May 11th, 2010
07:25 PM ET
13 years ago

Michelle Obama 'shocked' by Bruni's sex talk?

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption=" In the first meeting between First Lady Michelle Obama and French First Lady Carla Bruni, Bruni asked Obama if she and President Obama had ever kept visitors waiting while they had sex, according to a new book."]Washington (CNN) - A new book reveals an unusually personal–and apparently awkward–moment during the first encounter between First Lady Michelle Obama and France's First Lady, Carla Bruni.

The book's author, Newsweek editor Jonathan Alter, writes that Bruni, "delighted in telling friends that she shocked Michelle Obama at their first meeting."

Alter describes the meeting between the first ladies in which Bruni boasted that she and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, "once kept another foreign leader waiting while they finished having sex."

"Bruni wanted to know if, like the Sarkozys, Michelle and the president had ever kept anyone waiting that way," Alter writes. "Michelle laughed nervously and said no."

The book, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," was obtained by CNN in advance of its May 18 release.

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  1. Victim of GOP Taliban

    The Frenchie has a model wife who knew

    May 11, 2010 07:32 pm at 7:32 pm |
  2. Claudia, Houston, Tx

    This is what I love about the French, they are so openly honest and have such a keen sense of humor. We could learn a lot from them instead of taking such a hostile and hypocritical opinion of others.

    May 11, 2010 07:33 pm at 7:33 pm |
  3. Danielle

    That is pretty hilarious.

    May 11, 2010 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  4. Linda

    Michele wasn't shocked just embarassed. That Ms. Bruni would say something that personal is unbelievable. That's hardly something you would asked someone you've just met. Can we say high class trash.. Carla?

    May 11, 2010 07:57 pm at 7:57 pm |
  5. LacrosseMom (the real one)

    French first lady Carla Bruni, is crude. Mrs. Obama is a lady!

    May 11, 2010 07:58 pm at 7:58 pm |
  6. Nancy

    Easy to see who has the class. Bruni is self-serving and tacky.

    May 11, 2010 08:03 pm at 8:03 pm |
  7. ThinkAgain

    Ah, the French ... so classy ...

    May 11, 2010 08:12 pm at 8:12 pm |
  8. opinionated

    how common of Bruni. how awkward for Michelle Obama.

    May 11, 2010 08:22 pm at 8:22 pm |
  9. Mel

    Way to stay classy, Frenchy!!!

    May 11, 2010 08:25 pm at 8:25 pm |
  10. kate

    Okay... And this juicy gossip is significant to Mr. Obama's first year as leader of the most powerful country in the world? Dishing gossip like this makes Mrs. Obama seem pathetic and low-class.

    But, I guess it's important to detract America's attention away from Mr. Obama's fulfilling the George Bush's legacy and eliminating all Constitutional rights and promoting torture around the world. Mr. Obama will leave a very large legacy – a dictatorial regime that Hitler and Stalin would be proud of. A vote for Mr. Obama turned out to be a vote for communisim.

    May 11, 2010 08:29 pm at 8:29 pm |
  11. Bob of Lompoc

    I have never thought the sexual behavior, straight, gay, fast, slow, rough, simple, whatever, was any of my business. I have also wondered why some people just can't stop from letting everyone know all about their it. I can't call it bragging because they make themselves look so stupid. Good grief Ms. Bruni, why do you think anyone cares?

    May 11, 2010 08:36 pm at 8:36 pm |
  12. Susan L.

    Madame Sarkozy has some issues. Well, maybe in Europe that's not racey, but here, that is not de rigeur. I can't say I've ever known any Europeans who were that open about sex that they'd blurt something like that out upon first meeting someone. It's none of your business, Carla. Maybe Ms. Bruni should have married Silvio Berlusconi, since he's as inappropriate as she is.

    Also, Ms. Bruni, you owe me one bottle of mind bleach. Ms. Bruni is attractive, but her husband - decidedly not. Thinking of the two of them is kind of icky. Mind bleach, please.

    May 11, 2010 08:40 pm at 8:40 pm |
  13. thank you!

    Wow....isn't it nice to hear of that discussion and not be grossed out by the thought of either couple being intimate! World leaders actually young enough to still have a sex life!

    May 11, 2010 08:42 pm at 8:42 pm |
  14. JWN in SC

    First lady Michelle Obama has class.

    May 11, 2010 08:43 pm at 8:43 pm |
  15. Douglas

    This makes clear that Michelle Obama is a world class leader and not simply a woman behind a closed bedroom door. Bruni has no class and is brash and crude to display it. Unfortunately not a role model for any woman.

    May 11, 2010 08:45 pm at 8:45 pm |
  16. SoS

    And the French wonder why the rest of the world sees them as arrogant...

    May 11, 2010 08:57 pm at 8:57 pm |
  17. Jack

    The French just went up a notch in my book...

    May 11, 2010 08:57 pm at 8:57 pm |
  18. Elie H

    Vive la France! Oui Oui...Why am I not surprised? Maybe its because they're French.

    May 11, 2010 08:59 pm at 8:59 pm |
  19. Kyle

    Of course she was shocked – Michelle Obama has class.

    May 11, 2010 09:04 pm at 9:04 pm |