November 2nd, 2010
11:59 PM ET
12 years ago

Blumenthal wrestles victory from McMahon

(CNN) - As the dust settles in Connecticut's U.S. Senate race tonight, there is talk of unity but also some residual sparring over money.

Republican Linda McMahon, a former pro-wrestling executive, defended her decision to spend tens of millions of dollars of her own money on her campaign, calling it, "An investment that I hoped would be for the people of Connecticut." "I believe I delivered," McMahon told reporters, "I absolutely do believe that we have Washington listening more and hopefully, we have our state legislature listening more."

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McMahon's money is the first thing Democratic Senator-elect Richard Blumental mentioned in his victory speech: "You know something? I have something money can't buy: I have you. And Connecticut today had an election not an auction."

Money aside, both candidates were gracious when they looked ahead to the problems facing the country.

"To Mrs. McMahon and Republicans across the state, I say I welcome your help," Blumenthal told his supporters, "I urge you to join in this work ahead and I will reach out to everyone in the state of Connecticut whether you were with me or not. We are all in these fights together."

"Every day in this campaign, someone said to me Washington isn't listening," said Blumenthal, "I'll tell you I'm listening and I will make Washington listens to Connecticut

During her concession speech, McMahon stopped her supporters from booing when she told them she'd offered Blumenthal her support. "Each of us, because we carry a love for this state and for our country in our hearts we are all going to be supportive of our newly-elected officials because we want them all to succeed."

Then she added, "I'm not going to fade into the woodwork. You'll probably see me around."

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