Obama a one-termer, says Cheney
January 17th, 2011
10:22 PM ET
10 years ago

Obama a one-termer, says Cheney

(CNN) – It's been months since he has given a media interview, but former Vice President Dick Cheney is making clear his sharp opinions on President Obama haven't changed.

In his first interview since undergoing heart surgery last July, Cheney told NBC News he still expects Obama will be voted out of office in 2012.

"I think he embarked upon a course of action when he became president that did not have as much support as he thought it did," said Cheney in the interview airing Monday and Tuesday.

Cheney, whose considerable weight loss took many by surprise when he publicly appeared at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Bush library last fall, added Obama has proven himself to be out of touch with the role of the private sector in creating jobs.

"I think his overall approach to expanding the size of government, expanding the deficit, and giving more and more authority and power to the government over the private sector is a lack of– sort of a feel for the role of the private sector in– in creating jobs, in creating wealth and getting our economy back on track. Those are all weaknesses, as I look at Barack Obama. And I think he'll be a one term president," he said.

Cheney also addressed the Arizona shootings and the efforts by some to blame the events on the charged political atmosphere.

"I think we have to be a little bit careful here– about a rush to judgment," he said. "Trying to explain the event when we don't really know everything we need to know in order to be able to make sort of a final judgment. There's a lot more I'd like to know about the man who was the perpetrator of this awful crime."

Cheney also discussed his own health in the interview with NBC, saying he has yet to decide if he will elect to have a heart transplant. He currently uses a heart pump to stay alive, a device that ordinarily is not used for more than a couple of years.

"I haven't made a decision yet," said Cheney when asked if he will pursue a transplant. "The technology (of the heart pump) was originally developed to provide a transition. To take somebody who's reached the point where they needed a transplant but a transplant wouldn't immediately be available, so they put this in as a temporary measure.

"What's happened over time is the technology's gotten better and better and we've gotten more and more experience with people living with this technology. So I'll have to make a decision at some point whether or not I want to go for a transplant. But we haven't addressed that yet," he continued

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  1. ficheye

    I hear that there have been great achievements as far as using the organs of pigs for transplantation purposes. This could be his big opportunity to get a little closer to his roots.

    January 18, 2011 01:25 am at 1:25 am |
  2. Joe E.

    Mr. Cheney's new lean look belies the same twisted mind of his healthier mien as US VP. His doctors may be able to stave off a fatal heart attack, but the effort is moot. He has never had a heart, just a muscle pump that circulates blood. I truly feel sorry for the man. All he has endeavored to achieve is being progressively unwound and the deep wounds are being healed. Go! Settle back in your rocker and chew the ends of your schemes. You have managed to cause more than half of the nation's people to revile you. How sad! How truly Sad.

    January 18, 2011 01:26 am at 1:26 am |
  3. Jeff - Sarasota, Florida

    He is so clueless... Considering how the Republicans claim the rich needed the tax breaks extended to create jobs, yet Cheney and Bush originally implemented this tax break 4 years ago and that is basically when the economy started tanking and jobs started dying off, so it is obvious he has no clue on job creation any more than the rest of the Republicans... But what really amazes me is how the people can't seem to see that the tax breaks for the rich didn't help create jobs the first 4 years they were in effect yet they believe they will now...

    Chaney or any Republican talking about anyone elses attempts to create new jobs is like the kettle calling the pot black, considering the jobs were lost when the Republicans were in the White house...

    January 18, 2011 01:30 am at 1:30 am |
  4. mcketten

    Personally, I think if the Tea Party continues to be a disruptive force in the GOP then Cheney will be wrong – if the Tea Party goes away prior to the start of the election season (doubtful) Cheney will probably be right. So far the Tea Party has handed Obama everything he needs for a second term: a possible opponent who has just enough clout to get the nomination but not enough to remotely get close to being electable (Sarah Palin), a divided lame-duck legislature that will give Obama the chance to appear to be a "peace maker" and someone who "reaches across the aisles"; and, finally, enough violent and poisoned rhetoric to make any non-Tea Party candidate look sane and reasonable to the average voter.

