September 26th, 2010
12:15 PM ET
12 years ago

Candy's post-game analysis

So, today's show. I think I would start with Senator Dick Durbin. I was interested in the fact that he doesn't think there's any difference between President Obama and candidate Obama in terms of relating to the American people. Basically blamed it all on the Republicans saying they are the ones that are responsible for the tone in Washington. Pressed about whether the Democrats have any culpability here he said 'well I wouldn't say we've done it perfectly' but basically the message still is what it's been, “Republicans, Republicans, Republicans try to get in the way of everything we do.” Also thought it was interesting talking about what would define a good night on election night for Democrats - the minimalist approach. He just wants to hold on to both sides of Congress so he may get that wish, he may not, particularly on the House side. That is now what is defining a good night for Democrats. Which pretty much tells you where we are in an election season that seems to favor Republicans.

Moving on to the Republican women. I think when defending the "Pledge to America" that the Republicans rolled out, what we see here is that this really was a document of sort of principles that actually wasn't all inclusive of things that other Republicans wanted to see like a balanced budget amendment. Their defense is, “well this is for the immediate what we'd do, not what we want to do down the line.”

Sen. Joe Lieberman, I guess what I liked about that interview was certainly his take that he believes the tax cut extensions for Bush era tax cuts will in fact take place. That in fact they will extend them for the middle class and for perhaps a year or so for the wealthiest. Well now that happens to be what Sen. Lieberman wants so maybe he weighted a little, but I thought that was interesting. Also interesting that he does not think that Hamid Karzai is bipolar as is alleged by some folks in the White House as reported by Bob Woodward in his new book. So that's where I pretty much stand on today's show.

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