April 7th, 2010
06:45 PM ET
12 years ago

Palin, Bachmann rally conservatives

Minneapolis, Minnesota (CNN) - Republican hot button Sarah Palin took the stage Wednesday in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota, calling on conservatives to "get our country back on the right track."

"It's not going to be easy. This is a challenge," she told the crowd. "The first task is to restore balance and common sense, and the first test will be at the ballot box in November."

The former Alaska governor and current conservative superstar headlined the event hosted by the Republican Party of Minnesota. Her last appearance in Minnesota was for her book tour in December.

Palin also offered a direct thank you to members of the Tea Party movement.

"I thank you for being part of this beautiful grassroots movement that's really sweeping across our country and it is full of common-sense conservatives who are ready to take our country back."

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  1. T'SAH from Virginia

    Oh, so this time it is FREE – what is Palin getting for being there??? Talk about 'spending money' unnecessary???

    Show us the picture – and PLEASE pan out – of the 10,000 supporters!!!

    April 7, 2010 03:51 pm at 3:51 pm |

    They drew a crowd of 10,000 rats! Just like they are! Sewer rats at that.

    April 7, 2010 03:51 pm at 3:51 pm |
  3. rico

    The GOP handed out more than 10,000 free tickets, so they claim there will be 10,000 people at this rally. Furthermore, if you didn't get your free ticket, you have to pay $500 to get in. Please do your research, CNN. Otherwise, you are just reiterating what you've been told. That's hardly journalism.

    April 7, 2010 03:52 pm at 3:52 pm |
  4. Laurie

    How sad

    April 7, 2010 03:52 pm at 3:52 pm |
  5. RCasson

    Dumb and dumber...

    April 7, 2010 03:52 pm at 3:52 pm |
  6. steve

    How many wingnuts does it take to make the GOP an afterthought?

    April 7, 2010 03:52 pm at 3:52 pm |
  7. JoeVnt

    What can Gov. Palin possibly have to say that would interest 10,000 people? She appears to be the same thing to politics that Paris Hilton is to Hollywood – a parasite. I hope someone asks her a question that can't be answered with a bumper sticker slogan. This empress "has no clothes" (and no clue)...be careful what you ask for Republicans.

    April 7, 2010 03:52 pm at 3:52 pm |
  8. Peter

    Failin Palin will fail miserable. How can any Republicana still carry their Republican membership card anymore? How can any American claim to be Republican when the party is against abortion but in support of denying health care coverage to American children born with pre-existing conditions forcing them into a life of no access to health care coverage? what warped universe do yall live in? I dont want to be a part of that America! Please true patriots and those who love this great land NEVER cast a ballot for a Republican ever again! Lets destroy this evil selfish party, lets finish what we started in Nov 08! The owner of the collapsed mine in Wva gave 360,000 to the Republican party...that is blood money. Republicans are waiting for Nov? Well so are we the silent majority in this country!!!

    April 7, 2010 03:53 pm at 3:53 pm |
  9. Randy Harris

    Who cares? That just proves that Minneapolis has 10,000 idiots. Stop publicizing Palin related topics, you only make it worse.

    April 7, 2010 03:53 pm at 3:53 pm |
  10. hmmm...

    What can I say...doesn't matter if you like her or not...she is a force to be reckoned with. What we all know is those who live on knee-jerk reaction will either absolutely love or hate her. Thank goodness the bellshpaed curve contains more who will think before reacting.

    April 7, 2010 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  11. Welcome to MN

    Clueless and Clueless

    April 7, 2010 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  12. Lynda/Minnesota

    One *real* American showcasing two *real* Minnesotans ... with Palin passing the plate in a attempt to bamboozle poverty stricken Minnesotans to donate $10,000 for a photo opt with her - proceeds going to Tea Bagger causes, you betcha.

    Perhaps it would be better for Minnesotans if the three of them where to tour Minnesota and see first hand the financial chaos a *two term* REPUBLICAN governor can accomplish in one state.

    They just might come up with some answers rather than beauty queen poses and republican talking points rhetoric.

