July 20th, 2010
02:32 PM ET
13 years ago

NRCC reports big fundraising haul in June

(CNN) - Congressional Republicans are reporting another big cash-haul for the month of June in what is the latest sign the GOP is benefiting from enthusiasm amongst its supporters as the midterm election season gears up.

The National Republican Congressional Committee says it raised $9 million last month and currently has $17 million cash-on-hand. For the quarter, the NRCC says its raised $21.2 million. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee meanwhile has yet to report its June fundraising haul.

Update, 6:09 p.m.: The DCCC announced for the second quarter it has raised $19.259 million and has $33.783 million cash on hand.

Buoyed by an energetic base and increasing chatter about a possible Republican takeover of the House, the NRCC has neared parity with their Democratic counterparts in fundraising after two cycles of being severely outraised.

But the GOP still remains at a disadvantage when it comes to cash on hand. According to the latest reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission at the end of May, Democrats had $28 million in the bank – $11 million more than the GOP says it currently has stowed away.

News of the NRCC's fundraising comes a week after White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs irked some congressional Democrats when he said on NBC's Meet the Press that it's possible the GOP could take control of the House in November.

"I think there's no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control," said Gibbs. "There's no doubt about that."

In May, the NRCC launched what it's calling "Battleground" fundraising – a push that seeks cash support from House Republicans who can spare to give excess campaign funds to the committee. Several Republicans have responded with pledges to steer funds the NRCC's way, including House Minority Leader John Boehner who says he will pony up $1 million.

–CNN Congressional Producer Deirdre Walsh contributed to this report

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    The same old GOP, spend and borrow.

    Vote NO in NOvember to the party of NO.

    July 20, 2010 02:41 pm at 2:41 pm |
  2. Proud member of Global Zero

    I do not have any money to give to the Democratic Party. What I do is register new voters, make calls, and canvass. I figure one vote is equal to at least $1.00. So far the DNC has made $247.00 from my family.

    P.S. I don't watch TV ads so money spent there is a waste.

    July 20, 2010 02:46 pm at 2:46 pm |
  3. Wil in the VA.

    When you say supporters you mean to say wall street, big corporations, oil companys and the chamber of commerece and a big thank you to the supreme court for making this all possible.

    July 20, 2010 02:49 pm at 2:49 pm |
  4. jimmyjojo

    it's nice that all those unemployed republicans can chip in to boost their party. they really are the party of sacrifice!

    July 20, 2010 03:23 pm at 3:23 pm |
  5. JFS

    I just sent off a $500 check to the DNC...we certainly are not going to allow folks back into Washington that do nothing but say NO. My Scottie can do that and requires food, water, and a friendly hand...even if it comes from the opposition. NO MORE VODOO ECONOMICS from the GOP ...they have made this mess along with their BIG BUSINESS buddies, and now THINK that they can fool us once again and give the BUMS(the GOP) control of Washington. Big Banks,Big Business,and Wall Street actually believe by holding out hiring and spending that Americans will be force into submission and re-vote the GOP back in again...can you imagine the arrogance !!!! DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SILLY POLITICAL TRICKS. The biggest smoke screen id the GOP created Tea Party.....it is just a trick folks. The GOP has NO solutions.

    July 20, 2010 03:40 pm at 3:40 pm |
  6. Peter s

    Did you say "Enthusiasm amongst its supporters as the midterm election season gears up." You are dead wrong its the lobbyist bribing the republicans for later favors!. You see + Lobbyists the wear the same red tie!!

    July 20, 2010 03:47 pm at 3:47 pm |
  7. BeverlyNC

    We need to get a list of who exactly contributes to the Republican Party. It will not be the PEOPLE. Republicans only survive on corporation contributions – who buy their votes. The Republican strategy for America to fail has not worked. Their strategy to keep any Democratic legislation from passing has failed. Corporations have been reigned in by the Democrats in favor of putting the PEOPLE first.

    The Republican Supreme Court may have tried to destroy our democracy of elections by letting corporations give unlimited amounts to Republican candidates – but We the People still have the ultimate power – OUR VOTE.

    I would never waste it on a traitorous Republican. They have betrayed the People, betrayed our nation and did NOTHING to help our nation recover from the disaster they left us from the moron Bush years.

    Democrats are the Party of the People and have worked HARD all year to pass people-helping legislation despite constant Republican obstructionism. Use your vote for the leaders who really care about YOU and about the future of our nation – the DEMOCRATS and President Obama.

    July 20, 2010 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  8. Marie MD

    Why don't I believe them? They are trying to paint themselves in a better position than they are. I wouldn't trust one rethug as far as I can throw him/her with or without diapers a la vitter.

    July 20, 2010 03:56 pm at 3:56 pm |
  9. snow

    So the demorats have more money FOR NOW. They cannot run on their accomplishments because all of them have been against the wishes of the MAJORITY of Americans. It takes less money when you are not the party of tax and spend demorats.

    July 20, 2010 04:03 pm at 4:03 pm |