November 1st, 2010
04:53 PM ET
12 years ago

Final predictions in battle for Congress

Washington (CNN) - On the eve of the midterm elections, one of the top non-partisan political handicappers is upping its prediction of how many seats the Republicans will win back in the House of Representatives.

The Cook Political Report Monday forecast a net gain of 50 to 60 seats for the Republicans in the House, with higher gains possible. The Cook Report was previously forecasting a net gain of 45 to 55 seats for the GOP.

"The midterm maelstrom pulling House Democrats under shows no signs of abating," says the Cook Political Report.

The Republicans need a net gain of 39 seats to win back control of the chamber from the Democrats, who have held the House and the Senate for the last four years.

Another top non-partisan political handicapper, the Rothenberg Political Report, is forecasting a net gain of 55 to 65 seats for the Republicans, with gains at or above 70 seats possible.

The largest midterm House loss for the president's party over the past half century came in 1994, when the GOP won back 52 seats to retake the House, and the Senate as well.

Twelve years later the Democrats won back control of the chamber with a net gain of 30 seats, as well as taking back the Senate.

In the battle for control of the Senate, Cook is predicting a net gain of six to eight seats for the GOP, down from seven to nine seats. Rothenberg is also forecasting a net gain of six to eight seats for the Republicans. The GOP needs a net gain of 10 seats to reclaim control of the Senate, which it lost four years ago.

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  1. Marko

    Republicans in control of the house and then put that with the new party of "No", the Democrats and we are in for another 2 years of games, one-upsmanship and absolutely nothing done. So that is the great "Change" that everyone is voting into office tomorrow. That is shooting yourself in the foot with your anger. Talk about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That equals voting in the republican party......again.

    November 1, 2010 06:05 pm at 6:05 pm |
  2. mia jones

    people have short memories for the lying bush presidency when he almost bankrupt the country. ou present administration resusitated the economy, the mid-west car companies and gave health care to the majority along with extending their benefits. and you want to vote them out for upholding the moral values of our country. daily criticism of the administration led by fox news and others to demoralize all who disagree. shame on the arrogant self-righteous minority. go out and vote to preserve what you have.

    November 1, 2010 06:08 pm at 6:08 pm |
  3. King

    The repugs got the house now let me see if they build upon what Obama started or tear it down. The American people have rewarded them for one of the most despicable behavior history have ever seen. These white suburbanites with their fareful mentality have made fox entertainment news with their paronoid lies and deceptions have made them vote against their own self interest. Now the middle class is in perils.

    November 1, 2010 06:38 pm at 6:38 pm |
  4. conoclast

    Having voted straight Democrat I shall now attempt to stay drunk until Wednesday. If come tomorrow the corporations have indeed succeeded in buying this election then the question arises: why waste further time with the "democracy" myth?

    November 1, 2010 06:45 pm at 6:45 pm |
  5. Vote GOP - Greed Over People

    So, the GOP picks up 54 seats in the House, those were simply the former "blue dog" Democrats that have been replaced by cons brave enough to state they are republikkkans publicly.

    No cowering cons in Dem's clothing, right Blanche?

    November 1, 2010 07:01 pm at 7:01 pm |
  6. ToGetherWeStand

    Someone wake me up in 2014, when Dems take the House back!!!!!

    November 1, 2010 07:02 pm at 7:02 pm |
  7. Joey

    Going to be a GREAT GOP night!!!

    November 1, 2010 07:10 pm at 7:10 pm |
  8. D. Bunker

    the phony landline polls our so-called "liberal" media has been pushing, apparently to discourage Dem turnout, Kaine could be right. The mask is off the traitorous corporate lackeys that make up the GOBP. They have no viable ideas, only a slavish devotion to their failed cult of deregulation, tax cuts for the ultrarich and global unfair trade. They care only about their own personal wealth and furthering the goals of their faceless and nameless corporate backers. They certainly have NO interest whatsoever in helping the average hardworking Main St. American. Vote accordingly, and lets shock the pollsters.

    November 1, 2010 07:22 pm at 7:22 pm |
  9. ronald mcloughlin

    Absolutely boring. We shud try the British form of democracy. there's no sanity to the constant, constant repetition and the waste of $$$ that cud be better spent on creating jobs or eliminating out deficit. But then the American electorate is handled like children!

    November 1, 2010 07:41 pm at 7:41 pm |
  10. john in cal

    It's sad to see how the American people seem to forget that those that got us into this mess have no idea how to unravel the snarles that they created, but hey that's ok, we'll vote them back into power. Such ninnies we are. we deserve the depression that these kooks are about to bring down on us. America is truly gone.

    November 1, 2010 07:46 pm at 7:46 pm |
  11. Tom

    I hope these polls are correct and the conservatives win in a landslide because Obama and his liberal henchmen have totally DESTROYED our country ! Our children and grandchildren will never recover.

    November 1, 2010 07:49 pm at 7:49 pm |
  12. King

    Hey dem have done an outstanding Job of creating an environment to progress but they were sabotaged by the repugs and big corporations. They were handed all the ingredient for them to creat jobs from the democrats but the repugs convince them to play politics, instead of taking the money they profitted from the people they opted to put trillions of dollars on the sideline. The repugs excuse was that there was uncertainty about the bush tax cut. That was one of the worst excuses I've ever heard. The reality is corporations are planning to spend their bounty abroad. Because they feel that mainstreet mediocre demand power is not enough to sustain them. That's why the repugs are goon to deregulate them so can get into china billions of people demand power. That's why Obama is trying to tax them so the government get some of that money for mainstreet, but the stupid americans are fighting against their own self interest now mainstreet will be left out the loop as china takes the last bit of job America has and the rich will keep piling up wads of cash on the side line. There nothing mainstreet can do because how can you compete with china this is how the free market works baby.

    November 1, 2010 07:50 pm at 7:50 pm |