Gingrich: I’m not a hypocrite
March 27th, 2011
01:11 PM ET
12 years ago

Gingrich: I’m not a hypocrite

Washington (CNN) - Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Sunday that he expects to be running for president within a month.

“I think within a month, we’ll have that taken care of and we’ll be running,” Gingrich said on “Fox News Sunday.” “It’s my hope that all of this will work out and I’ll be able to run.”

Gingrich touted his “very good team” and the reception he has received during appearances in early presidential primary and caucus states.

“I have recently been in South Carolina, New Hampshire, Iowa, the places you need to go, as well as Texas, Florida and North Carolina,” Gingrich said. “The water is pretty warm. My hope is that within a month, we’ll be in swimming there very rapidly.”

The former Georgia congressman, who has been married three times, also addressed his past indiscretions - a perceived weakness for the potential candidate - saying he did things of which he is not proud.

“I don’t think I’m perfect. I admitted I had problems. I admitted that I sought forgiveness,” Gingrich said. “But I also think over time, if you look at my record, I’m a pretty effective leader.”

When asked if his involvement in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton for lying under oath was hypocritical given his own past, he said “no,” because he was focused on the law, not Clinton’s private life.

“It’s not about personal behavior … it’s not about what he did in the Oval Office. You can condemn that. You can say it’s totally inappropriate,” Gingrich said. “But it was about a much deeper and more profound thing, which is: Does the president of the United States have to obey the law?”

Did he ever think that he “shouldn’t be throwing stones?”

“No,” Gingrich said. “I thought to myself if I cannot do what I have to do as a public leader, I would have resigned.”

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  1. Clwyd

    Hypocrites never see themselves for what they are. Once maybe, Twice aw? How many times Newt? NOT!

    March 27, 2011 03:24 pm at 3:24 pm |
  2. David G

    Take Money for a Book deal from RM while legislation before him while Speaker.. Flip flopping wives.. Getting $ for signed Certificates....Guys has a way of "spinning" the message..
    How does he make his money these days..Contribution?? SHADEY NER DO WELL

    March 27, 2011 03:25 pm at 3:25 pm |
  3. every1knows

    HYPOCRITE: a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. (i.e.–NEWT GINGRICH)

    March 27, 2011 03:25 pm at 3:25 pm |
  4. Fred Evil

    A second adjective to describe newt aside from hypocritical, is deluded. He hasn't a chance.
    Good luck wasting as much of the GOP's money as you can Newt!

    March 27, 2011 03:26 pm at 3:26 pm |
  5. Lustful Patriotism

    “No,” Gingrich said. “I thought to myself if I cannot do what I have to do as a public leader, I would have resigned.”

    So we should not expect to see his silly mug all over the place runnning for president then. The fool thinks he's not a hypocrit. If that's what he's trying to sell then he's either a liar or he's not mentally fit, take your pick.

    March 27, 2011 03:26 pm at 3:26 pm |
  6. Andrew

    Uhh... you kind of are Newt. If I were you, I would stop drawing so much attention to myself. Lay low for a little while if you know what's good for you. We, the general public, are onto your behavior and we do not find this appropriate, nor do we find that you are displaying qualities of a good leader.

    March 27, 2011 03:27 pm at 3:27 pm |
  7. informed voter

    This poster child for the definition of the word hypocrisy should stop trying to justify his despicable behavior. And as far as Gingrich being "a pretty effective leader," if what your looking for in leadership is someone to finish off the job of the Bush error and drive our great nation over the cliff, then he's you guy. My family, of highly educated, hard working, successful, tax paying Americans, are all quite happy with President Obama, and will enthusiastically support for and vote for another 4 years of sane, thoughtful, intelligent leadership in 2012.

    March 27, 2011 03:28 pm at 3:28 pm |
  8. LouieD

    I call BS. When did he publicly ask "Does the president of the United States have to obey the law” when George W. Bush was busy breaking it? Bottom line: he can deny it all he wants, but Gingrich is a shameless hypocrite.

