September 17th, 2010
02:37 PM ET
12 years ago

Dem promotes his opposition to Obama

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caption="Democrat Chet Edwards wants to make clear he’s not an ally of Obama."]
(CNN) – Two years is a long time in politics.

The man who was on then-candidate Barack Obama's shortlist for a running mate in 2008 is now touting his staunch opposition to the president.

Democratic Rep. Chet Edwards – the longtime congressman who faces an uphill battle for reelection in his conservative-leaning Texas district - launched a new ad Friday that declares, "When President Obama and Nancy Pelosi pressured Chet Edwards, Chet stood up to them and voted no."

The ad – among the toughest this election cycle from a Democrat who is distancing himself from the president – specifically touts Edwards' no votes on health care reform and cap and trade, as well as several other votes the Democratic leadership has opposed.

"Chet votes with the conservative Chamber of Commerce sixty-seven percent of the time," the ad states.

Edwards, who has represented parts of central Texas (including former President George W. Bush's hometown of Crawford) since 1991, is battling Republican businessman Bill Flores to hold onto his seat. Polling is sparse, but some have suggested Edwards is down by more than 10 points.

Flores has repeatedly attempted to link Edwards with Washington Democrats in this cycle of anti-incumbency, launching a recent ad that said, "Chet's silent about voting with Nancy Pelosi 96 percent of the time."

Megan Jacobs, Edwards' communication's director, said the congressman will continue to show his distance from his Democratic colleagues back in Washington.

"We've always talked about how Chet is an independent, and will continue to do so," she told CNN.

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  1. Bobbo

    Nate – you are the definition of a dem. good writtens? That is hilarious. Also, loose is like when a knot is loose. I think you were trying to say lose, like when a team loses at a given sport. All dems are completely uneducated, or should I say unedjumicated. The fact that there isn't one democrat that has put out an ad on tv championing their passing of health care shows that they are afraid to do it. They are afraid because the country never wanted this bogus bill that creates entitlement programs. Stimulus bill is a failure, health care will be the ultimate demise of this country, Obama is the biggest failure since Jimmy Carter. Obama apologizes to other countries, bows down to kings, places emphasis on Israel instead of terrorists, creates trillions of dollars of entitlement programs, and you all still like him? I was man enough to admit that Bush was a horrible president, but all of you aren't man enough to admit when Obama is screwing up. It just shows how out of touch you all are with reality.

    September 17, 2010 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  2. Patti in Dallas

    Chet Edwards has always been the "emergency Republican" in the Texas Democratic Congressional delegation. None of us here are surprised in the least.

    September 17, 2010 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  3. Eimerd Marin County

    What ever is in the water in Texas I wouldn't touch it.
    Seams that only the selfish butheads can be elected
    in that State. Ann Richards was the last honorable and
    smart politician elected in that state and she lost to what
    ended up the most unpopular president in US history.

    September 17, 2010 03:48 pm at 3:48 pm |
  4. Chuckie

    Obama-Worst President Ever!

    September 17, 2010 03:49 pm at 3:49 pm |
  5. justintime

    Repeal Obamacare! Until you find yourself in a hospital bed with a bill that's too much for even some"rich' folks to pay. Then what, Bankruptcy. i want to know from all of these people who oppose it, WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION?

    September 17, 2010 03:51 pm at 3:51 pm |
  6. cecilia

    this is all about your reelection good buddy and not so much about what is good for America – hell you might as well be a Republican – don't let the door hit you in the arse as you leave

    September 17, 2010 03:52 pm at 3:52 pm |
  7. Leonard Chan

    This is actually rather consistent of Chet, and not political opportunism unlike what people that just read this article and nothing more assume. He's voting record over the years has been consistent. More of a moderate and pragmatist than anything else, he has represented his district well over the years. He's not from my district, but please do some research before commenting.

    September 17, 2010 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  8. Naqib


    The Dems are starting to eat their own...

    Get the popcorn... this is getting fun

    September 17, 2010 03:54 pm at 3:54 pm |
  9. Andrew

    Yes Nate, that's right! Party before country and people!

    September 17, 2010 03:55 pm at 3:55 pm |
  10. Brian in MD

    All these great "accomplishments" and yet the Dems campaign against them or do not mention them at all. Makes one think the "accomplishments" were'nt so great afterall. Amongst other issues, Obamacare is the biggest iceberg that is going to sink the US.

    September 17, 2010 03:57 pm at 3:57 pm |
  11. ronalde

    another weak democrat,let him go over to the tea party.

    September 17, 2010 03:59 pm at 3:59 pm |
  12. soney2

    All those GOP contenders who is jumping on the bandwaggon to be
    President, Make them President today and we would all see if they could
    do better than Obama. Deal them the same hand that was dealt to Obama and see how play it.
    They are nothing but a bunch of opportunist and wannabees.
    They scrutanise every thing the president do everything he says, I am sick
    and tired of all the negative things towards this President.
    For one year and eight and a half months I have not seen are heard something said positively about this President,So this begin to look like a conspiracy. And guest what? he is the hardest working President in my lifetime,And that speaks volumes. 88.

