August 3rd, 2010
04:01 PM ET
12 years ago

Obama to dial into Colorado Democratic Senate battle

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption =" President Obama will participate in a tele-town hall hosted by Senator Michael Bennet Tuesday night."]

Washington (CNN) - With a week to go until Colorado's primary, Sen. Michael Bennet is getting a helping hand from the nation's top Democrat.

Bennett, who faces a very competitive primary challenge from former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff, teams up Tuesday night with President Barack Obama.

The president is scheduled to join a tele-town hall of Colorado residents hosted by Bennet. The White House sent out an email Tuesday afternoon adding the event to Obama's schedule. A Bennett campaign spokesman describes the tele-townhall as a political event.

Bennet remains in the nation's capital this week, as the Senate remains in session before leaving Washington for summer recess. Bennet was plucked out of political obscurity early last year when Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter named him to replace Sen. Ken Salazar, who stepped down to serve as Interior Secretary in the Obama Administration.

As the sitting senator, Bennet enjoys the backing of the national party and the White House. President Obama headlined a fundraiser for Bennet in Colorado early this year and last month he recorded a robocall and sent out an email in support of the senator.

Romanoff has his own big name endorsement. Earlier this summer former President Bill Clinton announced he was backing Romanoff, who he's known since 1992. Romanoff also supported Hillary Clinton's bid for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face off in what's expected to be a competitive general election contest against either former Republican Lt. Gov. Jane Norton or Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck. Both primaries have turned increasingly bitter over the past month.

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  1. Naqib

    Love that look on Bennet's face...

    Oh yea... I'm done... Thanks a lot

    August 3, 2010 04:06 pm at 4:06 pm |
  2. Rick McDaniel

    Maybe those kids in Boulder will have learned a thing or two, since arriving at college....... and watching the Dems make a mess of things.

    Even if you are a Bush basher.......have things really gotten any better??

    Not on your LIFE!

    August 3, 2010 04:13 pm at 4:13 pm |
  3. Jeff from Chicago

    Go obummer!!! The kiss of death on any candidate.

    August 3, 2010 04:14 pm at 4:14 pm |
  4. Angie in Denver

    I went ahead and cast my mail-in ballot for Bennett today.

    August 3, 2010 04:14 pm at 4:14 pm |
  5. ib

    One thing you can always count on Obama to do–campaign– so sad that is the only thing he knows how to do right.

    August 3, 2010 04:18 pm at 4:18 pm |
  6. cocitzen

    This is just one of the reasons Obama is losing the support of his base. Not even George W. Bush injected himself into primary contests. The Democrats of Colorado don't need Obama to tell us who our nominee for the Senate should be. If our current governor had a spine, he would have stood up to the White House and never appointed Michael Bennet in the first place. Andrew Romanoff is going to beat Michael Bennet next Tues. And, the people of Colorado will have the last word.

    August 3, 2010 04:37 pm at 4:37 pm |

    OBOZO thinks the people of COLORADO need to be told what to do, and that they will listen to him.

    What an arrogant fool?

    The "tool" using OBOZO will lose.

    August 3, 2010 04:51 pm at 4:51 pm |
  8. Mark from Louisiana

    Isn't romanoff the guy the white house offered a job to if he would drop out of the race? Looks like he told obama what he could do with that job.

    August 3, 2010 04:54 pm at 4:54 pm |

    I'm a BUSH basher .........and HELL yes things have gotten better.....are u FREAKIN blind......


    August 3, 2010 05:03 pm at 5:03 pm |
  10. Liberals are poison

    Bush asked Toomey not to contest Spector's re-election bid in a primary years ago, but didn't illegally offer Toomey a job. Obama tried to bribe Sestak with a job offer. Obama tried to bribe Romanoff with an illegal job offer. Wait until January 20th, 2011 for the Republicans to start committee investigations for Obama's illegal backroom deals.
    Obama, Reid, Pelosi are the most corrupt politicians we've seen in our lifetime. I can't wait for the public trials of Rangel and Waters right before the November elections. The swamp has new critters that have gotten fat since the democRATs won the congress in 2006.

    August 3, 2010 05:09 pm at 5:09 pm |
  11. Joey Tx

    Kodos to the President for a job well done and continuing. I suppose rescuing the country from economic collapse, fighting two wars, passing health care, financial reform, student loan reform and the list goes on in 20 months is not enough for some and never will be enough. The beat goes on and we will surprise the fools again in November. Keep on Mr. President, one good job deserves another.

    August 3, 2010 05:09 pm at 5:09 pm |
  12. gt

    the strangle hold to getting beat... a jive hand shake form the campainer in chief....

    August 3, 2010 05:16 pm at 5:16 pm |
  13. inofritzn

    Bennett has lost a 28 point lead since the Clinton/Obama endorsement fiasco.

    August 3, 2010 05:24 pm at 5:24 pm |
  14. Eric in Denver

    Two weeks ago Bennett was up 15% in his race vs Romanoff the Socialist. Since Bennet starting advertising with Barack endorsing him he is now losing in the race. Too funny how the Mesiah is killing his own party!!!!!!!

    August 3, 2010 05:28 pm at 5:28 pm |