October 29th, 2010
02:16 AM ET
12 years ago

Meek still in Florida Senate race; Crist sought deal

(CNN) - Questions linger over whether former President Bill Clinton asked Democrat Rep. Kendrick Meek to end his Senate bid in Florida and what role the White House may have had in the discussions.

The allegations bubbled up Thursday when Republican-turned-independent Senate candidate, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, said he spoke with Meek and "several people" at the White House about having Meek step out of the race.

Crist, who appeared on Fox News, would not specify whom he spoke to at the White House, but said he spoke to Meek about the possible shift and that Meek was "considering it."


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  1. ehwilson429

    Crist has been told by his 'wife'/beard that she is gone if he is out of office.
    she's the publicity hound Palm Beach maven that McCian forced him to marry
    if he had any chance as McCain's VP.

    McCain did not want the ol' auntie charge against the white-top as he is called in The tampa nightlife scene.

    October 29, 2010 02:32 am at 2:32 am |
  2. jules sand-perkins

    Obama appears to put his own political aspirations ahead of any agenda he might have to further African-American involvement in government, as in his discouragement of the present Govenor of New York and now of Kendrick Meek.
    Is this an indication that Obama is simply free of racism? Perhaps, seeing his actions in the most favorable light possible.
    Changing the gels on that lighting, it might be said that Obama is willing to use the racist opposition of others to his own political advantage.

    October 29, 2010 04:56 am at 4:56 am |
  3. Fair is Fair

    Pretty obvious that the purpose of this "leak" (yeah, right) is to sway wishy-washy Meek supporters over to Crist. What a joke the democratic party has become.

    October 29, 2010 07:52 am at 7:52 am |
  4. T'SAH from Virginia

    After reviewing this interview – the Media ALWAYS try to involve President Obama!!! Every time the MEDIA hears that the WH was involved in conversations and/or decisions – they want to POINT their finger at President Obama???!!!!!! Speaking to someone at the White House 'does not' mean it has to be President Obama!!!

    Meek mentioned this morning on Tom Joyner Morning Show w/Roland Martin that he 'will not' drop out the race! He feels he owe it to his constituents and he will fight to the end. I embrace his courage but he is not going to win – the numbers do not add up. He also stated that Crist was the initiator of the 'dropout' conversation; along with other newsworthy organizations – which prompted Bill Clinton to ask Meek if that was his decision; Clinton heard it through the AIRWAVES?!! Meek verified what President Clinton said – the decision was left up to him!!

    To Meek – good luck in your future and I commend you on your efforts. Regardless as to whether or not you STAY IN or DROP OUT – this would hopefully help CRIST win over RUBIO. In my opinion, it's about STOPPING the FAR-RIGHT whose main goal is to “NOT COMPROMISE” and “DESTROY” President Obama even though it isn’t even warranted. Their politics has NOTHING to do with the Economy – Jobs – Education – Health Care – Financial Reform – DADT, etc. – it’s all about OBSTRUCTION and DESTRUCTION!!!

    DEMOCRATS in FL – Get out and VOTE and keep the FAR-RIGHT from taking over!!!!

    This is T'SAH from Virginia and I approve this message!!

    October 29, 2010 08:14 am at 8:14 am |