    September 17, 2010 04:05 pm at 4:05 pm |
  13. brian

    What happens after all this manufactured noise and blatant disrespect for the presidency yields no fruit for the R's. Americans are engaged on both sides. The (R) are the ones yelling fire in a theater, and we all waiting for someone to escort them out . Have a great day.

    September 17, 2010 04:08 pm at 4:08 pm |
  14. gg

    Democrats STAY FOCUS! be united and vote this idiot out don't let those GOPs and tea baggers to scared you. GO OUT AND VOTE.

    September 17, 2010 04:09 pm at 4:09 pm |
  15. Dennis

    I think he's a goner, no matter how fast he runs from Obama.

    September 17, 2010 04:11 pm at 4:11 pm |
  16. Patsy, Texas

    Chet Edwards has done a lot of good for Veterans, and I hope he wins
    because the alternative is worse. Can't vote for him now, but did
    before the Pubs moved him out of my district so they could take over
    everything. I am disappointed, however, that he turned on the President
    just like the Pubs are running from Bush. Bush deserves it, Obama
    does not.
    Also, CNN Ticker, why only room for one comment regarding the
    GOP "slamming" the Dems? If these are the up-and-comers of the
    Republican party, they need to check their own skeletons before
    declaring "moral foundation" as their own. They are hardly "new",
    they are old, stale, Newt is a joke (moral?) haha. Then we have the
    wonderful racist Paladino, the porn operator contributing to Paul,
    O'Donnell paying her mother, Angle so far out and over the moon, who
    knows what she is talking about. Morals? I think not.

    September 17, 2010 04:14 pm at 4:14 pm |
  17. Orange, Texas

    Anytime he didn't vote with Pelosi was when she gave him a pass because she had enough votes without his. This was to give him cover in his district. He is Nancy Pelosi's lap dog and Obama's too. Go Flores!

    September 17, 2010 04:18 pm at 4:18 pm |
  18. Jeff Spangler

    What I'd like see is a fringe third party of Dems called the Cannabis Buds who stand against the President, the Speaker and the Majority Leader for their lack of leadership and plethora of dumb ideas. Not that Dems in Congress have any room to criticize anyone on leadership or dumb ideas.

    September 17, 2010 04:21 pm at 4:21 pm |
  19. Shawn-ga

    I applaud anyone who votes for what his/her constitutes want and not along party line. If there were more on both "sides" then there would be no need for the TeaParty to voice out against BOTH parties when they see someone going against the will of the people and they are doing just that.

    September 17, 2010 04:23 pm at 4:23 pm |
  20. Laverne

    I hope he loses big time. I wish dems could comphrehend that at this point distanting yourself from the party is a lost cause. You better stand up and stand together if you plan on having any chance of holding on to your seats. It is nothing worse than a coward and his guy is just that, LOSER!

    September 17, 2010 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  21. Shawn-ga

    nate September 17th, 2010 2:57 pm ET
    If he lacks the fortitude to stand up for his parties principles then he deserves to loose, and good writtens.

    That right there is what is wrong with politics these days... Party principles?

    How about voting along what your constituents want you to?? You know the people they WORK FOR!! That has been forgotten the Government works for us not the other way around.

    September 17, 2010 04:25 pm at 4:25 pm |
  22. jay

    Another turncoat blue dog coward,go to the other side.

    September 17, 2010 04:27 pm at 4:27 pm |
  23. kyle from ohio

    Wait a minute; This should be seen as it really is; The Dem's are a inclusive party, were even Moderate Repub or Blue Dog Dem are welcome,( which is why the Dem's debate amoung one another, and do not always have a party-line vote)

    We after all are Americans. Unlike the Current Repub being so exclusive and wanting their country back (from who i do not know, Oh yes the Chinese the holders of our Debt)

    September 17, 2010 04:29 pm at 4:29 pm |
  24. Thomas Jefferson

    Let him run who cares he is not a real democrat any how. It's funny how most of these politicians stand for themselves and not their constituents. Chet is just trying to survive he should lose he's just a republican pretending to be a democrat 24/7.

    September 17, 2010 04:30 pm at 4:30 pm |
  25. water bearer

    Oh Chet you are so wrong about this. We Democrats understand that now, more than ever, we have to stand together to make sure that the TeaPublicans do not drag our country back to the abyss. Make no mistake, Chet, if YOU don't understand that . . . we will make sure you lose. And this stunt is not going to garner you enough TeaPublican votes to make up for the amount of Democratic votes you are going to lose!

    September 17, 2010 04:31 pm at 4:31 pm |
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