administration has made "no progress" on sanctions.

"The Obama administration has their priorities exactly backwards; we should be working with our friend and democratic ally to stop Iran's nuclear program, not throwing in the towel on sanctions while treating Israel like an enemy."

Palin warns that the consequences of a nuclear Iran would be devastating for Israel.

"Iran's leaders have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel and with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, the mullahs would be in a position to launch a Second Holocaust," Palin writes.

"We foresee a regional nuclear arms race beginning as other countries seek their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran. Nuclear non-proliferation efforts would be over," she added.

Last week, President Obama met at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a meeting that was closed to the press. Netanyahu also met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden during his trip to Washington.

The Israeli leader met with administration officials after a show of solidarity with leaders of Congress from both parties, during which he thanked the U.S. lawmakers for their "constant support" and "unflagging" friendship.

Netanyahu's visit came amid a row over Israel's decision to build new Jewish housing on disputed land in East Jerusalem.

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  1. JFK

    Well thats a big word for Palin to use! Yay! Hooked on Phonics works for Palin!

    March 31, 2010 12:27 pm at 12:27 pm |
  2. Robrt

    What is this woman's problem? Is she seriously thinking that she has any political sense whatsoever? To even say something like this and then expect to run for president in the future, does she forget that people actually read this stuff? Lady, you need a real education. Even I, not an attorney, know to say things that warrant an ounce of negative hostility toward other countries, is very sticky ground. Why can't you just do your little song and dance, have your ghostwriter write another book for you, cameo on Leno or SNL, and be the joke of the week that you really are? I am embarrassed to be from the same town as you, let alone the same state. If you were on American Idol, you would have been booted off by now.

    March 31, 2010 12:27 pm at 12:27 pm |
  3. ralph

    I'm surprised she knows where Iran is! After all she can't see it from Alaska

    March 31, 2010 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  4. df

    palin is such an idiot....1) I don't recall the "crippling" sanctions that the bush admin and republicans were able to get.....without the help of china and russia (which are resisitant to it)...u.s. can not really go at it alone........2) netanyahu was snubbed probably because israeli housing minister, while biden was in israel, announces that building units in east jerusalem....israel violated cardinal rule which is you don't invite a guest to your house and then publicly embarrass him...(knowing u.s. against it)......3) I don't recall palin's "expertise" on foreign policy... oh y eah, she can see russia from her house...I have never seen a politician with an opinion on everything without having any knowledge/expertise in anything.....this from someone without the balls to even finish her term as governor....just go away!!!!!

    March 31, 2010 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  5. Brett

    Please dont report on what this woman says. You may as well report what your 11th grade History teachers opinion is. Her opinion means nothing to the REAL problems facing us in the Middle East.

    I wish she'd quit Facebook as readily as she quit on Alaskans.

    March 31, 2010 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  6. Larry

    EVERY time Sarah Palin opens her mouth and says something

    She proves again just how ignorant she is

    Anyone can run around the planet claiming that the sky is falling

    We live on a world where things happen all the time

    At any moment anything is possible

    Expressing outrageous possibilities does not make one appear smart, just foolish

    March 31, 2010 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  7. davit

    Has here ever been a more blatant opportunist is U.S. politics? I'd be hard pressed to name one.

    March 31, 2010 12:28 pm at 12:28 pm |
  8. Malcolm

    A little late to the party there Caribou Barbie – the regional nuclear arms race BEGAN decades ago after Israel acquired nuclear capability. Kinda hard to expect Iran to just roll over and play tickle games with a nuclear-armed Israel, two of its neighbors being invaded and occupied by US forces. Diplomatic engagement is your best option. Besides Netanyahu had just rudely embarrassed our VP and you expect our President to roll out the red carpet for him?
    It's indeed a blessing that Palin was not elected our VP. Her level of ignorance and stupidity is the stuff of legends.

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  9. T. Jefferson

    What, she didn't get a chance to use her "hopey-changey" line again?