    March 27, 2011 03:28 pm at 3:28 pm |
  9. Shellz and Cheeze

    Why is it everytime I see or hear this guy, all I can think of is "twirp"?

    March 27, 2011 03:29 pm at 3:29 pm |
  10. mg

    "But I also think over time, if you look at my record, I’m a pretty effective leader"

    Yes, your are right Mr. G...looking at your record some could know that you are effective at leading other women into your marriage and totally disregard your CHRISTIAN VALUES.There by LEADING YOU and your crew right to HELL....CHRISTIAN!
    If you can't OBEY the LAWS of the BIBLE why would ANYONE think you would OBEY the LAWS OF THE LAND and be a good steward of the PEOPLE.

    OBAMA 2012!

    March 27, 2011 03:30 pm at 3:30 pm |
  11. Alina77

    Part of why I would never become a Republican, because I would have to donate to somebody that runs their campaigns on family values that many of them have NO idea what it is. Shameless man like Gingrich should be kicked out of American politics. How can I respect Republican party after that???!

    March 27, 2011 03:31 pm at 3:31 pm |
  12. Wire Palladin, S. F.

    When a person has to tell you he is not a hypocrite, he usually is. His unfounded attacks on the president may appeal to the loony base of the republican party, but he cannot even get Monday morning armchair quarterbacking correct. First he wants to attack Libya and go it alone, then he says we should not get involved. But I will never forget his crowning achievement, shutting down government which cost American taxpayers $800 million.

    March 27, 2011 03:31 pm at 3:31 pm |
  13. Daniel

    Nauseating arrogance. This man is a do as I say, not as I do hypocrite.

    March 27, 2011 03:31 pm at 3:31 pm |
  14. Mike

    This guy is the biggest HYPOCRIT of them all! And Ed Rollins and all the other talking heads of the GOP cannot convince me or anyone with half a brain otherwise. Good luck in the Presidential bid you scoundrel.

    March 27, 2011 03:33 pm at 3:33 pm |

    This grifter is keeping wingnuts on the hook to pocket their money like Snooki Palin. Bachman wants onto the moneytrain too.

    March 27, 2011 03:33 pm at 3:33 pm |
  16. Leonore H. Dvorkin

    This is all for show. Secretly, Republicans are admitting that Obama cannot be beaten.

    March 27, 2011 03:35 pm at 3:35 pm |
  17. Erica

    Oh, this is priceless. How about, "I am not a crook", "I am not a witch", and now " I am not a hypocrite". If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, IT'S A DUCK. You, Newt Gingrich, are indeed a HYOCRITE.

    March 27, 2011 03:36 pm at 3:36 pm |
  18. Will

    Gingrich is by far the smartest of the GOP hopefuls, but he is a very polarizing person. I think he would appeal to very few cenrists and independents and would get routed in an election against Obama. Just my opinion.

    March 27, 2011 03:37 pm at 3:37 pm |
  19. solarmike

    This guy disgusts me completely. He has no chance.

    March 27, 2011 03:38 pm at 3:38 pm |
  20. dave

    He is as morally bankrupt as the rest of the GOP.

    March 27, 2011 03:40 pm at 3:40 pm |
  21. LouAZ

    Listen and learn, Republicans really are different than you and me. You betcha !

    March 27, 2011 03:40 pm at 3:40 pm |
  22. Damien

    There must be money to be made by running for president, because this guy has a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.

    March 27, 2011 03:41 pm at 3:41 pm |
  23. they call me "tater salad"

    Yeah, ok there "Newt".......Whatever gets you through the night, right?........It's your story, you can tell it however you like I suppose.

    March 27, 2011 03:45 pm at 3:45 pm |
  24. Peter

    Run Newt, but your past will catch up to you.

    March 27, 2011 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
  25. Ronnie

    Eye of Newt is a hypocrite ! Why would anyone vote for this looooooser? I hope this is the best the republican tea terrorist have.

    March 27, 2011 03:46 pm at 3:46 pm |
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