    January 18, 2011 01:32 am at 1:32 am |
  5. Larry Freeman

    Dick Cheney has been wrong so many times and people still listen to him. It's amazing. I wasn't sure if Obama was going to be re-elected until this announcement.

    I think that we need to add a new vocabulary word. The "DIck Cheney Effect". This is a situation where someone is continuously wrong about their predictions and yet with their next prediction, they garner attention. It is an invaluable skill in business and politics and it's mind-blowing when it occurs.

    January 18, 2011 01:34 am at 1:34 am |
  6. Greenspam

    Break silence? Come on now. Cheney has been criticizing President Obama since day one and only stopped the last few months because of surgery. Now, he feels better and he criticizes Obama again. I would not call that "breaking silence".

    January 18, 2011 01:49 am at 1:49 am |
  7. Thinks2010

    Clearly Mr. Cheney has not fully awakened from the anesthesia. He keeps attributing the failed policies and results of the Bush administration to the Obama administration.

    January 18, 2011 01:52 am at 1:52 am |
  8. sher

    Obama needs another term to undo the mess Bush/Cheney et al got us into!

    January 18, 2011 01:56 am at 1:56 am |
  9. harry

    "I think we have to be a little bit careful here– about a rush to judgment," he said. "Trying to explain the event when we don't really know everything we need to know in order to be able to make sort of a final judgment. There's a lot more I'd like to know about the man who was the perpetrator of this awful crime."
    Interesting what he said about this
    But did nothing of this sort when 911 happened and he rushed to invade a country that had nothing to do with it..
    Hmmmm...our leaders never stop to amaze me.

    January 18, 2011 02:02 am at 2:02 am |
  10. Toccaro

    Cheney should just go the way of previous VP's, out of the limelight. But I guess he was really the one who had the power during the Cheney/Bush years, he can't let go. Too bad. God says who will be president, Mr. Cheney. Not you.

    January 18, 2011 02:03 am at 2:03 am |
  11. buckup

    "Obama has proven himself to be out of touch" That is rich, from the expert!

    January 18, 2011 02:05 am at 2:05 am |
  12. darla

    Uh Cheney haven't you heard. The President is doing fine in his job. You don't worry about him. Your comment of him being a one term president guaranteed him another one. Fact is People don't like you and anything you say will have an opposite effect. By the way The people of the United States wants their money back from the stupid useless war you and your puppet created in Iraq. WHERE IS THE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION MR CRAPPY VICE PRESIDENT? You look old and dicrepit must be the guilt your bearing from your bloodied hand it must be eating you up alive.

    January 18, 2011 02:11 am at 2:11 am |
  13. buckup

    "I'd like to know about the man who was the perpetrator of this awful crime."
    He works for the HATE machine, to kill liberals, disagreeables, and anybody else in the way.
    You know, your buddy Rush & cohorts have been constructing it since the Nixon administration.

    January 18, 2011 02:12 am at 2:12 am |
  14. MS

    If you would have asked Al Gore in 2003 if Bush would be a one term president he would have said yes because that's what the party wants him to say. Nobody can predict 2012. If you had asked me in 2007 who would win in 2008 I would have said probably Hillary Clinton. A prediction is like an appendix. Everybody has one and they're basically worthless.

    January 18, 2011 02:19 am at 2:19 am |
  15. America fell asleep

    Is this the same guy who a few short years ago declared that the deficits don't matter when the economy was supposedly doing well? The same adminstration that expanded gov (and limited our personal freedoms) more than any other President, gave 2 tax cuts, 2 wars, and Medicare part D, all unfunded. Just what are the 16 additional tax credits Obama gave small business supposedly for? Why did Obama extend Bush's tax cuts? Doesn't seem to me that President Obama is all that anti-business and anti-wealthy to me. I don't believe that any President DEM or GOP was just going to let this country tank, and let it's people starve or go homeless, as that would have hurt businesses even more and deeped our recession even further. I believe President Obama will be elected to a 2nd term, if he chooses to run, and Cheney and the rest of the naysayers can put their magic 8 balls away for the next 6 yrs.