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  10. Julia-Kate

    If President Obama cannot represent the American People without personal bias he needs to resign. The President is an ELECTED leader and is a SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE OF AMERICAN. ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS. WE DON'T WANT HIS "CHANGE" TO INCLUDE INSULTING OUR ALLIES.

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  11. Elizabeth

    That woman is a menace and has no idea what she is talking about.

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  12. 1GregM

    Just another face plant from the administration who is perfecting the alienation of the allies we have cultured over the years. At least it doesn't matter who it is, all are subjected to the ame disgusting lack of civility and protocol. The world used to think we were stupid and uncultured, we went to the polls last election and removed all of the remaining doubt.

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  13. Ruth

    How little faith Palin has in the ability of Israel to defend herself. Sad and pathetic. I thought she believes in God. She's just proven herself to be the hypocrite I always knew she was.

    I'm not happy about how Obama is handling the Middle East. But Israel has dealt with worse and will triumph again if need be.


    Ex IDF soldier.

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  14. K. in Miami

    This woman has turned out to be the most pathetic and dispicable public figure I've seen in a lifetime....

    She's basically reduced herself to the role of "Extreme Agitator"...!

    John McCain should be ashamed of himself for giving birth to a person the many view as Reprehensible and disgusting....!

    March 31, 2010 12:29 pm at 12:29 pm |
  15. Palin = Idiot

    She is an idiot. Our meetings with Israel were about the Palenstines and not Iran. If Palin were President, it would be the same old thing with letting Israel do whatever it wanted to do, which is one of the main reasons why we have problems with other middle east countries. President Obama's admistration let Israel know that they have to act accordingly also. And it is the Bush Administration who dropped the ball on Iran, becuzz we were concentrating on Iraq, and not even talking to Iran at all.

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  16. JonDie

    Dear Ms. Palin,

    I realize that you are completely illiterate and, therefore, may not be able to read my message. After all, why read when Satan is everywhere and God whispers into your ear?

    But over the course of history there have been many, many Holocausts, although European Jews somehow seem to have gotten the copyright to this term (which, by the way, somehow never applies to the Palestinians Israels regularly murders by the indiscriminate use of overwhelming force).

    In addition, both Russia and China would have to support "crippling" sanction, and we already wasted a huge chunk of our military as well as our national prestige and honor by conquesting Iraq so that Bush and Cheney and company could fill up their pockets with the big bucks from the U.S. Treasury and from the oil companies.

    Oh that's right, if Armageddon occurs, that would be a good thing according to the philosophy that you and your violent, radical, right-wing, extremists friends like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell espouse...even though we all know it's mostly about you guys MAKING MONEY off the fears of the masses.

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  17. Really?

    She must be going broke paying all these people to write coherent thoughts for her on Facebook. Since when is Facebook a credible political forum? That's right, it's not. Since when should journalists be looking for stories on Facebook? That's right, they shouldn't.

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  18. Sarah

    Does she even know where Iran is without someone showing her on a map? This woman is scary and she is dangerous and she will say anything to get attention.

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  19. Mike Whalen

    Palins lack of understanding of the middle east dynamic is evident in this article..
    I'm just thankful she's not in charge...although looking at the number of American voters that actually think she 'thinks' scares me..

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  20. Shirley In California

    I must say – she never disappoints. Palin the continuous fool.... You reap what you sow and she is no exception. It's only a matter of time.

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  21. Dem in AZ

    Thr right wing noise machine is at it again. good gosh

    March 31, 2010 12:30 pm at 12:30 pm |
  22. Tom in Dallas

    The village idiot is loose again!

    March 31, 2010 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
  23. sickatheart

    Lady, please SHUT UP!!!!!

    March 31, 2010 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
  24. Chris in CA

    WHO CARES!!! She is such a pill.

    March 31, 2010 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
  25. JP

    Now Palin is a foreign policy expert???

    What an absolute joke!!!

    And people think she is qualified to run for President???

    Lord help us all.....

    March 31, 2010 12:31 pm at 12:31 pm |
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