    April 7, 2010 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  13. Charlie in Maine

    I love this country. I think it is just great that we can have a spirited debate. Not a mean-spirited debate mind you. The right to freely assemble is central to the genius of our democracy. I especially like to hear Sarah Palin speak because it reminds me of why I am lucky to be an American and Proud to be a Democrat.

    April 7, 2010 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  14. Don

    Two dip wads together (Bachmann & Palin). Is that the best you got?

    April 7, 2010 03:56 pm at 3:56 pm |
  15. Bob S.

    If Ms Palin is the best the GOP can come up with in the next Presidential election, Obama can realx. This lady is so far off the map on international issues I cannot understand why so many GOP-ers like her. Is it because she replaces fact and knowledge with anger and smart-assims? If so, it is a sorry day for the GOP. As one who worked the precints for the GOP I see nothing but the dumpsters for the party if Palin is carrying the banner! And, for goodness sake, we need to rid the GOP of that nutcase who heads the party...the know-nothing who has yet to come up with ONE single statemnt that sounds like mature leadership – something the GOP sorely lacks at the moment. For now, consigen the GOP to the trash can...time to start over.

    April 7, 2010 03:56 pm at 3:56 pm |
  16. Four and The Door

    Sarah Palin is a superstar only because she so clearly presents ideas that so many of us know will work. This is probably hard to swallow for so many liberals who see Obama as an intellectual, whatever their definition of that is. I guess they don't look past academic acheivement. That's all fine, but when it comes down to it, his ideas haven't fared too well in practice. In fact, his results will be used for years to come by those needing data to refute liberal policies.
    When Americans get a good look at ObamaCare in action, that should pretty much finish the job. Time for some new ideas. Sarah Palin is ready with some new ideas.

    April 7, 2010 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  17. anonymous

    We've all seen how Republicans have "counted" participants before at Tea Party events. Let's see how photoshopped this image is.

    April 7, 2010 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  18. Texas Doc

    Thousands? Like the Anti-War protesters that magically became the thousands at a Tea Party rally in DC? When it says "Republicans say that______are present" feel free to insert the random, made up number of choice.

    April 7, 2010 03:58 pm at 3:58 pm |
  19. Jim

    It's nice to see that America's most narrow minded hatefull women are in the same place, that way we can see all the wingnuts in the area at the same time. Cool!

    April 7, 2010 03:59 pm at 3:59 pm |
  20. ART

    Can't figure out which is dumb or dumber , in one corner you have Bachmann and in the other corner you have palin. Minnesotas average iq just went down a couple of points

    April 7, 2010 04:00 pm at 4:00 pm |
  21. Bedtime for Obonzo

    I like Sarah Palin. I wouldn't necessarily vote for her for national office, but I love her preeminent ability to make Leftists' heads explode. Looking forward to the next few hundred comments here....

    April 7, 2010 04:00 pm at 4:00 pm |
  22. Michelle

    Oh, boy. Another Palin event. Hope the IRS is keeping track of her paychecks, as I'm sure she is no more an accountant than she is a chief executive. Have fun, all you people determined to let these shrill women dictate US policy while understanding nothing about a free country.

    April 7, 2010 04:01 pm at 4:01 pm |
  23. EBC

    Both Palin and Bachman DESERVE each other. Desperate folks do desperate things.

    Both Michele and Sarah are demented and delusional. Bachman is getting ready to be VOTED OUT and she's desperately saying anything and anything to INCITE violence and hatred as a way to hold on to her senate seat. Unfortunately all the wackos that she's inciting are NOT the MAJORITY of voters!!

    April 7, 2010 04:02 pm at 4:02 pm |
  24. Molly

    Free? And it only drew 10,000 people? Whatever. A free concert from a no name band would draw more. But keep pumping those stories, CNN! If you can't research the news, just make it! Oh, and say hi to Erick Erickson for all of us. There's an upstanding American traitor.

    April 7, 2010 04:02 pm at 4:02 pm |
  25. Leigh

    Larry the Cable Guy draws large crowds too. Lots of stupids.

    April 7, 2010 04:02 pm at 4:02 pm |
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