July 19th, 2010
01:00 PM ET
10 years ago

How effective is U.S. intel with 1,300 govt. orgs & 2,000 private companies?

 Join the conversation on Jack's blog.

Join the conversation on Jack's blog.

In the nine years since the September 11 terror attacks, the U.S. intelligence community has become so large that it's unmanageable, redundant and inefficient. Not unlike the rest of the federal government.

The Washington Post reports on a stunning two-year investigation of a so-called top secret America that's hidden from the public and lacking in real oversight.


  • There are nearly 1,300 government organizations and 2,000 private companies working in 10,000 locations across the country.
  • There are 854,000 people who have top-secret security clearances.
  • There are 33 building complexes for top-secret work that are under construction or have been built just in Washington, DC since 9/11... totaling 17 million square feet of space.
  • Analysts turn out 50,000 intelligence reports every year... you can bet many of them never get read.
  • And, at least 263 organizations have been created or reorganized as a response to 9/11... that of course means hiring lots and lots of people. But don't ask where Osama bin Laden is… nobody knows.

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