November 11th, 2010
11:45 PM ET
12 years ago

Gingrich's plan

(CNN) - Newt Gingrich has a 10-year plan for America and it may or may not include him running for president.

"Rejection doesn't fix a center-left coalition," Gingrich said. "We have to decide we're going to replace the left."

He said the replacement strategy isn't just a plan for the next two years.

"We have to think in terms of January 2021," he said.

In his first speech since the Republican electoral victory in the midterm elections, the former House Speaker told a crowd in Dallas, Texas, that he and his wife, Callista, have important decisions to make in the few months - presumably over whether he will make a run for the White House. But he also said the future of America isn't about him.

"I would ask you to pray not for us, but for our country," Gingrich said. "If we can arouse a community of faith, a community of believers, a community of patriots, then the job Callista and I will have to do will be very easy."

The speech was sprinkled with historical anecdotes and jabs at the Democratic Party, and detailed his history of public service and childhood as the son of a career soldier. But it also encouraged the audience to think about a Republican takeover in broad terms.

"If we truly want a wave of change that ends a majority system that has been around since 1932, the wave can't be the Oval Office. Not that the presidency isn't important, and not that I may not come back here another day and talk to you about a different topic, but that that topic by itself is too narrow," Gingrich said. "The only way the presidency matters is if there's a wave of citizens."

Even though he didn't address a presidential run directly, the hour-long speech laid out his stances on education, the economy, unemployment, bankruptcy and even the post office, as well as his feelings toward the current administration.

"The choice we want to offer in 2012 is very straight," Gingrich said. "If you think your children ought to have food stamps, you have a party you should vote for. And if you think your children ought to have a paycheck and own their own business, you have a party you ought to vote for."

He said you can track the decline of the economy to the "years of [Nancy] Pelosi and [Harry] Reid," and predicted the economy would get better once Republicans take control of the House.

"Obama will promptly claim credit for having adopted Republican polices and he will hope we don't notice," Gingrich said.

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  1. Henry Miller, Libertarian

    "...a community of faith, a community of believers, a community of patriots..."

    When Republicans actually stick to their one-time and maybe future philosophy of fiscal restraint–after having repudiated it for almost a decade–I tend to like what they say, but when they bring up their idiot bible-thumping about "faith" and "believers" my enthusiasm vanishes.

    "Faith" is simply the self-deception of believing the unbelievable, and how can I accept the soundness of the reasoning of people so able to convince themselves that observable truth and what the wish was true are synonymous?

    If Republicans want to practice their silly superstition, that's their business, but, like any vice, it should be practised in private.

    November 12, 2010 07:47 am at 7:47 am |
  2. Rob

    "may or may not include HIS running for president." Please use the possessive, not the objective, before a gerund. Thanks.

    November 12, 2010 08:05 am at 8:05 am |
  3. Jason B.

    Could someone please tell me what the problem is with being a darn moderate anymore? Good grief, to read this you'd think Gingrich would like to flat outlaw anything that isn't far-right based. "We want smaller government! Unless it's got anything at all to do with your own body and then we'll tell you exactly what we want you to do!" "Tax cuts for the rich! Cause if we make our billionaires into super billionaires, .00001% of Americans will make more money too!"

    November 12, 2010 08:06 am at 8:06 am |
  4. russ soper

    Ever the cliche politician, Gingrich rails against the 'other' party everyday – even when his own party has executed the same policies – particularly when during his former tenure as speaker of the house. A complete hypocrite and just another spin doctor – unfortunately many Americans fall for his rhetoric. The GOP (and America) can certainly do better than this – don't we have anybody better to run for President? ugh..

    November 12, 2010 08:11 am at 8:11 am |
  5. slipthalo

    Perhaps a better 10 year plan would be to replace Gingrich and his cohorts?

    November 12, 2010 08:12 am at 8:12 am |
  6. D. Bunker

    The Gingrich plan in a nutshell: Gin up some more fear and ignorance. Lie a lot. Claim to support "family values" while acting like a sleazebag.

    November 12, 2010 08:13 am at 8:13 am |
  7. Tony C

    Yeah,we have heard all this before (uh remember the 90's) these guys are worse than the democrats,they preached all this garbage before and had control of the house for 12 yrs,and look where THEIR leadership got us. Why the american people put the shovel back in the hands of the people in the bottom of the hole,that dug us into this mess in the first place...I will never understand!!

    November 12, 2010 08:24 am at 8:24 am |
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