Bachmann:  Government shutdown is an admission of failure
April 7th, 2011
07:28 PM ET
11 years ago

Bachmann: Government shutdown is an admission of failure

Washington (CNN) - GOP Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann says that when the government shuts down it is an admission of failure. And if she were commander-in-chief, the potential presidential candidate told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King that she would gather the party leadership in her office, put everything on the table and "stay together until we actually cut a deal."

In an interview on CNN's "John King, USA," that aired Thursday at 7 p.m. ET, Bachmann committed to donate her congressional paycheck to military families, if there's a government shutdown. She also called for a bill that would ensure that troops get paid on time in case of a partial shutdown.

Refusing to use the troops as "a political football," she said, "We need to have a clean bill to make sure that the paychecks need to get to the troops on time."

"I think it's imperative that our troops not pay a price, the families at home shouldn't' worry whether they're not getting a check.

And the Tea Party favorite would not reveal whether House Speaker John Boehner has approached her for help with the caucus that she leads, saying instead, "He wants us to have all of our votes when they put a bill up to be voted on."

"I do think we have to stay focused right now," she continued. "We need to focus like a laser beam because the American people are focusing on this right now and we need to get the job done."

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  1. thomas

    How did this lady become such a BIMBO ! How can you only support the Military and not Education ?

    April 7, 2011 08:34 pm at 8:34 pm |

    This is what the Republicans and the crazy Tea Party want. They want to force a shutdown so that they can tell all their idiotic followers that it was all Obama's fault. They know perfectly well that in less than 2 months everyone will have forgotten all about the fact that Republicans were even putting up a fight. They will follow the lead of their new rhetoric pointing out that Obama was not able to keep the government running. Everyone has already forgotten everything they did a month ago, and there is no chance for anyone to remember what they did last year, or the year before, or the 8 years prior, or during the 90's, or 80's, or at any other time period that they turned everyone against each other and used that to gain more power. They don't want smaller government, they want the Democrats out and they want to run the show themselves. They want, in the truest form, everything that they are using against the Democrats to push their agenda forward. This country works because of the two parties working together. They want to change all the rules and then call the other side extremists. Then they get all flustered when Democrats or liberals call them extreme for wanting to change everything around. Does no one really see how insane all this is??

    April 7, 2011 08:39 pm at 8:39 pm |
  3. Jim

    The poor? Yes they can be a political football. But not the military...those are Republican voters and frankly we cant risk losing their support in the general.

    April 7, 2011 08:48 pm at 8:48 pm |
  4. T'sah from Virginia

    ["I think it's imperative that our troops not pay a price, the families at home shouldn't' worry whether they're not getting a check.]

    I love it when the RIGHT want to satisfy the FAR-RIGHT but when the kitchen get HOT – they're ready to throw the Troops in and try to use that as a tool to get sympathy!!! Pathetic!!!!

    April 7, 2011 08:58 pm at 8:58 pm |
  5. LouAz

    Using your own idea of a woman's rights as a political football is as bad as your flag waving about soldiers. More meaningless chatter, but no substance. Get to work Michele . . . where are the JOBS ! ! !

    April 7, 2011 08:59 pm at 8:59 pm |
  6. Jim in NM

    No deal! Shut it down and keep it shut down.

    April 7, 2011 09:01 pm at 9:01 pm |
  7. LuigiPastram

    She's Palin on steroids. Godzilla is less frightening.

    April 7, 2011 09:15 pm at 9:15 pm |
  8. Chris

    Now for once she finally said something that made some sense...but she left out one part, she is part of the reason for the failure!!

    April 7, 2011 09:16 pm at 9:16 pm |
  9. Kara

    I can't believe CNN are actually quoting this woman. This network is determined to make America look a nation of fools.

    April 7, 2011 09:17 pm at 9:17 pm |
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