April 10th, 2010
05:30 PM ET
12 years ago

Gingrich says Palin 'tremendously important'

[cnn-photo-caption image= http://i2.cdn.turner.com/cnn/2010/images/04/09/art.gingrich.srlc2.cnn.jpg caption="Gingrich is touting Sarah Palin's role in the Republican Party."](CNN) - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, still considered among the most influential members of the Republican Party, is touting Sarah Palin's impact on the GOP and her future in the party.

"Sarah Palin is tremendously important right now, I mean for maybe 40 percent of the country, she personifies courage, clarity," Gingrich told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Candy Crowley at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Both Gingrich and Palin were among the event's featured speakers.

"She's attractive, she's articulate, she has energy," Gingrich continued in the interview set to air Sunday on CNN's State of The Union. "Watch the size of her crowds…And I think whether that translates into something bigger later or whether she's just a very significant person for the rest of her life, she is a real player, nobody should underestimate her."

Gingrich also said Palin's prominence in the Republican Party will continue, regardless of whether she decides to mount a presidential bid in 2012.

"I think she has the potential to fill a niche for a very long time, particularly in an age of cable television and talk radio when you can build your particular market and your audience, and they can love you and come to your meetings and do things with you, and she's done, I think the last couple months she's been very impressive," he said.

But, should Palin decide to launch a presidential campaign, would she be a formidable opponent against President Obama?

"Well, if my choice was Sarah Palin or Barack Obama, I'd rather have Sarah Palin," said Gingrich.

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  1. Lou

    "She's attractive, she's articulate, she has energy," . Yes Newt, these are extremely important reasons to have Palin in the GOP. You forgot to include 'intelligent and informed'. Oh no, wait. You didn't forget, you know she isn't those things and just thought no one would notice the omission cuz durn....ain't she attractive?' She is one of the most inarticulate person in politics right now. Newt has obviously had his head under a rock.

    April 10, 2010 03:59 pm at 3:59 pm |
  2. Zulu

    Obama\Clinton 2012

    April 10, 2010 04:12 pm at 4:12 pm |
  3. Ron

    Ya, Palin is important....NOT. This woman is a dumb as a post and dangerous to the country because she knows nothing about national or international issues. She portrays herself as a person of the people but she is really only for herself and the money she rakes in. She stirs up the lowest common denominator, tea party and the like by telling them lies and claims that she is a patriot. More like a traitor!

    April 10, 2010 04:14 pm at 4:14 pm |
  4. David-Lewisville, Texas

    She's articulate? Really? I think Newt needs a hearing aid, youbetcha!

    April 10, 2010 04:16 pm at 4:16 pm |
  5. Richie

    She's articulate? Apparently Newt has never actually heard her talk.

    April 10, 2010 04:17 pm at 4:17 pm |
  6. DownTownBrown

    Hate on Republicans all you want, they sure do make life interesting.

    April 10, 2010 04:17 pm at 4:17 pm |
  7. Zadig



    isn't it funny how the Conservatives will call Obama "The One" and "the Messiah" as if that is what we who voted for him thought, and at the same time they'll get giddy about what a "SUPERSTAR" Palin is. Perhaps she's "The One," maybe "the Messiah"? Or maybe it's all that confusion on the Right. When they changed the channel from "American Idol" to the GOP Convention, did they think, "Wow! Art sure does imitate life!" or was it more the along the lines of "Gee, I wish she was on America's Top Model, too..."

    April 10, 2010 04:18 pm at 4:18 pm |
  8. BMB

    Palin is not only the real hope of the New Republican Party, she's the real hope for America – even for those loons who can't see it right now.

    April 10, 2010 04:23 pm at 4:23 pm |
  9. Laughing in Florida

    Is he insane? Even 71% of Republicans said they would never consider her for President. She's a cult media personality, not a serious leader (she quit that gig). And that's the way SHE wants it.

    April 10, 2010 04:23 pm at 4:23 pm |
  10. RebelAl

    I stopped buying overpriced so-so performing "direct marketing" products some time ago. Likewise political product with similar characteristics.

    April 10, 2010 04:24 pm at 4:24 pm |
  11. Jay

    Hahahahaahah! What kind of courage and clarity those she personify? It's funny how thos republicans think that being in a room with a bunch of angry people screaming POTUS is a radical, as for Palin and Bachmann, they look like 2 political housewives looking for rating by trying to outscream each other. Furthermore, I don't know what kind of people voted for Bachmann, I would like to see how they look like. I mean c'mon that lady is a fraud. Coming up in November on fox the 2 angry republican housewives, next!

