Boehner: Obama causing energy costs to rise
March 10th, 2011
08:35 PM ET
12 years ago

Boehner: Obama causing energy costs to rise

Washington (CNN) - House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that the Obama administration is exacerbating rising energy costs and adding an extra financial burden to struggling American families and small businesses.

"The Obama administration has consistently blocked American energy production that would lower costs and create jobs in our country," Boehner said at a press conference announcing a House GOP initiative to push for more domestic energy production.

"They've canceled new leases for exploration, jeopardized our nuclear energy industry, and imposed a de facto moratorium on future drilling in our country. They've even pushed a cap-and-trade energy tax that the president himself admitted would cause the price of energy to skyrocket," Boehner said.

Republicans have repeatedly criticized the administration and congressional Democrats for what they perceive to be a lackluster response to the rapidly rising cost of oil.

But White House Chief of Staff William Daley defended the administration's efforts, telling NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday that President Barack Obama is "extremely concerned" about the price hikes, and that all options - including tapping into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve - are being discussed.

A White House official told CNN late Thursday that Obama will hold a news conference at 11:15 am on Friday to discuss rising gas prices and other issues.

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  1. Proud member of "Global Zero"

    Ah, no Johnny. Wall Street is making the price of gas go up. My Sophomore in college knows that. I think you should do your research before you speak.

    March 10, 2011 10:27 pm at 10:27 pm |
  2. Dan

    Oil supplies at 18 year high.

    The rise in gas prices is caused by speculators. Boehner is the one blocking the funding of the department responsible for regulating speculation in oil

    March 10, 2011 10:28 pm at 10:28 pm |
  3. vburke

    This guy is a loon. I guess Obama's attempts to get alternative energy programs through don't count, apparently the only thing orange boy knows is "drill baby drill!".

    March 10, 2011 10:37 pm at 10:37 pm |
  4. Allinit123

    My God.. how old this is getting. Now Obama is to blame for gas prices.

    Here's a bunch of fools trying to pull money out of the economy during a time when we're just pulling out of a possible depression. Using their propaganda machine to spew out fear in an effort to keep consumer confidence down. Are constantly blaming Obama for everything. It's getting laughable. Did you hear that the mens bathroom on the third floor wing E of the pentagon someone left a big turd in one of the toilets without flushing. I bet it was Obama..

    Come on.. do they think we are that stupid? Oh.. wait.. they're base is the tea party activists.. Ok. good move..

    March 10, 2011 10:40 pm at 10:40 pm |
  5. lforlegend

    WHERE ARE THE JOBS YOU promised to bring to America? That was much of yur campaign lies. You oughta stop lying to the American people.

    March 10, 2011 10:41 pm at 10:41 pm |
  6. ballarat99

    Record high oil was under Bush junior. There is essentially nothing the US can do to moderate oil prices. Blame is stupid in this area. Even if we opened all areas to drilling, it would be a small addition. Oil is not reacting to 1% to 2% that comes from Libya. US increases would be at that level or less of global demand. This is really a fools gambit to place blame. We all are responsible on the way we use energy.

    We could use natural gas for vehicles, it would be clean and abundant in the US. All the lobbyists keep us from doing this, even though it would be relatively energy independent. Electric cars could do the same if fired from coal, but that is very dirty. Natural gas cars would be a simple, clean, cheap step.

    March 10, 2011 10:42 pm at 10:42 pm |
  7. CHUCK

    Blame the president. I guess that what works best. What is the GOP response to the high gas prices? We all know that they are in the pocket of Big Oil, so I know that the GOP is alright wth what is going on with the rising prices. I am not fooled. I could never vote GOP in any election. You guys are the worst.

    March 10, 2011 10:54 pm at 10:54 pm |
  8. docjcpearson

    Mr. Boehner, the US has the most oil reserves its had in almost 2 decades. This cost is purely based of speculation of gas prices. So Mr. Boehner what's your solution. You know how to do it, but you won't because you get too much money from those industries. You and your cronies are disrupting the principles of free market

    March 10, 2011 10:56 pm at 10:56 pm |
  9. yoyolite

    Another diversion from the GOP! Where are the jobs? You ran on jobs, gullable voters fell fo it and still no jobs. I bet a lot of voters are now having buyer's remorse.

    March 10, 2011 10:57 pm at 10:57 pm |
  10. Name Larry

    Sorry but from now on nothing any republican says is trustworthy . And I mean anything

    March 10, 2011 11:01 pm at 11:01 pm |
  11. kalvina

    Hey John!! Why don't you throw your hat into the ring and run for President!!! You seem to have ALL THE ANSWERS to every problem in America! You could ask Governor Walker from Wisconsin to be your Vice President! Then ask Michelle Bachmann to take your job, and see if you can talk Sarah Palin into being Secretary of State! Just call yourselves the KNOW IT ALL FOUR!!!!

