October 18th, 2010
04:45 PM ET
12 years ago

Palin to GOP: 'man up'

(CNN) - Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had a message for the GOP Monday – "man up" and support the Tea Party.

"The bigwigs in the machine they're driving me crazy because they're too chicken to support the Tea Party candidates," Palin said at a Tea Party kick-off rally in Nevada. "The ideas of the Tea Party movement are the American ideals that will put us back to work."

Palin told the crowd they need to support Tea Party candidates for the good of America's future.

"We don't work for you anymore, Mr. Reid enjoy your retirement. We don't work for you anymore Nancy Pelosi, you're fired," Palin said. "And Mr. Obama and your czars you're next because now we can see 2012 from our house."

Monday's speech in Reno was another stop for Palin as she travels the country supporting the Tea Party movement. She was in California with Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele on Saturday.

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  1. NameConverted Dem

    Palin confirms my decision to relinquish my Republical affiliation back when "W" was running.

    October 18, 2010 07:18 pm at 7:18 pm |
  2. KSHohman

    We are not red states and blue states. WE are the UNITED STATES. Its is time that we all start acting like it. The far right and far left DO NOT speak for us. They speak for their own twisted ideals. We as a country do need reforms , but dont throw the baby out with the bath water. The TEA party is worst of the fearmongers. They do nothing to help the real problems of our country. The GOP does need to man up and take their party back so we can have real national debates on how to fix it. We have always been a country of many voices, but we can not let those who yell the loudest be the only ones heard. If we do then democrocy is dead. Dont vote for Palins cronies , they have nothing to offer but fear. These are indeed dark times for our country but the TEA is NOT a shinning light of salvation only a black hole of fear.

    October 18, 2010 07:18 pm at 7:18 pm |
  3. T'SAH from Virginia

    That's right GOP – "Man UP" because the Master has spoken. Man UP and go far right and join the Tea Party and see how the Independents will vote on that!!!!

    Please November 2010 hurry up and get here!!!! Then we can deal with PALIN trying to collect everyone she has endorsed and RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!

    This is T'SAH from Virginia and I approve this message!!

    October 18, 2010 07:20 pm at 7:20 pm |
  4. bluemeat

    Man up, the Quitter tells all. What a joke.

    October 18, 2010 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  5. ron

    Who opened Pandora's box and let this woman out.

    October 18, 2010 07:23 pm at 7:23 pm |
  6. Mike

    Yah it's time. Let's get it done. There is alot to fix. Gotta have balls to get criticized by the media and whoever else.

    October 18, 2010 07:30 pm at 7:30 pm |
  7. JustHuman51

    Sex still sells so dang well in America. If Sarah P. was an overweight 67 year old woman with sagging body parts and a wrinkly face, do you really think she'd be getting all this attention? I think not....that's why the GOP also puts a fairly "hot" younger lady along with the two old guys (like me) in their commercial for Richard Burr in NC. Someday, maybe we will be smart enough to look below the surface and maybe politicians will really be honest. Until then, the media, the ad agencies and the power brokers are the ones who win every election....

    October 18, 2010 07:34 pm at 7:34 pm |
  8. JustHuman51

    And while I'm at it, thanks to the SCOTUS, we are now headed in the direction of Major League Baseball and we will have the best government that money can buy. How does that sit with you Tea Partiers who are SOOO protective of the Constitution. Do you really believe this is what the Founding Fathers intended? How do you all even sleep at night....hypocrites.

    October 18, 2010 07:39 pm at 7:39 pm |
  9. DanteX

    I wish this IDIOT would SHUT-UP – Palin is a national DISGRACE.

    October 18, 2010 07:55 pm at 7:55 pm |
  10. Sean

    Coming from a cowardly crybaby who always plays the victim every time she is criticized and never gives interviews outside of FOX News, I'd take "man up" as a compliment.

    October 18, 2010 08:05 pm at 8:05 pm |
  11. Ron

    Bye-bye rethuglican party! You got punked by an airhead. LOL You wanted to win elections more than you wanted your party to survive. Now bow down to the likes of Palin, Miller, Paul, Limbaugh, and O'Donnell. Oops, almost forgot Demint.

    October 18, 2010 08:06 pm at 8:06 pm |
  12. mjm

    The more this woman speaks the more stupid she sounds!

    October 18, 2010 08:13 pm at 8:13 pm |
  13. kara

    She's so full of hate, and so are her supporters, God help them.

    October 18, 2010 08:15 pm at 8:15 pm |
  14. kara

    btw, what tea party ideas is she talking about? I haven't seen a single solid idea from the lot of them.
    They're all campaigning against imaginary tax hikes, imaginary loss of gun rights, an imaginary gay agenda, and in favour of preserving a constitution which they want to amend in several places, and in favour of laws that would lead to women being investigated for manslaughter when they have a miscarraige!
    I've seen a lot of shouting and ranting, but very few ideas, they have no actual economic agenda, just a lot of slogans.
    This year may make history as the first time that politicians are able, with the collusion of the media, to take office without putting forward a single solitary plan.
    Only in America.

    October 18, 2010 08:22 pm at 8:22 pm |
  15. vgal

    If by "time tested common sense principles that work" she is referring to the Bush tax cuts that led to an economic meltdown, she can sell her message elsewhere. I think I'll still with Warren Buffet on this one – at least he's proven himself.

    It just amazes me that people actually follow her and listen to her. I try really hard to understand the tea party mantra of "we want people like us" running the country. Really? I'd prefer the same people running the country that I'd want running a business. And that is NOT you, tea partiers.

    October 18, 2010 08:39 pm at 8:39 pm |
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