August 19th, 2010
07:36 PM ET
10 years ago

Palin defends controversial talk show host in Facebook post

[cnn-photo-caption image= caption ="Sarah Palin defended Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Thursday."](CNN) – Sarah Palin defended Dr. Laura Schlessinger on Thursday, comparing her own critics to those who have called for the resignation of the embattled radio talk show host in the wake of Schlessinger's repeated use of the N-word during a broadcast.

Palin's defense of Schlessinger, which Palin posted on her Facebook page, is the second time the former Alaska governor has defended the talk show host. Palin came to Schlessinger's defense on Wednesday via Twitter, telling the radio host: "don't retreat...reload!"

Palin expounded on those thoughts in the Facebook post.

"Does anyone seriously believe that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a racist?" Palin wrote. "Anyone, I mean, who isn't already accusing all conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party Americans, etc., etc., etc. of being racists?"

National furor erupted when Schlessinger used the N-word 11 times in five minutes during an August 10 call with an African-American woman who was seeking advice on how to deal with racist comments from her white husband's friends and relatives. The conversation evolved into a discussion on whether it's appropriate to ever use the word, with Schlessinger arguing it's used on HBO and by black comedians.

Schlessinger apologized the following day, saying, "I was attempting to make a philosophical point, and I articulated the N-word all the way out – more than one time. And that was wrong. I'll say it again – that was wrong."

On Tuesday, Schlessinger told CNN's Larry King she was ending her show and was "regretful" over the incident. The talk show host also said she feels her freedom of speech rights "have been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don't want to debate – they want to eliminate."

On Thursday, Palin said the host's critics were unfair, and that she sympathizes with Schlessinger.

"I can understand how she could feel 'shackled' by those who would parse a single word out of decades of on-air commentary," Palin wrote. "I understand what she meant when she declared that she was 'taking back my First Amendment rights' by turning to a new venue that will not allow others the ability to silence her by going after her stations, sponsors, and supporters."

Palin added, "That's why I tend to defend people who call it like they see it while others stop at nothing to shut them up. I learned this valuable lesson when the partisan obstructionists in my state tried to shackle, bankrupt, and destroy my family and supporters, and my record, with endless frivolous litigation when I returned from the Vice Presidential campaign trail."

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  1. CTYank

    Poor Sarah. Whining yet again with byzantinely opaque mumblings.
    Caribou Quixote attacking windmills of opportunity to keep her name in view. Media-attention ho!
    She is an idiot. (How's that boob-job working for ya?)

    "Dr." Laura should have heard about "live by the sword, die by the sword."

    August 19, 2010 11:19 pm at 11:19 pm |
  2. Klaxon McFlinderginder

    I see that the last 5 candidates Sarah endorsed all lost their elections.

    I see that an organizer in Florida had to book a 609 seat venue because nobody was buying ticket to see Palin at a 3,000 seat venue.

    Well Sarah, as the man said, "Go out where you belong—into the ash heap of history."

    August 19, 2010 11:25 pm at 11:25 pm |
  3. lou

    Isn't she the one who attacked Rahm Emanuel? Said something about ..."We would never tolerate him using The N word."...What's wrong with these people? There's videotape of EVERYTHING!!

    August 19, 2010 11:27 pm at 11:27 pm |
  4. Vern in Ohio

    Yes, Sarah, I do believe the many conservatives, Republicans and Tea Party members ARE racist. Have you not seen the racist signs at Tea Party rallies? So, yes, they are out there-and you always defend them, so what does that say about you, momma grizzley?

    August 19, 2010 11:28 pm at 11:28 pm |
  5. Aaron

    Is there anything that this nutcase doesn't have an opinion on?

    August 19, 2010 11:37 pm at 11:37 pm |
  6. Jody Talbott

    Palin defends Dr. Laura because she is just as racist as Dr. Laura is, it takes one to know one.

    August 19, 2010 11:38 pm at 11:38 pm |
  7. Chris Young

    Just to clarify. The First Amendment does not free or protect someone from the consequences of what they say. It protects them from the government being able to prevent them from saying what they want to say. She is not being censored by the government, and if others are pressuring her to resign, then she has to decide and her sponsors have to decide if it is worth it to continue her show. I don't think she should resign and I think that we are too sensitive in our discourse today, which makes it hard when someone uses inappropriate words when trying to make a larger point. The larger point gets lost. I don't like and never have liked her, and I think what she said was stupid, but I think there's been overreaction. Having said that, nobody's preventing her from speaking her mind, least of all the government. But there are consequences when you are a public figure and you make a mistake in what you say, and those consequences have nothing to do with the First Amendment unless it is the government silencing her, which it is not.

    August 19, 2010 11:38 pm at 11:38 pm |
  8. Elektra

    You lie Palin, God is watching ...

    August 19, 2010 11:39 pm at 11:39 pm |
  9. Djinn

    "Defending" someone who is not a racist does not make this yoyo not a racist.

    August 19, 2010 11:43 pm at 11:43 pm |

    I guess we know what the "real America" comment stood for now. Where does the Tea Party stand on Sarah Palins comments? I am a 41 year old Black male and I say it is never okay to use any derogatory slur whether in jest or to hurt anyone. I have used those terms myself and I am very ashamed of myself when I think about doing so.