    March 10, 2011 11:09 pm at 11:09 pm |
  12. TEA Bagger

    Enough of the hypocrisy Boehner! When he opened up offshore drilling you whined. When he closed it you whined!

    March 10, 2011 11:12 pm at 11:12 pm |
  13. AF.

    Boehner! that is not true, the cost of energy is hight because of the crises in middle east.

    March 10, 2011 11:41 pm at 11:41 pm |
  14. KathyC in Minnesota

    So it's President Obama's fault and not that of Wall Street Speculators betting on Oil futures, that is causing the spike in gas prices???

    It's quite obvious that John Boehner is getting way too much sun hese days. His brain is fried as his skin is.

    March 10, 2011 11:47 pm at 11:47 pm |
  15. Molly Weasley

    Do these idiot Rethugs even remember last summer, when a giant oil spill was creating an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico? When the oil spill was ruining the fishing livelihoods of thousands of Gulf fishermen?

    When will the lies stop, Mr. Boehner? And oh yeah, WHERE ARE THE JOBS? You've been wasting time doing anything BUT anything relating to job creation.

    March 10, 2011 11:48 pm at 11:48 pm |
  16. phoenix86

    It is so very refreshing to have Boehner as Speaker of the House. We are finally hearing the truth after 6 years of Pelosi's perpetual lies and 2 years of Obama's blame game.

    March 10, 2011 11:57 pm at 11:57 pm |
  17. Glenn from Cary

    If you know anything at all about energy production you also know that Boehner is a bought-and-paid for shill for energy companies.

    March 11, 2011 12:03 am at 12:03 am |
  18. Bill

    Hey Boehner, you, the GOP and Bush are the reasons why we have struggling American families and small businesses. Please do not do us any more favors, as the GOP held House, Senate, and Whitehouse almost killed America.

    March 11, 2011 12:05 am at 12:05 am |
  19. Jake

    It's a crying shame.

    March 11, 2011 12:06 am at 12:06 am |
  20. Al

    Hey John where are jobs??????

    March 11, 2011 12:07 am at 12:07 am |
  21. Sue

    Notice how you will not hear Obama or any of the Democrats suggest lowering the taxes on gasoline, until the price begins to fall. Did you know....At "least" 40 cents per gallon goes toward taxes? Asking Obama and the Democrats to lower taxes, would be like asking them to give up one of their arms. There are illegals and welfare lifers that they want to support with that tax money.

    Did you know.......If Obama and the Democrats are successful in tapping the reserves, that the stock market is going to drop-and the price of oil is going to go up? Why? Because this will mean that there is currently not enough oil being produced, and it will signal to the speculators that there is a severe problem.

    Hey, but Obama can always go and play golf or throw another party to celebrate Motown--when he is done giving his preloaded teleprompter speech tomorrow.

    What a clueless, weak, incompetent person we have renting our White House until 2012.

    March 11, 2011 12:15 am at 12:15 am |
  22. LouAz

    No, no, no John. Don't blame Obamarama now. You wanted to be the Big Cheese, GET TO WORK. Where are the Jobs ?

    March 11, 2011 12:20 am at 12:20 am |
  23. Anonymous

    The GOP is the reason for the rise in all costs. Now lets talk Wall St. It should be taken over by the government until we get out of the hole. We bailed them out yet the profits are going in the pockets of the very ones that stole it all. Those profits should be going towards our debt. Kick out the crooks and make Wall St. work for the country, and bring us back on top. Let's face it, it couldn't be ran any worst then the private business ran it. Give Wall St. to the people who saved it.

    March 11, 2011 12:22 am at 12:22 am |
  24. normajean

    Just read that the Republicans are planning to cut Social Security and Medicare....After what they just did to Wisconsin, I guess they've got nerve enough to try..... I wonder if they have a clue as to how many voters are planning to NOT vote Repub. in 2012...Considering that they show at every turn how much they DON"T care about the people. They have no integrity and don't care whom they hurt...I think we should all leave them "waiting at the church" on voting day.I can honestly say that I don't know anybody that will be voting Rep.!!!!!!!

    March 11, 2011 12:26 am at 12:26 am |
  25. Teresa Smith

    The Tea Party Regime will never do anything that is good for this country. Remember you are anti government which means you don't believe in the freedoms. here. As usual you talk with fork tounge and only do for your own pocket. Show me what you have done for the people and then we can talk. You should live where you can set your drinking water on fire then maybe you might see what your doing. You set us us for failure for your own profit. We will follow the money around you.

    March 11, 2011 12:29 am at 12:29 am |
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