    January 18, 2011 02:25 am at 2:25 am |
  16. EthicsMorality&Hope

    Look at the laundry list of world-wide controversies Halliburton is mired in (BP Deepwater Horizon, '03 Iraq War, Nigerian corruption case, 10 incidents of Federal Contractor Misconduct total fine, approx. US$800 Million...) & one wonders what kind of 'private sector' job creation Cheney is an expert in. "Creating wealth and getting our economy back on track..." or ... "Creating wealth and lining the pockets of those in his inner circles?"

    January 18, 2011 02:27 am at 2:27 am |
  17. Cheney is a fraud !

    Darth Vader is back to spew more garbage ! Virtually every thing the president has had to do thus far is to fix the mess Bush and Cheney left ! It has taken roughly two year's to get the economy turned back in the right direction ! The stock market has nearly doubled since Bush and Cheney left and businesses are starting to recover ! Bush and Cheney have zero credibility to talk about anyone's job performance ! But I will give Bush credit for one thing , he has at least kept a low profile unlike Cheney ! Cheney you had 8 year's to speak and they could barely get you to do an interview . Now that you're term is over you won't shut your big fat mouth ! Go AWAY !!!!!!!!!

    January 18, 2011 02:29 am at 2:29 am |
  18. SWG

    Too bad more of our representatives do not have the Executive experience necessary to drive this giant engine that is the US. Despite his detractors who can only utter monosyllabic protests about oil, Cheney understands the economic cause and effect of implementing unstable tax regimes and onerous regulations, and using debt to finance these "reforms".

    January 18, 2011 02:29 am at 2:29 am |
  19. Debbie In California

    Dick Chaney is the one out of touch on jobs. The rich are not hiring people, we have given them more tax breaks and now they are holding on to that money as well. I spoke to someone in charge of a local Chase Bank, I was told that the rich are not spending, hiring, but holding on to their money. The companys who got breaks are not hiring, but keeping the profits, how do I know this? I was told by a banker, and I have not found a job in two years.

    January 18, 2011 02:30 am at 2:30 am |
  20. twalk

    My opinion of him has not changed either. He is a evil man.

    January 18, 2011 02:35 am at 2:35 am |
  21. Marry

    “Vice President Dick Cheney is making clear his sharp opinions on President Obama haven't changed.” Neither has our opinions of him and what he as the major force brought for this country! The power of government was used by him and the GOP in the direction of DEATH at home and abroad. Now that there is a clear endeavor to do good things for America and its people and he sees how different that is from his “money grabbing” philosophy, of cause he has to defend the disaster he created. And how does he do it? The same way all the GOP/TP do it: Bashing the President without presenting workable solutions!
    Here CNN makes again the mistake to bring us “political news” without checking for facts and truth of what is said and leaving such malicious talk uncommented. Perhaps the question what insurance is paying for his medical treatment might be interesting in connection with the GOP/TP efforts to repeal the health care reform. Perhaps before they do that they should be ask to put forward their plan that will do the job to create good, affordable health care for all, not only the rich! We all know that will never come from him – but one can hope from others out of the GOP!

    January 18, 2011 02:38 am at 2:38 am |
  22. Thatguy371

    For this guy to say Obama's administration isn't effective is hilarious. Dubya's admin had extremely slow job growth overall, many months averaged 5000-9000 jobs added. And Dubya's admin started all this crud that ended up being the second worst recession ever. Cheney needs to just shut up and realize he's living on borrowed time anyway, and for that matter he needs to be in prison for a variety of laws broken.

    January 18, 2011 02:43 am at 2:43 am |
  23. jellylee2020

    Yup, Obama will be replaced by Hillary Clinton as the first female president of the US.

    January 18, 2011 02:46 am at 2:46 am |
  24. Darth Vadik, CA

    Because this guy has been right about so many things, HAHAHAH, whatever Dick

    January 18, 2011 03:01 am at 3:01 am |
  25. Humayoon

    Don’t know if this guy realizes that he is no longer in office and he is not important anymore. For him to say that Obama is one termer, why he doesn’t admit that thanks to the mess he and his buddy Bush left for the new president to clean up. I suggest Mr. Dick Cheney just go somewhere in the sunny Florida and play some golf and leave these predications for the political pundits. You are no longer relevant and we had enough of you. Leave the country and leave us alone. Thank you.

    January 18, 2011 03:03 am at 3:03 am |
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