June 13th, 2010
09:13 AM ET
12 years ago

Update: Angle camp calls new Reid ad 'a deception'

Jerry Stacy, spokesperson for Nevada Republican Senate hopeful Sharron Angle, provided the following response to CNN regarding a new ad by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's re-election campaign:

"Harry Reid’s ad is a deception, designed to divert attention from Harry Reid’s own failures during a time when Nevada's unemployment is at a record 13.7 percent that was driven by a botched stimulus that failed to create the jobs Harry Reid promised while driving the federal debt over $13 trillion. Sharron Angle is not one proposing dangerous proposals to the economy; it’s Senator Reid who is – the bailouts, the stimulus, cap and trade, Obamacare, amnesty.

Social Security has become a broken system that Harry Reid is unwilling to sincerely address during all his many terms in office. Sharron believes that the government must continue to keep its contract with seniors, who entered into the system on good faith and now are depending on that contract. Meanwhile, we need to research fresh ideas and free market alternatives which offer other retirement choices to employees and employers, including new personalized programs that can be developed and offered to those still in their wage earning years."

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