    April 10, 2010 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  12. Nick

    Quitting diva just got another $100,000 check from her Hollywood agent.

    April 10, 2010 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  13. paul williams

    Palin is an idiot more interested in making money than caring anything about everyday americans-PJ

    April 10, 2010 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  14. Doug

    Nothing on the cnn ticker about the New Jersey mafia union thugs threatening the life of governor Christie ? Oh that's right, they're libs so we must ignore their letter, better to focus on the tea party people saying things to dem congressmen that somehow the 10 cameras around them didn't pick up. LOL

    April 10, 2010 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  15. katiec

    CNN, we care as much about what Gingrich has to say as we do Palin, and that is nil.
    You constantly headline these radical, irresponsible, lack of credibility spotlight seekers, for, as long as they are republicans that is your only criteria.
    Since Democrats refuse to stoop to the republicans level of hate, anger, fear mongering, lies, distortions, hypocrasy, you cannot sensationalize, so you ignore.
    And, heaven forbid you ever fact check their outlandish accusations.
    CNN, Closed News Network, opened only to the radical right.

    April 10, 2010 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  16. steve

    The group IQ of a group of people is the lowest IQ among them divided by the total number of people. See, today the group IQ of GOP reaches a new low. Good job Sarah, you are the only one to bring group IQ of GOP into negative.

    April 10, 2010 04:26 pm at 4:26 pm |
  17. chacomom

    I think if Sara Palin is the best the Republican party can come up with, they are in deep trouble. She is self-serving, not well read on the issues important to the American people(not just her people) and obviously has no respect for wildlife as she seems to enjoy hunting wolves from airplanes.

    April 10, 2010 04:27 pm at 4:27 pm |
  18. charles

    We didn't think you liberals thought Obama was the Messiah. Liberals don't believe in a Messiah. It is what OBAMA thinks of himself. I understand they are going to widen the doors in the whitehouse so this president can fit his head through them.

    April 10, 2010 04:27 pm at 4:27 pm |
  19. sickoftea

    Yes, isn’t he a great spokesperson for the party of moral virtue and family values. Was he just sucking up to Palin or is he trolling for wife number four? I’m a Republican and I wouldn’t vote for anybody he’s singing the praises of even if they were running for dog warden. Immoral, hypocritical snake oil salesman.

    April 10, 2010 04:27 pm at 4:27 pm |
  20. Mike

    This is from the man who had the contract with America, but then decided the graft was too great to pass up. Sorry Newt you lost my respect and future vote, when you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

    Sara Palin will be controlled by the money boys. Perhaps thats why he's for her?

    April 10, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  21. Long

    I am for Michelle Obama, Nacy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton as president. Anyone is better than Barck Obama, period.

    April 10, 2010 04:30 pm at 4:30 pm |
  22. Amir Goy

    You betcha Newt and Sarah are both 'tremendously important'... in that their supposed 'stature' sends a clear signal of just how rapidly the country is circling the drain....

    April 10, 2010 04:30 pm at 4:30 pm |
  23. taffd

    I sure do wish she was president-–gosh, and then for vice-president we could have Candi, and speaker of the house could be Bambi(the traditional spelling of course), and the congress could be made up of the Dallas Cheerleaders!! They'd all be attractive, and we could out-attractive all of the other countries leaders. Neat, you betcha

    April 10, 2010 04:31 pm at 4:31 pm |
  24. martin

    I think the interesting thing Newt said was: "I mean for maybe 40 percent of the country, she personifies courage, clarity." 40 percent is not enough to win the presidency. The GOP should watch out. I think they will do well in 2010, but they were always going to do well in 2010 (the only two presidents have gained in the midterms, Clinton in 1998 – helped by the whole Lewinsky thing, and Bush in 2002 – helped by the rally effect of 9/11). If they move too far to the right they will have a real problem come 2012.

    April 10, 2010 04:31 pm at 4:31 pm |
  25. charles

    You liberals are too funny and your comments show what kind of cool aid drinkers you are. The president and your liberal congress just passed a bill FORCING you to buy something at the point of an IRS agents gun and you call anyone a traitor that is against it?????

    They march because they are worried that the chinese will own our country because of debt and again THEY are traitors????

    You support politicians that don't believe you are to be trusted with a gun yet they are in charge of the military and yet conservatives are traitors????

    You people are lost and you defend the very people that are trying to enslave us. Do you really think this community organizer is smarter and better has the peoples intrest at heart than the ones that wrote the constitution???

    WAKE TFU!!!!

    April 10, 2010 04:34 pm at 4:34 pm |
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