    August 19, 2010 11:44 pm at 11:44 pm |
  11. Squigman

    Can not imagine being bored enough, to watch this person, or listen to this person, in any form of media talk or otherwise. It would be a blessing to the nation, if people would be more critical of what they listen to, or view. Maybe the quality of programming would go up, as opposed to down, and the public would be more informed, as opposed to being more divided.

    August 19, 2010 11:47 pm at 11:47 pm |
  12. Anonymous

    Sarah, this is the very reason you are there to be a clown,or perhaps uncensored person VIP, yes we are only human we need censorship.As an example I doubt that whatever comes out of any VIP is not censored . Sarah you Blabah..???. It is the only reason that makes you less of leadership quality. I bet never ever ever ever that your style is not what we depend on to change this country. If only you take our past leaders ques, ............???????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    August 19, 2010 11:49 pm at 11:49 pm |
  13. Nietzsche

    –"she feels her freedom of speech rights "have been usurped by angry, hateful groups who don't want to debate – they want to eliminate."

    And she was one of those haters last week with the Mosque in New York tirade.

    My mother cuts Dr. Laura's hair from time to time and tells me she's a complete witch.

    I don't believe either of these two ladies are any more intelligent than a typical 3 year-old chimpanzee that has been huffing glue.

    August 19, 2010 11:54 pm at 11:54 pm |
  14. Grrr-Awful-O

    Ok, now lets have the liberals show us how to be tolerant...

    August 19, 2010 11:57 pm at 11:57 pm |
  15. Butterfly

    As usual, Sarah Palin doesn't know what she is talking about. The N-word is one of the most degrading in the English language. Dr. Laura used it repeatedly in a conversation with a black woman, who obviously became upset with the use of the word. And dr. Laura then told her if she was so "hypersensitive" she had no sense of humor and she should never "marry outside her race". That last sentence says it all even if her use of the N-word several times did. I hope that Dr. Laura is very ashamed of herself. As for Sarah Palin telling her to "reload", well, I guess Palin went beyond shame a long time ago.

    August 19, 2010 11:57 pm at 11:57 pm |
  16. Kahuna

    Evidently Palin, you just don't get IT. Yes, Dr. Laura is a racist. Yes, saying the "N-Word" on a nationally syndicated radio show, and saying to a black person on top of it, is racist. You can try to blame everyone else and/or the media, but nobody forced Schlessinger to go on and on using the same word that just incites people. Palin, you and Schlessinger are two of a kind. You hardly practice American values.

    August 20, 2010 12:02 am at 12:02 am |
  17. Shannon

    It's sad that people make comedians who make a living by being sensational the standard bearers for an entire race. Just because commedians use the "N" word profusely, it does not make the word ok to use! I am black, I don't watch comedians who use profanity. Neither I nor my friends and family use the "N" word in reference to one another or anyone else. My advice to Dr. Schlessinger and Sarah Palin is to grow up and exercise a little self-control and decorum. To disagree does not mean to disrespect – all God-fearing Christians know that!

    August 20, 2010 12:15 am at 12:15 am |
  18. Cindy

    To everyone that is calling what she said racist –

    It was not racist – It was OFFENSIVE!!!!!!!!!

    August 20, 2010 12:18 am at 12:18 am |
  19. Ndubueze Chuku

    You are a chicken Sarah Palin and that was why you chickened out of the Governor's mansion. Now you go around the country telling lies and backing your racist friends.

    August 20, 2010 12:19 am at 12:19 am |
  20. al

    You betcha! Momma grizzlies have got big cojones, and they'll re-load before they ever retreat. Unless, of course, partisan obstructionists and the liberal media force them to abandon their responsibilities. Or they get a chance to make a few million turning hate-speak and willful ignorance into fame and fortune.

    August 20, 2010 12:21 am at 12:21 am |
  21. kellyss

    Palin wrote, "I would ask the president to show decency in this process by eliminating one member of [his] inner circle, Mr. Rahm Emanuel. The Obama Administration's Chief of Staff scolded [liberal critics] calling them, 'F-ing retarded,' Just as we'd be appalled if any public figure of Rahm's stature ever used the "N-word" or other such inappropriate language, Rahm's slur on all God's children with cognitive and developmental disabilities – and the people who love them – is unacceptable, and it's heartbreaking."

    August 20, 2010 12:24 am at 12:24 am |
  22. TX Democrat

    We all know you don't read Silly Sarah. Before you continue to make a fool of yourself go read the 1st Amendment.

    " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

    The rest of Americans have freedom of speech also. The 1st amendment just don't apply to racist, bigoted white folks.

    August 20, 2010 12:25 am at 12:25 am |
  23. Raul

    Sarah Palin needs psychiatric treatment.

    August 20, 2010 12:29 am at 12:29 am |
  24. Fence Rider

    They're both yesterdays news, CNN. When are you going to move on?

    August 20, 2010 12:32 am at 12:32 am |
  25. Jenny

    The reason Palin agrees with Schlessinger is because I am certain that Palin and her soap opera family use the N word regularly as well.
    What trash!!

    August 20, 2010 12:32 am at 12:32 am |
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